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Classic Airbrush Techniques is an e-book that will teach you all the skills you need to airbrush like a pro. This book contains 13 detailed lessons from master airbrush artists.

This e-book is divided into two parts. The first part covers airbrush fundamentals and basic exercises to help you be confident using the airbrush. The second half includes professional exercises to help you develop technical skills. You'll learn how to combine effects and render three-dimensional objects and textures.

Classic Airbrush Techniques will also teach you how to retouch photos, commercial illustration, production illustration and architectural illustration. You'll get specific instructions and printable outlines so you can practice as often as you want until you master each skill.

Whether you do it as a hobby or as a career, Classic Airbrush Techniques helps you learn the fun, easy and affordable way. You'll get The Airbrush Tattoo Startup Guide as a bonus. 

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Ahhh... the power of airbrush!
posted this review on October 5, 2013

Classic Airbrush Techniques helped me land a job in an online magazine for women’s. It’s a fashion and beauty site, so they need a lot of airbrushing. When I learned the techniques here, I actually got amazed at what I could do! I was like, did I really do that? And now newbie models also get surprised when they see their faces and bodies after I work on them. Now that I know these techniques, I’ll never believe those photos of overly beautiful women on the Internet.

It's a very detailed and complete course
Harris Lowrey (from Blue Grass, USA) posted this review on October 27, 2012

This is a complete airbrush course! My brother handed me down his airbrush machine 3 months ago, but I haven’t used them yet because I don’t know how, and couldn’t go to training. My brother was supposed to teach me, but he was sent to the Middle East sooner than he expected, so I was left to learn it on my own. It’s not that easy learning without a guide, so I got this. The guide is very detailed, as I’ve said. It’s complete from how to get started to coming up with your own unique work easily. I’d say I saved myself hundreds of dollars for now having to attend a formal training program.

I'm now able to further develop my skills!
On-Site Review

All of my airbrush equipment was gathering dust, I had been so frustrated trying to learn how to use it. But after working through the lessons in this book, I'm now able to enjoy regular use of my equipment and further develop my skills.

Karen Oxford,
Riverside, CA

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