Covert Hypnosis

by Kevin Hogan,

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Covert Hypnosis is an e-book that teaches you all the secret techniques top marketers use to turn potential clients into actual clients. These techniques will help you in your career and personal life. You will learn to read people's minds, know what people think, predict what they are going to say before they even utter a word and be able to make them do and say what you want.

The techniques in Covert Hypnosis are based on extensive reseasrch and involve hypnosis, psychology, sociology, logic and other sciences. You will learn how to influence people's minds and actions using speech, body language, space, time and the environment. You'll be in control of every communication and you won't have to say a word! 

With Covert Hypnosis, you will never again have to sell anything, argue with anybody or spend hours trying to get people to agree with you. People will crave your company, follow every word you say, unconsciously trust you and they won't even know why!


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With only ONE sentence, I had the sale!
On-Site Review

I recently purchased Covert Hypnosis and absolutely love it. I sell security systems to small business owners. I was calling on a repair shop owner and after giving my presentation I asked for the sale.
He said his budget was really tight now but call in 6 months. That's when I remembered what I was taught and with only ONE sentence, I had the sale! It blew me away.

Andy Howland,
Grand Rapids, MI

This course is the reason I made $32,000 last week.
On-Site Review

I bought your Covert Hypnosis and it ais the reason I made $32,000 last week.
I used to lose a great deal of customers 'on the fence'. I thought it was just part of the deal, but I believe your courses have enabled me to get most of the ones 'on the fence'.

ark Deaton,
Twin Falls, ID

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