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Digital Ear is a powerful computer program that is considered the world's most accurate WAV to MIDI converter. Epinoisis Software's flagship product has the capability to analyze a live or recorded audio performance such as a vocal or instrumental solo and convert it into a regular MIDI file. Once the audio has been converted, you can use any synthesizer with a different voice to play the file. You can also import it into your preferred sequencer or notation software like Cubase VST or Cakewalk in case you want to mix it with other tracks or process it further.

Digital Ear is very flexible and will adjust to any instrument or voice constraints. This enables it to convert any vibrato, tremolo, pitch-blend, or portamento effects of your recorded sound into MIDI events. It is the only program that can capture the gradation and expressive power of musical instruments and the human voice. 

Its state-of-the-art recognition engine is based on the latest psychoacoustical research on human pitch perception. It captures sounds with incredible accuracy, speed and with minimal errors.

The basic full version of Digital Ear sells at $89.95, while the full version with the Real-Time feature sells at $129.95.

Price: $89.95
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Digital Ear® in 3DO™ Video Games
On-Site Review

I can't tell you how valuable Digital Ear can be to a sound designer. You have to hear what this software can do...

Barry Blum,
Chief Sound Designer

So close to the original sound that it is scary!
On-Site Review

This clever little program from Greece is a rather advanced sound-to-MIDI converter that not only understands pitch, but also understands volume and brightness. And it's extremely simple to use. Load up a WAV file, click Start and you're away. Chances you'll have to fiddle with scary settings as Harmonic Threshold and Time Resolution a few time before you get the result you're looking for, but once you've got it sussed the quality is superb [Note: Version 3.0 offers automatic settings].

As long as the samples you are using are clean enough (things like delay and background effects tend to get in the way somewhat) the MIDI playback is so close to the original sound that it is scary. With cappella samples it's almost as if your computer is singing to you. Really!

There are a few niggles though. The lack of sample previewing is a pain in the butt [Note: Version 2.0 offers sample previewing] and you can use only mono recordings, it would also be cool if you could play the sample and the MIDI rendering at the same time to compare them. Plus you've got to know the exact BPM of your sample if you want to use the MIDI file created in your own compositions.

In general Digital Ear is very useful to have around

Tim Cant

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