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by Sifu Perhacs,

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Chi Power Plus is an advanced e-course that will show you how to reveal your true power, train your internal muscles and increase your overall energy. You'll gain full control over your body and mind and be able to use it the way our Creator meant for it to be used.

This e-book is a compilation of almost 50 years of research, practicing and learning. As you make your way through this book, you'll learn how to move objects without touching them, put out a candle flame using only your eyes, ring the chimes with a Yang Chi throw, repel birds and other amazing things. The ability to do these things has nothing to do with magic. If you can increase the sensitivity and energy power of your body, you can do them. Chi Power Plus will help you achieve these skills. 

Chi Power Plus consists of a manual and an audio seminar that will help you develop these powers. Once you do, you'll be able to take control over your life and function at a much higher level than before.

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It helped me re-channel my energies more easily
posted this review on September 25, 2013

Being a woman, I never thought this would be very useful for me. I was feeling very low the past few months probably because of PMS made worse by a breakup. I just bought this out of curiosity. Surprisingly, it helped me re-channel my energies. From sadness, I slowly moved to better feelings.  I was able to turn the negativities to positive thoughts. I was really surprised with what I was able to do. I suddenly started feeling happier. I took up a new hobby, I met a lot of new people. I owe a lot to Chi Power Plus. We are really all about the energies surrounding us, and if we can use these energies to our advantage, then there’s definitely no stopping us from doing whatever we want.

Amazing technique, very helpful!
posted this review on August 24, 2013

Chi Power Plus helped me change my life. I found this during the time when I was suffering from alcoholism, and I was thinking of a way to get rid of it. I was working with a therapist then, but the progress was much too slow. And then I downloaded a lot of products and programs from the internet for additional help. I was initially disappointed in this because it talks about supernatural feats I honestly don’t believe in. However, I tried the meditation techniques here, and I was surprised with how marvelous they are! They helped clear my mind, and get rid of all the negative thoughts that were eating my sanity away. I followed all the methods here, but used them for a practical approach, which is for getting rid of alcoholism, negativity, anxiety, and bouts of depression.

It took me about 4-5 months to fully recover. I got better gradually. The first three months were a struggle. I made great recovery, only to get into a relapse. And then the relapses got farther and farther apart, and now here I am – perfectly normal. I can drink occasionally now without worrying about getting into alcohol trouble. I have also started my own business, and it’s doing extremely well at this point. I have the feeling that I wouldn’t have recovered if not for the help of Chi Power Plus.

There are so many practical uses for this
Jim Jordan (from Toronto, Canada) posted this review on June 9, 2013

I’ve read a lot about QiGong, so when I saw this course, I knew that there is some truth to it. I don’t know how possible all the claims are, but as for the simpler and more practical uses of chi mastery, I’ve proven them all. Chi mastery takes years and years of practice. I don’t believe those people who say they mastered it in a month or a few weeks. That’s complete and utter BS. Some martial artists spend their entire lives mastering their chi. I think some of the commenters here are total wackos. But this is still worth buying because of the practical uses of beginner level chi mastery. That includes increased concentration, better stress management, stronger immune system, calmer mind, more coordinated body, and a lot more. These simple things that aren’t out of this world can be mastered in a short time with practice. I have already learned them, but they still take more practice for mastery.

It's improved my concentration
posted this review on June 1, 2013

Chi mastery is helpful for simple needs. For me I use it to meditate at work. When I first got a hold of this book, I was disappointed because the uses for chi explained in this book are a bit out of this world. But as I read on, I realized that chi can be used in so many different ways. I have now found a use for it. I can concentrate better at work and finish my work faster. I always begin every activity with chi breaths, and then I do the lying down meditation just before turning in. It’s made my life a lot easier. This is the best way to reduce stress. I don’t care much about the weird stuff in this book. Personally, I don’t believe them, but if you’re after its practical uses, then go ahead and get this.

This is the only way to harness raw power
posted this review on May 20, 2013

Awesome! I got to use my chi during my last sparring session for muay thai and everyone was shocked seeing raw power! I sparred with someone heavier than me, so when they saw him flying all over the place, they were stunned. I’m now quite popular in the gym, and they’re looking forward to my next sparring session. I have to make sure I can squeeze out more of my chi for that.

