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by Jill Brennan
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101 Romantic Love Letters is a collection of love letters that you can give to your significant other on many different occasions. These letters are all unique and work with birthdays, anniversaries and more. Love letters are a great way to keep the...
by Sam Reeves
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Chinese women have a certain kind of charm that is irresistible to most Western men. Their grace and femininity draws Western men, since these qualities are rare in Western women. However, the culture they live with make them secretive, and they...
by Leslie Karsner
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Love Letters Now is a collection of romantic letters you can use to show your beloved how you feel about him or her. They can help you re-ignite the passion in your relationship and strengthen your bond. Author Leslie Karsner has more than 10 years...
by Leslie Karsner
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Are you in a long-distance relationship? Do you long for your partner emotionally and physically when you're apart? If so, then Long Distance Lovemaking is an e-book that will help you bridge the distance between you and your partner so you can feel...
by Besski Livius
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Long distance relationships rarely last not because of the lack of love the partners have for each other, but because of the lack of knowledge they have about the situation. If you’re currently in a long distance relationship, and you want to...
by Rusty Ferguson
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Philippines Experience: Basic Expat Training Manual is a complete guide on moving to the Philippines. It was written by Rusty Ferguson, an American who is now permanently residing in the Philippines, and is now married to a beautiful Filipina....