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Digital TV Software provides a unique opportunity to watch your favorite TV programs from all over the world at the highest digital quality right from your computer. Once you download and install the software, you get instant access to over 3000 TV channels, both local and international, in dozens of categories- news, movies, weather, music, sports, and much more-to watch whenever and wherever you like. You can use Digital TV Software from any country. All you need is your PC and Internet connection.

With the handy Digital Video Recorder (DVR), you will never miss your favorite broadcast. Record, pause, start or fast forward. Play shows again and again. Keep them on your hard drive, and share them with your friends.

Digital TV Software is a one-time cost. There are no hidden charges. The program is stand-alone and doesn't require installation of any additional software or hardware, not even a TV card. Upon purchase, you will get unlimited lifetime access, expert customer support service through toll-free phone, e-mail, or chat, and a heap of additional bonuses. Apart from unlimited membership, one- or two-year membership plans are also available.

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posted this review on September 3, 2012

If you want a TV on your computer, this is the best software you can get. I’ve tried another one and it didn’t work for me as it kept freezing my computer, so I got this instead and it’s great. Haven’t had problems with it, and I get plenty of new channels everyday. It’s perfect!

The best product of its kind
posted this review on July 29, 2012

I know there are a lot of products like this on the market, but they are not all the same. The others are lame compared to this one. I had two others before, since the first one had only 2,000 channels and rude customer service people, while the next one made my computer terribly slow. I really want to name them here, but I don’t think I’m allowed to do that. My boyfriend has another one, which is ok, but it doesn’t have a recorder in it, so this is still much better. If you are looking for a cable tv for the Internet, I suggest buying this. This is the only one that’s worth your money. It’s pretty hard to experiment, since not all of them return your money as they promise, just like the first internet tv software I bought. The second one gave me my money back, but not after months of pestering and threatening them.

I don't need my cable anymore
On-Site Review

I couldn’t believe how easy the installation was, in a few short minutes I was watching my favorite Italian show that I usually pay a lot for with my local cable company!

S. Casado,
Los Angeles, California

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