I really thought it isn't possible but it is
Jaime Brouillette (from Wildorado, USA) posted this review on May 9, 2013

I was skeptical about this product at first. I thought something like this wouldn’t be sold normally on a website. I thought people who knew of these techniques usually keep them to themselves, or you gotta have some special connections to get to try them. But when I was reading the page, I read there that one of their clients used this for easy weight loss. I got excited to I downloaded it. I focused on using the power of my chi to lose weight with little to no effort and it worked! The Qi weight loss technique the girl was talking about on the website is true! I’m experiencing it now. My muscles are moving on their own, they twitch continuously. Sometimes it can be a little bit uncomfortable, but at least I don’t have to go through insane workouts to lose weight. It’s been a month, and I’ve already lost a total of 21lbs just letting my muscles twitch on their own. But I’ve been practicing Qi control for 3 months now, so it basically took me 4 months to lose 21lbs, but now that I’ve mastered how it’s done, it’s probably just gonna be another month till I reach my target weight. Another great thing about this is that learning it is not that difficult. I actually find it so relaxing! After reaching my target weight, I’ll learn healing next. My mom has gout, so I’m gonna cure her really soon.

Chi mastery has practical uses too
posted this review on March 17, 2013

This is a good product, but I mainly use what I learn from here for practical things. I don’t intend to go Bruce Lee on anyone. And I don’t want the power to move things using my mind because I believe that with great power comes great responsibility. But yeah, you will be able to use Chi mastery for better sports performance, and better focus and brain power. I’ve been into this for almost a year, and although I can’t summon lightning bolts from the sky yet, I already feel a difference in the flow of energy in my body.

Not bad, but not great either
S. Callory (from Toivola, USA) posted this review on March 7, 2013

Chi Power Plus is very interesting but after 2 months on the program, I haven’t achieved superpower feats yet. What I’ve achieved is better focus and memory. Not bad, but that’s not what I expected either.

This will surely help you learn quickly
posted this review on March 2, 2013

Chi Power Plus will enable you to achieve superhuman skills with a lot of practice of course. I like how the program is presented and how it makes such a complicated subject seem so simple. The manual and the audio guide are both very helpful. I was surprised when I found out that there are two materials in the package but they basically have the same use. I like Chi Power Plus because the results are so fast! I’m already feeling so much energy surging through my body, and I think it’s all because of this gem. I highly recommend this if you really want to achieve amazing things using the power of your own chi.

Believe it!
posted this review on February 18, 2013

By unleashing the power of your chi, you’re opening yourself to new skills and a more balanced life and body. I’m already feeling the results of having a smooth chi flow. I have yet to achieve superhuman feats like what other Chi Power Plus masters can do. I’ve only been training for a few months, so the effects aren’t that obvious yet. Before giving Chi Power Plus a try, I did a little research, and when I was convinced that it is indeed possible to unleash the full power of your chi, I started this program.

My master recommended this
posted this review on February 16, 2013

I’m a martial artist and my master himself told me about Chi Power Plus. He uses it himself, and he’s now able to perform a lot of feats I saw with my own eyes. He can bend spoons and forks, and make objects move with his mind alone. He can pierce glass using a needle, and he can endure heavy blows to any part of his body. I thought I’d only see that in movies, but it’s really possible in real life. Chi mastery is the first step to achieving that power. He told me how he trained using Chi Power Plus 3 years ago, so now I’ve been on the program for a few months, and I already feel the changes in the way I fight. I’m still a long way from achieving what my master has already achieved. For now, I’m just learning how to use my chi in combat.

