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by Edward Ezeanu,

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Having been a confidence coach for 5 years, Edward Ezeanu knows the power of conversation confidence in giving you a happy and rewarding life. Being confident when conversing with other people is essential when going out on dates, making new friends, and having a good reputation at work. To help people who are having problems with their conversational skills, he released his eBook, Conversation Confidence. This eBook aims to teach you how to start and sustain engaging conversations with any kind of people.

The Conversation Confidence package is composed of an audio guide with 4.5 hours of useful content. You can bring it along anywhere you are for some quick tips, whenever you want to put what you have learned to practice. If you are more into reading, the package comes with a PDF guide book that documents the most important points from the audio course. There are also 2 bonuses Edward Ezeanu threw in to further boost your conversational skills. The first one, Turn On Your Charm, is an eBook on the key elements of charismatic conversation. The second bonus, on the other hand, is a one month free trial of Edward's 12-month Social Life Makeover program.

The techniques Edward Ezeanu included in this program have been tried and proven effective on Edward's clients. It is time you overcome shyness, and start having the kind of social life and attention you have always wanted. By investing on Conversation Confidence, it will only take a short time before you become the life of the party.

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Complete conversation manual
Carlo Robles (from Norco, USA) posted this review on April 7, 2014

Conversation Confidence has everything you need from a conversation manual. You’ll learn how to get the courage to talk to new people, what topics to open, how to sustain engaging conversations, how to direct conversations, and basically how to play around with them. People like it when you carry conversations well, so I’m pretty sure this is gonna be helpful for your social life, just as it had been to mine.

I owe so much to Edward and his course
posted this review on March 16, 2014

Having killer confidence is the surefire way to get closer to women. I didn’t have enough confidence to land me a date until about a year ago when I got acquainted to Edward. Edward’s amazing! He’s got everything laid out in this book and his tips are all practical. Nothing’s confusing. I thought there will be no cure for my extreme lack of confidence until I found this sweetheart.

Well, here’s my story. When I was 15 I got into a car crash and got this huge scar on my forehead, which got me bullied through the rest of my high school years. I covered it up with my hair for so long, and I just shied away from people because I didn’t like what they say about me. I got my first girlfriend at 20 years old and she wasn’t even my type. It was just that she was a loser too and I was a loser. When she started being creepy, I broke up with her and never had a girlfriend again.

About a year ago, I met this really nice girl at the office. She wasn’t just physically attractive, she was also very nice on the inside. She’s pretty hard to find, so I knew right then and there that she was the girl for me. That’s when I started researching only, and luckily, I found Edward. Edward’s guided me throughout everything until I managed to ask her out. We are now dating and I really owe so much to Edward and his course.

It helped me during an interview
posted this review on August 30, 2013

I tried Conversation Confidence before a big interview I prepared for for a few months. It was for my dream company. According to the interview guide I read, I need to have awesome conversational skills if I want to impress interviewers, and this was what I had in mind right away. Conversation Confidence didn’t disappoint. Now I understand all of the positive comments it’s been getting. Before I bought this, I’d been eyeing it for a long time. I’d read all of the positive reviews, and so I had really high expectations, and it’s been met, luckily. I did pass the interview, and I think this product has contributed to my success greatly.

I'm enjoying this new me
posted this review on July 19, 2013

I really cannot explain here how Conversation Confidence helped improve the quality of my life. I didn’t know before what I was missing. I was an introvert since childhood. I always kept to myself, and I grew up being like that. I didn’t have any problems with other people, I wasn’t bullied, or whatever, I just have problems conversing with people. I couldn’t think of topics, I was too scared of awkward silences. I was fine talking to people as long as they’re the talkative ones. I just smile, nod, and give one liner comments. However, since I learned about Conversation Confidence, and I got to use the techniques here, I changed. It’s so fun being able to have engaging conversations with other people, without getting too nervous and worrying about awkward silences. I love the new me and my colleagues seem to love it too.

