Child Anger Revealed

by Jamie Sullivan,

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Child Anger Revealed is a guide written by Jamie Sullivan for parents who want to teach their aggressive children about anger management. It contains simple and proven methods parents can use to effectively deal with their hot-tempered and aggressive children without the need for counseling or other expensive interventions. The method introduced in this guide will create a better understanding between the parent and child and make it easier for everyone. 

This book discusses the environment, activities, emotions, health and other issues that can affect a child's behavior. Child Anger Revealed explains why a child has no friends in school, why a child should be taught how to handle anger, the personality type a parent must have, what activities can prevent a child's brain from idling and much more.

The powerful tips and techniques covered in Child Anger Revealed will help create a happy, stress-free home environment and a stronger bond between a parent and child. You'll also get 3 free bonuses if you purchase this product.

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We've learned how to effectively manage my son's anger
posted this review on February 8, 2014

Child Anger Revealed helped me control my son’s behavior. He’s usually hard to control especially when he feels like his younger brother is getting all the attention. My eldest is 5 years old now. He started throwing tantrums when his younger brother was born about a year ago. He’d be uncontrollable 3-4 times a day, and it caused great stress to me and to his dad. The babysitter refused to take care of him because she was scared he’d hurt himself. With the help of Child Anger Revealed, we learned how to control his anger, and we also got to teach him that he should love his little brother and not try to get all our attention for himself. He’s changed a lot since we learned how to manage his anger.

It's important to start anger management really young
posted this review on August 24, 2013

My son used to be embarrassing to bring to churches and other social gatherings because of his uncontrollable tantrums. He’s already embarrassed me and his dad so many times because of his sudden fits. Good thing we found Child Anger Revealed. This taught us how to control his anger. He’s easier to manage now, particularly in public places. I think it’s  very important to start them with anger management at an early age.

I can control my daughter better now
posted this review on April 8, 2013

I was really worried about my daughter before because she throws fits like a mad pitbull, and she has problems getting along with other kids. Child Anger Revealed helped me understand where all that anger and crankiness is coming from. I can now control her better, and she gets angry less, and she doesn’t hurt other people anymore when she gets mad. The techniques for child control that I learned from this book are exceptional.

It's easier to control my brother now
posted this review on March 11, 2013

I used to feel sorry for my little brother because a lot of people, especially our relatives think he’s a monster. The truth is that he’s a darling, but when he gets angry, he gets out of control. I am with him often, so I understand his attitude. I know that his extreme anger is one of his worst flaws, but I know a lot of good things about him that others fail to see after they see him angry.

When our relatives come over to visit, they compare him with other cousins his age, and how they’re cute little angels, while he’s such a brat they can’t deal with. I can’t blame them for that because when there are a lot of people, he gets cranky and he gets angry more easily.

Child Anger Revealed helped us manage his tantrums, and make him calm down before he goes out of control. He’s 7 now, and we’ve been dealing with his problem for that long too, so we know that this program is what helped him change. He’s also more expressive of his emotions now, not just of anger. He has changed so much since we started controlling him using the methods in this book. Our relatives also noticed the change in their last visit. They say he seems to have matured, but we know better.

This is just a short note to help you decide on trying out this book. It will surely help your entire family.

My daughter's attitude is improving!
posted this review on January 4, 2013

I’ve a 9 year old daughter, who has a nasty temper. She has a 10 year old brother and a 6 year old sister, and they’re both normal kids. I couldn’t understand then why she was like that. She throws tantrums all the time, and hurts her sibs. I was afraid she’d grow up violent. Child Anger Revealed enlightened me about her condition, and taught me how to handle her better. She’s calmer now, although she still snaps from time to time. I’m sure with a little more work, she’ll be the sweet darling we always wanted her to be.

My son gets less outbursts and he's a lot less violent now
posted this review on October 22, 2012

My child has been spoiled for so long because he’s the first baby in our family. He used to get whatever he wants from the elders at home. At age 4, he’s a smart child, but he has behavior problems. He showed signs of being disrespectful, bratty, and violent. He’d hurt us if we took something away from him, he throws things when he’s upset and he even destroys things that we don’t let him use, like if he plays with a book, and we take it from him, the next time he gets a chance, he’d tear it apart. Other than that, when he’s not upset, he’s a really sweet child. When he turned 6, I gave birth to his baby sister, and that made him even more violent. He’s angry most of the time probably because of jealousy. There was a time he hurt his baby sister, and that was the last straw. My sister downloaded this book for me, and suggested that we work on it as a family first before going to a professional. I obliged because my sister has some background in psychology.

In 2 weeks of following the techniques in this book, we saw significant changes in my son’s behavior. It was a struggle until the end of the first month, but we were seeing changes so we just kept doing what we were doing. Now, my son is turning 7 and he’s almost completely “fixed.” He gets outbursts from time to time, but not as often and as violent as before. I think the techniques here work if everyone close to the child puts effort in them.

Helped us manage our child better
Lorie Adler (from Pleasanton, USA) posted this review on September 20, 2012

My 10-year old son has a horrible temper. It usually causes chaos around the house because he lashes out at everyone for the smallest things. He also uses his anger to get what he wants from me and his dad. It’s like he gets special treatment from everyone in the family just so we can keep him from throwing nasty tantrums every chance he gets. Sometimes he’d even destroy things in the house. My husband and I decided to just let it pass until he gets older, and if it doesn’t change that’s the time we’re gonna take action. The problem was that his teacher called our attention one day to tell us about how he interacts with the kids in school. We found out that he barely had friends and that he shouts at classmates and all that. While researching, my husband downloaded this, and it did shed a lot of light on my son’s condition. We decided to take the methods listed in this book, and they worked for my son. Not instantly, it was more of a gradual change, and we also had to make some changes to our parenting style to help him. If you have child with the same problems I really suggest getting this. It will surely make a lot of positive changes to your family.


It Works Like Magic....

I was amazed with the contents that Jamie provided especially on the chapter on child anger management tips and techniques. Although my boy is only 4 years old, I managed to deal with my hyperactive and aggressive nephews who are a few years older with her tips! It works like magic and I wondered why I didn't come across this earlier.

Linda Palmer,
California, USA

All I Got to Say Is W-O-W!

I never expected Jamie to provide so much insights into the problem that I'm having with my aggressive son. At first I doubted what she said, but when she insisted that I put them into practice for 2 weeks, all I got to say is WOW!

When my son doesn't listen to me, I tried to talk to him nicely using the methods that Jamie recommended instead of my usual yelling, and surprisingly, he listened to me. Nowadays, I don't need to repeat the same thing a few times and fearing that he might not listen to me anymore...

Sandra Mitchel,
Manchester, UK

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