Almost all aspects of my life improved
Kieth Fergusson (from Terry, USA) posted this review on February 16, 2013

Mastery or total control of your chi can help you achieve great success in different aspects of your life. It starts with better control of your body. I used the techniques I learned from Chi Power Plus to lose a lot of weight. I was overweight back then, and ordinary weight loss and exercise programs didn’t work for me. When a friend told me about the extraordinary results he got from Chi Power Plus, I immediately downloaded it. I’m glad I did because in a matter of weeks, I started losing weight. It was such a rapid weight loss. Now, I’ve gained interest in martial arts as I found out that the methods in Chi Power Plus are very useful for martial artists. Martial arts serve as my workout now, and it’s made my weight loss even faster. Another “side effect” of chi mastery is having a calm mind, a relaxed body, and awesome concentration. I work in a very stressful office, and I used to go crazy trying to beat deadlines. Now, I finish work faster and don’t get as stressed as I used to. They call me the “cool cat” in the office now. As you can see, almost all the aspects of my life improved when I became a Chi Power Plus practitioner.

Call me weird, but this is the real thing!
posted this review on January 13, 2013

I learned about the power of chi from that nick cartoon “The Last Airbender.” I got curious if it was true so I did a bit of research and found out about the strength and power you can get if you learn chi mastery. I was trying to lose weight then, doing some martial arts trainings, some boxing, some weight lifting. Upon reading about chi, I suspected that my chi paths must be blocked and that must be keeping me from achieving the results I need from my trainings. Chi Power Plus helped me clear my chi flow. It took me some time and effort to master the concepts and practice the techniques in the book, but the results are amazing! I felt very energized the first time I tried the program, and after that, my surroundings seemed to respond to my chi too. My luck intensified and my life got a lot better. I practice the techniques I learned from Chi Power Plus until now. I also recommend it to my friends, so they can experience its power in their lives too. They call me weird but after they try it, they totally change their minds!

My mind is clearer and I can now focus on things that I need to
Ian McBride (from Western Springs, usa) posted this review on January 3, 2013

After following the steps in the manual, I noticed that my energy level has increased and that I have a clearer mind. My problem has always been my “cloudy” or “foggy” mind. I have problems with focusing on tasks that I need to finish and that’s what leaves me stressed out and anxious all the time. I always worry about things that I need to do but I haven’t done yet. A lot of things really, but they all come from me being unable to focus. With Chi Power Plus, I learned how to clear my mind before starting the day. I learned how to focus on one task at a time and to not let anxiety get to me. It took some time but the benefits are worth it. I can finish work now before the day ends, and by the end of the week, I’m usually free to loiter around the office and make my colleagues envious. The techniques in Chi Power Plus are really simple too. I didn’t have any problems following them because the instructions are step-by-step. It’s really an impressive product!

Unique material
James Dawson (from Jenners, usa) posted this review on December 6, 2012

This is a unique material. It’s the first of its kind I’ve seen on the Internet. I was looking for some mind mastery materials, but I accidentally got this because I don’t really read sales pages. I was surprised with the information it contained. I’m trying out the methods here now and I’m enjoying them. I haven’t been able to perform the tricks here, but I already know how to improve my focus and how to retain information better. With a little more practice, I know I’ll be able to finally master the techniques here. It will be awesome repelling birds and making objects move with my eyes!

Very detailed material
posted this review on December 6, 2012

Chi Power Plus is a very detailed book on how to improve the mind and the body together. The techniques take a lot of practice, but their uses range from the simple ones to the odd ones. I’ve been into mind training before, but this is the only system I’ve seen that combines the powers of the mind and body to perform seemingly impossible feats. I have yet to master most of the techniques but I’ve been able to occasionally do telekinesis, and attract animals using my Chi, I attract butterflies more often. The book has got both a manual and an audio part. The manual I’ve already finished reading, and the audio I still listen to every night before going to bed. I think our mind is more receptive as we doze off so that’s when I listen to it.