Turn On Your Charm is great
posted this review on May 23, 2013

I was initially disappointed in this course because it runs for only 4 hours. There is a PDF document with it, but it’s just a summary of what’s in the audio course. I thought I wouldn’t learn much through the audio course, but I actually learned a lot. These are practical tips on how to start conversations, how to make them engaging, and how to boost your confidence in tough situations. Edward also threw in some awesome bonuses. I like Turn On Your Charm. Personally, it’s probably more useful than the main Conversation Confidence course because it’s what will get other people interested in you. Charm is a very powerful tool for getting what you want, be it in the office or in public places. I think I got this glowing aura around me now since I learned the techniques in Turn On Your Charm. Yes, it’s a skill that can be learned. I thought it was something innate too, but now I’ve proven it to be just a skill, like conversational skills and speaking kills. I highly recommend Conversation Confidence, particularly since it’s the only way you  can get your hands on Turn On Your Charm.

It's a good guide but no miraculous or magical effects
posted this review on March 11, 2013

I’ve read a lot of conversation guides and confidence boosting guides, so I know that this isn’t exactly as unique as the author claims it to be. Some of the methods here you can also see in other guides on the internet. What I like about it is that it’s presented in an organized way, and you get some practical tips that I haven’t read in others yet. But that’s also true for most other books like this one. They have something unique in them but there are also a lot of similarities, so if you already have one I think you won’t need to buy another anymore. AS for the effectiveness of the program, this is something only you can decide for yourself. It’s up to you to make the program effective because it won’t magically transform you into a good conversationalist. It only serves as your guide.

Being confident has a lot of awesome rewards
posted this review on March 9, 2013

Edward Ezeanu may not be that popular when it comes to confidence coaching, but his work is really something. It helped me a lot in increasing my confidence. But I don’t think this works for all cases. You really have to want to see the results because this stuff requires work from you. You need to really be interested in the change. My sister said this didn’t work for her, but that’s primarily because she didn’t want to follow some of Edward’s tips. I on the other hand followed everything, and I’m now enjoying the rewards of being confident.

I'm sure this will help for most cases
posted this review on March 3, 2013

Conversation Confidence is one of the few products that are actually from a real conversation coach. I didn’t know there was a thing such as that until I found Edward’s program. This is great because it comes with an ebook and an audio program. I got bored with the audio program, so I’m using just the eBook now. I’ve already seen some changes in the way I interact with other people. It’s nice being able to talk to people without feeling nervous or scared of what they’re going to say behind my back. I don’t know but that has been my greatest fear for a long time. With Edward’s help, I was able to eliminate that thought. There might be different reasons why you’re scared to talk to people, I’m sure this will help for most cases.

The techniques are very useful
Victor D. (from Dwight, USA) posted this review on February 10, 2013

I’m an HR personnel. I used to work In the records department, but recently, I was promoted, and I now handle employee concerns. This position requires me to talk to people, and to empathize with them, and to calm them down and all that. I wasn’t a good conversationalist at that time. In fact, I suck at making small talk, and much more so in holding long and engaging conversations. I wasn’t a people person then. With Conversation Confidence, I was able to change myself so I can do my job better. I didn’t know just how awesome the feeling is when you can talk to people confidently, and when you don’t worry about looking stupid and all that. I really felt good the first time I tested the techniques in this guide, and the person I was talking to commented on how it was to talk to me. I’m now confident that I’m doing my job well. I’ve also used my newfound conversation confidence for other aspects of my life.

My social life has never been better
posted this review on January 24, 2013

The techniques I learned from Conversation Confidence are really effective. I’m not the talkative kind of guy and I used to find small talk really painful. It used to be so difficult for me that I avoid it altogether. Guys in the office used to think I’m weird. When I found Conversation Confidence, I really practiced hard to get the techniques right, and then it just came naturally for me. I just became more confident in talking to people all of a sudden. I now have an awesome social life, and I’ve also started dating again.

Edward's techniques changed my life
posted this review on January 3, 2013

Edward’s techniques are great. Conversation Confidence has really helped me become a better conversationalist. I didn’t actually think I’d be able to be this popular in the office. My coworkers were surprised when they found out what a chatty person I am. I wasn’t like that before. I’ve just started with this new job, and I had problems making friends. That’s why I got Edward’s book. When I learned the techniques here, it became really easy for me to make friends. I’ve so many friends now, and I enjoy going out with them on weekends. I’ve never had this many friends in high school and college. It’s  new experience for me. Also, being able to have real conversations with just about anyone in the office provided me with an avenue to express myself and my opinions. It’s really changed me and my life. I’m no longer the computer freak I once was who stay at home all weekends. I’m now a person who actually has a life. I’m very thankful I found this book! it’s fantastic!

