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Deeper Voice Right Away is a package that will help you develop a consistent, deep voice within just a couple of weeks. The package contains downloadable report with simple instructions that tell you exactly how to perform voice exercises.

The exercises in Deeper Voice Right Away are aimed at strengthening certain muscles in your neck. By creating the right conditions in your Larynx, you enable your vocal chords to relax and your voice can become more vibrating and deep.

Another part of the Deeper Voice Right Away is the Voice Tutor software. This software gives you numerical feedback as you go through the exercises and allows you to monitor your progress.

In short, the Deeper Voice Right Away is a permanent solution to your voice problems. Once you are through the exercises and you develop your new voice, you can stop doing the routine and the voice stays with you forever.

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I got a man's voice at the age of 26
Mark Higgins Clark (from Taneytown, USA) posted this review on June 2, 2013

Been bullied a lot when I was young because of my squeaky mouse voice. It’s irritating enough coming from a girl. It’s doubly irritating coming from a man like me. I waited for it to change back in high school, but it didn’t. You can just imagine the embarrassment I get when I have to talk to new people. I think they get shocked when they hear my mouse voice because my body’s a bit on the larger side. When I saw Deeper Voice Right Away, I didn’t believe it much, but trying it is better than doing nothing. So I gave it a few weeks. By the 2nd week, there’s already some difference. You know what teenagers go through during adolescence? I went through that at the age of 26! After 2 or 3 months, other people began noticing the change in my voice. One of my buddies said that when he looks at me talking, he thinks it’s being dubbed. But this isn’t easy as they say it is in the website. It’s a bit time-consuming and it takes discipline because you’re gonna be doing exercises for your voice.

My boyfriend's voice just sounds sooo sexy!
posted this review on September 11, 2012

I think it is really a plus point for a man to have sexy voice, so I got this for my boyfriend. His voice used to be squeaky which was sad because he looks so good, and he’s a wonderful boyfriend too. When I got him this program, I didn’t expect it to work so quickly, but I think he took it seriously and in just 3 months, his voice turned from childlike to ooooh soo manly. I love it when he whispers nasty things to me in bed in that voice. It just sounds so uhhmaaazing!

Worked great for me
posted this review on August 6, 2012

My girl friends used to tease me about my small voice. They said I’m hot, but my lady-like voice is a total turnoff. Because of my voice I rarely talk to women in the bar. I just let them admire my looks, and play mysterious and all that. But truth is that I didn’t want them to hear how funny my voice was. I’ve tried throat exercises I found online before, but they didn’t work for me. I thought there was no solution to it anymore, until I found this book. I developed a deeper voice in about 2-3 months while on this program. It’s not an instant result but the techniques in the book are really easy to do, and they’re worth doing. My voice sounds so sexy now, sometimes I surprise myself. It’s really had a huge effect on my confidence level. Thanks so much to Mike!

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