Takes some getting used to, but great after that
posted this review on November 23, 2012

I use this along with my combat fitness training, and they work great together. My fitness training uses bodyweight, and a strong mind is important for that because you get tested for everything, your strength, endurance, balance and a lot other stuff. You won’t succeed if you don’t have enough concentration and drive. When I realized the help of concentration in my fitness training, that’s when I got Chi Power Plus. I noticed that I’ve really improved in my training after Chi Power Plus. My improvements aren’t ordinary because I’ve doubled my capacity in such a short time. Also, I’ve noticed that my overall brain power has improved, not just my physical capacity. I retain information better now, my memory is awesome. The program definitely has awesome results if you stick to it. If you’re like me and you haven’t tried anything like this before, it may take some getting used to, but after a few days, you will feel like a natural.

posted this review on October 22, 2012

At first I found the program too complicated to use. There are instructions, but I haven’t tried meditation before, so I had some difficulties following, but after I got the hang of it, I got addicted. You will really feel energy flowing through your body using this program. It will take some time before you master the superhuman feats mentioned in the description, if you’re not determined enough maybe not at all, but as for the practical uses of the book, you will learn them pretty quickly. I’ve a friend who’s been into this for just 4 months, but he really takes it seriously, and now animals react differently to his presence. He attracts butterflies at will, repels them at will, makes small objects move a little. I think he’s a natural, but the book helped he unleashed his potential. I’ve been training for almost that long too, but haven’t mastered those yet because I don’t have much tie.

The techniques are useful for different situations
posted this review on October 21, 2012

The techniques in this book can be used for a wide variety of situations from ordinary ones to really rare ones. You can learn almost any kind of skill once you master the techniques in this book. Mastery takes quite a while, but the journey is enjoyable too, so don’t worry. I’m still learning a lot, but right now I get to experience a different kind of bliss when using the techniques here. The unique feats mentioned her are nothing compared to what you can achieve.

Targets the mind and the body at the same time
Tyrone C. (from Irrigon, USA) posted this review on September 27, 2012

What’s amazing about this program is that it deals with the mind and the body at the same time. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of resources online that offer mind mastery and all that, but there are only a few that target both mind and body, and even fewer that really work. This really works for me for stress relief, better concentration, more positive thinking, more stamina, balance, and a lot others. I am an office worker on weekdays and a soccer dude on weekends so I need the power of both my mind and body, and I need insane energy levels too. With this, I achieve all of those. I’ve now moved on to more advanced lessons, although I do not intend to take them seriously since they don’t have a lot of practical uses. They’re just cool to learn, and you just feel like a kung fu master doing them. Once when I practiced, I was able to break glass using a pin! I was only able to do it once but the feeling is awesome!

This is great for meditation
posted this review on August 16, 2012

I agree that this is a wonderful and easy way to get rid of stress. I’m an office worker, and as you might have already guessed, it’s very stressful! I haven’t done any of the amazing feats in this book yet as  I don’t need them anyway. The only thing I need from this book is it’s techniques on meditation, so I can clear my mind at least once a day. They’re really effective techniques, and they are better than most others I’ve tried from the internet. As you may already know, it’s very difficult to find real information and useful techniques when from the internet. I think you will need more determination if you plan to do master the more difficult techniques here. They may not even work for some. But the important thing is that it helps for meditation, and that it’s a great stress reliever.

My stress reliever!
posted this review on July 9, 2012

I recently went through divorce and all the stress is killing me. Now that I’m a single mother, the responsibilities doubled, and thinking about them and my career as a real estate consultant drives me crazy. I’ve tried different ways to relieve my stress including yoga, dance classes, regular trips to the gym, but I figured I could just save the money I spend for them. After that, I shifted to more affordable methods of distressing like NLP, subliminals, and those books about law of attraction that turned out to be junk.

This is the only book I kept coming back to among all the rubbish I got online. It’s got effective techniques for unwinding… they always make me feel better. I’m not too sure about memory retention though since my memory has always been good.


I got the spoon to bend

Today at 4:45 am I decided to bend the spoon and gues what it worked. I would say this is the first real try. I tried twice before but each time it was for 1 or 2 minutes and I didn't concentrate that much. Now when I heard the MP3 I don't know why I just felt I'm able to do it and I went and imagined it happening to each others and all of a sudden I felt that I can do it and I just did it.

New York

It all really works

To me, the most important area of the Chi-Power Plus is the Standing Meditation and the Blood Washing. The Blood Washing can be done physically or with the mind alone. I have just began doing it with only my mind and the results are amazing.
If you would like to experience that, please try it out and see for yourself that it Really works.

Charles Dragoo,
South Carolina

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