Gave me a great start!
posted this review on December 26, 2012

Being quiet and shy runs in the family. Unlike other homes, mine was usually quiet. We were all typical bookworms who enjoyed reading more than talking to other people. I only have one sister, and she’s more timid than I am. As I grew older, I began to realize the importance of having confidence and good conversational skills to succeed in life. I wanted to attend a seminar for building confidence, but I was scared of having to interact with so many new faces at one time. I was also scared that they’d require me to speak in front. That would be the worst. With Edward Ezeanu’s conversation course, I got a great head start in confidence building. I learned a lot of techniques here in improving my conversational skills and confidence. I had to be all gutsy to try them out, but they’re absolutely awesome. They helped me get rid of the negative thoughts I get when starting a conversation, and they’ve really changed my life. I’ve more friends now, and I feel so much better about myself. I also have a woman in my life now. We’ve been dating for 3 months, and it just keeps getting better. I really have to thank Conversation Confidence for these!

I picked up a lot of brilliant ideas!
posted this review on December 18, 2012

When I first got this I thought the audio content is too short for the price. It only ran for a bit more than 4 hours. It was my first audiobook, so I didn’t know that 4 hours is already long enough for an audiobook. I usually listened to it before dozing off. As for its content, I’d say that the quality is great! I learned a lot of valuable tips from the audiobook on being a good conversationalist. I wasn’t really a bad case then, but it took a while before I could feel comfortable enough with people and to have interesting conversations with them. I had to be a better conversationalist for work because they made me an interviewer for loan applicants. I got the position because I look approachable, so my boss told me to just work on my conversational skills. I learned so much from this audiobook that I’m now comfortable talking to people, even to those I’ve just met. It feels good not being nervous the first time you talk to a person. It also did a lot for my social life. I’ve met a lot of new friends just because I’ve become better at talking to them. How’s that?

You will learn a lot from this
posted this review on November 22, 2012

I’m a salesman, and conversation skills are very important for my job. I wasn’t really shy, but I couldn’t sustain interesting conversations for a long time. Sometimes, I’d just run out of things to say and start to panic. The dead air alone makes me panic big time. Since I got Conversation Confidence, I’ve changed a lot. I’ve learned how to keep my confidence level up, how to avoid dead air, how to keep interesting, and a lot others. I’ve also pushed up my sales a few notches since I learned to converse better. The power of small talk is awesome. You will also get other conversation skills for other needs here, such as in relationships and a lot others.

The techniques are great!
posted this review on November 21, 2012

Being a good conversationalist really has a lot of perks, especially at work. I’m already married, so hitting on girls isn’t a problem for me anymore. I mainly use this book to make more friends in the office, and to be chummier with the bosses, and it works. I became quite popular in the office in just a few months because of the conversation tips I learned from here. I also get favored more often for the better projects because of my newfound charisma. I was a quiet guy before, so they were surprised with the new me. I just told them I was still adjusting then, since I’ve just been in the company for about a year. I’m enjoying my social life so much now that my mood as also improved, and I’m always excited to go to the office. I can go on overtime the entire week because I enjoy being around coworkers and being the center of their attention. I feel more valued, and it’s like I’m having more contribution to the company now.

It's a professionally made confidence boosting program
posted this review on November 13, 2012

This isn’t just your ordinary conversation book that tells you to do this and do that without saying why. Coach Edward really knows how to get you to listen to his advice which is through explaining the psychology behind every step you need to take. I used the audiobook and finished it in just one day, while taking important notes. The conversation tips here do not just work for women, and it’s not just for men who can’t approach women in bars and all that. The tips are for boosting your general confidence when talking to people. The bonuses are also great. I enjoyed the free membership to Coach Edward’s life makeover program, and I like it that he’s been honest that I don’t need to continue with the program because I’m already doing great when it comes to confidence, and conversational skills. That kind of honesty is hard to come by these days especially on the Internet. If you want to makeover your social skills, you’ll be in good hands with Coach Edward.

