Dog Food Dangers: The Complete Guide To Your Dog's Nutrition

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Complete Guide to Your Dog’s Nutrition is an easy-to-follow ebook that covers everything you need to know about healthy diet for your dog. The guide includes an overview of 12 best commercial dog foods that are available on the market today. In the Complete Guide to Your Dog’s Nutrition you will learn how to understand the labels on dog food, specific feeding instructions, diets for various health problems, which foods you need to avoid, and much more.

Here’s a short preview of Dog Food Dangers: the Complete Guide to Your Dog’s Nutrition:

  • How to choose healthy food that best suits your dog,
  • 6-step method for overcoming food-related skin problems,
  • Managing finicky eaters,
  • Simple method to properly reading dog food labels,
  • Commercial food versus homemade dog meals,
  • Ways to avoid common dog health problems,
  • The best way to switch your dog’s diet,
  • Foods for healthy and shiny coat,
  • How you can prevent kidney and bladder stones with the right diet,
  • How much carbohydrates, fat, and proteins should you include in your dog’s diet,
  • The truth about dog treats,
  • 101 dog food recipes for easy and inexpensive home cooked meals,
  • And more…

As a part of the basic Dog Food Dangers package, you also receive 2 bonus ebooks: Dog Allergy Help For Your Best Friend and Making Wholesome Homemade Dog Biscuits & Treats.

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This is a must-read (and follow) for all dog owners
posted this review on October 20, 2013

I had worries that I may not be able to follow the tips here for my dog. Like all other kinds of healthy eating, this is more time-consuming, very troublesome. I have work, so I don’t usually have time to cook for myself and for my dog. But when my neighbor’s dog died of kidney failure, I knew the dog food was the culprit. The vet apparently suggested that when she was asking him about possible reasons. We were feeding our dogs the same dog food from the same pet store, so I thought I’d start getting Lally, my dog, into a healthy diet, and probably reverse whatever negative effects that dog food already had on her. It was just difficult at first but now I’m already looking forward to that part of my day when I prepare her food. It’s become more fun for me, and I’ve learned tips and tricks on how to make it a lighter task. I’ve noticed the difference in Lally’s coat now. It’s shinier, and she’s producing less dander. There are so many other reasons to home cook your dog’s meal. I think if you can’t home cook your dog’s food, just don’t get a dog at all because you’ll just end up poisoning them.

I'm totally staying away from commercial dog food
posted this review on February 22, 2013

This opened up my mind about dog food. I’m not buying commercial dog food ever again. I don’t spend time, money, and effort on my dog just to have him killed by these scammers.

Complete guide on giving your dog proper nutrition
Betty Valkan (from Charlotte, USA) posted this review on December 17, 2012

Dog Food Dangers: The Complete Guide To Your Dog's Nutrition is indeed complete! It doesn’t just explain the dangers of feeding your dog commercial dog food, it also features ways to make your own dog food, and how to make sure that your dog gets proper nutrition. My sister’s dog died, and the vet said it’s because of low quality dog food. It turned out that the dog food she was feeding her dog didn’t have adequate nutrition that caused some of her dog’s organs to fail. Since, then I’ve been researching on the right way to feed my dogs (I’ve got 3 by the way). Preparing their food takes more effort than buying commercial dog food, but I can see that their health has become better. Their coats are shinier, and their buddies look just right. They were too fat before probably because of the dog food I was feeding them. I’ve now gotten a list of safe dog foods based on the instructions here on reading the label. I just give them to my dogs when absolutely needed or the gourmet ones, as a treat every now and then.

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