How To Create Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language

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Learn how to create a simple programming language the quick, easy and fun way in How To Create Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language. This system was developed by coder Marc-André Cournoyer, and it will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know to come up with a pretty awesome language.

In How To Create Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language, you'll learn all the core concepts in detail and how to apply them to a custom language. You'll learn all about Lexer with Python-style indentation, Parser using Racc and more. You can use the template language running on the Java Virtual Machine that's included in the system.

With How To Create Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language, you'll get the full source code of the JVM and Ruby programming languages that you can extend and redistribute. You'll also get access to the online community where you can get support and additional knowledge. With this resource, you can take your programming skills to a whole new level!

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So fun!
posted this review on September 7, 2014

The programming language I’m using now is excellent! It’s got codes that are entirely my own, and it’s fully functional too. I’ve always wanted to be a programmer, but I didn’t qualify for a programming course scholarship so I’m now trapped in a course I am not that happy with. Resources like this one help me learn a lot even if it’s not formal learning or school learning. It’s still a great thing that I get to learn bit by bit. What I like about this course is how detailed it is. You will really understand everything, especially if you’re not starting from scratch. I already had some idea on programming when I got this, so it wasn’t that hard for me anymore. Another thing that I liked so much about this is that it’s so organized. You will not get confused. Most online courses are confusing, but this is different because everything’s arranged in a logical manner. Giving it ten stars for all the fun I got from it!

The guys did an amazing job here
Ella Kerinson (from Nolanville, USA) posted this review on June 30, 2014

Love the guide because it’s really easy to follow even for programming beginners like me. This is the first time I tried creating my own programming language, and I gotta say I really enjoy it. The live support is also amazing. I learned a lot from their team. They’re really helpful. Even if you’re not asking them questions, they volunteer information they think will help you. I fell in love even more with programming because of this guide. I sure hope they come up with other programming guides because they did an amazing job here!

A little confusing at first but I learned so much from it
Elly Buison (from Nelson, USA) posted this review on June 25, 2014

It was a bit confusing for me at first because I have very basic knowledge in programming, but as I went along, I learned a lot along the way. It’s been a great experience for me learning from great people, like Marc and his team. They offer amazing customer service. Whenever something is unclear to me, I just shoot Marc an email and someone from his team responds in just a short time. Another thing that I like about this is their online support group. I’ve met a lot of people there who are so good at programming. They’ve taught me a lot. When I got this guide, it was just for fun. I just wanted something to do while resting my head after a long day of WoW, but I got so much more than I expected. I still have a lot to learn, but with the team behind me and the online support group as well, I’m pretty sure that I’d be able to make a good living from programming someday. This actually inspired me to take up a real programming course.  I’ll be enrolling soon, and I hope I can put to good use whatever it is that I learned from this course and from our community. I’m sure I’d get a lot of help from the peeps here when I go to programming school!

The best programming course online ever!
Michael Hans (from Nehalem, USA) posted this review on June 3, 2014

How To Create Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language is the best programming course I’ve found on the Internet. It’s not just informative, it’s also fun. I made a programming language dedicated to my girlfriend who’s also a programming student. I used it when I was proposing to her, and it’s amazing! All our programmer friends were awestruck! What they didn’t know was that it was so easy for me to prepare the language using the steps here. Everything’s written in a simple way and the entire course is organized. There’s nothing more I can ask for.

I'm really enjoying this
Barney Brine (from Nelson, USA) posted this review on May 24, 2014

I like this book so much because it’s so simple. It compiles everything in 100 pages. Some books go for thousands of pages to teach something that can be taught so simply. The course uses layman’s language for the most part. It’s not as complicated as others you’d see out there that are written by programming experts. It’s really surprising too how much I learned from here, not just in the creating my own language but in programming in general. There are so many tips, tricks, and shortcuts here that really helped me step up as a programmer. Remember that everything is compiled within a hundred pages, so they’re really all simplified. However, this is better for intermediate level programmers. Beginners would be better off getting a book on basic programming first. I don’t think they have that kind of book though. For beginner level programming, I suggest sticking to the classics. You can be more experimental when you reach intermediate stage, which is what I did that led me to this. Check this out! I’m sure you’ll have so much fun, while growing your knowledge as a programmer. I’ve had this for two months, and I’m still enjoying it!

Cool practice!
posted this review on January 23, 2014

This is fun! The guide is very detailed but you have to have some background in programming, or else you’ll hate it forever. It’s more for the intermediate programmer. This is a good practice for me since I’m a self-taught programmer, and most other programming projects bore me to death. This one is more on the fun side while you’re practicing logic, and everything else that comes with programming.

Awesome course, great community!
D.T. Collinwood (from Oneida, USA) posted this review on August 29, 2012

This is a fun resource to use, and it’s got awesome lessons that really help. I agree that it’s not for beginners, though. Although each lesson is properly explained, and the whole course is quite enjoyable, creating a programming language is still something only upper intermediate to advanced programming people should mess with. It can be quite traumatic for newbies trying out something like this.

Aside from the course itself, I love the online support community it features. I’ve already made a number of friends there that I’m discussing possible future projects with. It’s fun meeting likeminded people and working on stuff together. It makes programming a lot more enjoyable than it actually is. I don’t have too many programmer friends, so the community is definitely a huge plus. Hope to get to talk to you in there!

Not for noobs
posted this review on July 24, 2012

This is a great resource, but it is only for people who already have a background in programming. If you are still starting out with the basics, just keep at it, and leave this for later. You will just get overwhelmed.

For those like me who have tried programming before, and are addicted to it, this is a great find! I enjoyed working with it as the lessons are clear and well explained. I’ve had other books and programming, but this one is unique. I’m not sure how it works for those who are used to being spoon fed when it comes to learning. I do not have formal training in programming, and I pretty much learned by myself, so reading something like this isn’t new to me. Overall I recommend this for those who have programming background and those who are learning it in school. This is awesome stuff for some extra bragging rights.


I love this book!

It helped me create my own Awesome-to-PHP compiler. It’s not a full featured compiler (yet) but I had a lot of fun coding it and I learned a LOT.

Julien Desrosiers

Highly recommended!

I never had a chance to study language internals at university, and while very interested, I found their inner workings intimidating. With this course I've found a simple but engaging introduction to the world of lexers, parsers, interpreters and compilers, and suddenly a whole new world in programming has opened up.

David Bolton

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