I'm slowly overcoming my shyness
posted this review on October 25, 2012

Edward Ezeanu has nailed it with this one. I’ve read many other confidence book, but this one has the easiest, and smartest approach of them all. I think it’s a matter of personal preference, and for me this one just works best. It’s got something for everyone. I’m personally more of a listener than a reader so the audio in the package has been the most useful for me. I’m busy with work, so I just listen to it during some idle hours and before going to bed. I think it helps that I get to listen to it as I doze off because I get to absorb it better that way. Another thing that I liked about it is that the bonuses are also great information materials. As a regular buyer of online books, I’ve noticed how some others have bonuses that are totally useless. This one is different. The bonuses alone are well worth its price.

As for the effects of the methods in me, it did require a lot of work, but I’ve become more confident now, and 5X better in conversing with people. I’ve been labeled the weirdo my entire high school life, so it’s been a struggle for me trying to fit in even now that I’m in my 30s. This book has been the most helpful for me, and its methods are slowly helping me overcome my extreme shyness.

Good conversational skills = great confidence
posted this review on October 22, 2012

How would you like to become more interesting to other people in an instant? That’s what  happened to me after just a week of trying Edward’s techniques. I didn’t know that I was a lousy conversationalist all along, and Edward changed all of that. I now have a lot more friends, ladies, and a pending promotion, all because I’ve improved my conversation skills, and I’ve become more confident too.

Made me an entirely different person
Carl Trout (from Houlton, USA) posted this review on October 15, 2012

Before digesting this gem of an audiobook, I never knew confidence can do so much for me. I’m not a handsome guy, but I am smart. I didn’t know before how to use my advantage to gain people’s interest – I’m not just talking about women here. I’m talking about people in general. It was quite hard for me to sustain interesting conversations probably because I’m not confident in the things that I say, or in the way that I look, those things. After reading this book, I learned a lot about keeping confidence even in the most awkward and most stressful situations. It took  lot of self-help, but the methods in the book made everything a hell lot easier. I finished the audio guide in one day, and took note of the most important details in it, and applied them everyday. It took practice, but soon, I started seeing myself conversing confidently with people I can barely look at before. I’d have to say that my new confidence is also a  hit with women. Two officemates asked me why the hell they haven’t seen me before, so that probably means I seem like a complete different person now. I’m very happy with the changes and I thank this book a lot for them.

I now have so many friends in the office
posted this review on September 11, 2012

I’m not that much a fan of audio courses, but the content of this course from Edward is worth the sweat my ears get from using headphones too long. I got this because I was evaluated at work, and my boss told me that he’s having problems with my people skills. I don’t fight with others or anything, but my lack of interaction with other people in the office worried him. So, I thought maybe I should go on a search for ways to make people see the wonderful, funny guy I am. I listened to this book for a few days and at first it was difficult for me to get Edward’s main points because as I said, it’s an audio book and I needed to keep rewinding to certain parts I need to understand better. The PDF guide helped a lot in that case, but it would still have been much easier if it were all in PDF, but anyway, I guess I should be fine with this. The entire course is great! I’ve learned some topnotch tips and tricks in starting and sustaining interesting conversations with other people. I already have more friends in the office than my boss has, and I think he won’t be worried about my mental health anymore.

Try this!
posted this review on August 6, 2012

I was a shy guy throughout my childhood and teenage days. I have some friends, but I avoided strangers as much as I can. In school, I belong to the group of shy guys, and though we didn’t get bullied that much, we weren’t popular with the girls either. I didn’t really care before, but when I got older, of course it became an issue for me. It’s also difficult at work whenever people approached me, I panicked. Sometimes I’d muster enough courage to have a 15-minute conversation with a colleague, but after that I’d be worried if I said the right things, or if I seemed like a total dork. I found this book while randomly browsing the Internet one day. Heaven must have sent it to me because after reading it, and applying the techniques in it, conversing with other people became a piece of cake. I can approach anyone now and sustain an entertaining conversation for as long as I want. It worked great with women, and with my male officemates too. I got basketball buddies now, and dates every once in a while. If you don’t believe me, check it out on the guarantee and see for yourself.

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