Dr. Mauro 3 Week Detox & Vitality Diet Plan

by Dr. Karlo Mauro, www.3weekdetox.com

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Detoxifying your body can have a lot of beneficial effects to your health. However, a lot of people get wrong information about this, so despite of their discipline and effort, they do not get the full benefits of a carefully-studied detox. If you are planning to detoxify your body through diet, Dr. Mauro 3 Week Detox & Vitality Diet Plan will be a helpful resource. This guide was written by a real doctor of naturopathic medicine, Dr. Karlo Mauro. Here, he shares with you the same methods he used to transform the health and lives of thousands of his clients.

In Dr. Mauro 3 Week Detox & Vitality Diet Plan, you will learn how to get rid of irritants and toxins that your body accumulates through contact with different objects. Unknown to most people, toxins that affect the health do not just come from the food you eat. A lot others are ingested from external products, such as plastic, fumes, and even everyday necessities like shampoo and toothpaste. In this guide, the step-by-step instructions are meant to gradually heal your body of all the damage caused by toxins and irritants. Unlike others that shock your body, this kind of detoxification is through gradual cleansing.

Aside from Dr. Mauro 3 Week Detox & Vitality Diet Plan guide, you will also get Meal and Recipe Plan for 3-Week Detox and Practical & Effective Strategies For Dealing With Stress In Everyday Life as additional resources to make detoxification a lot easier for you. You will even get Dr. Mauro’s personal email, so he can answer all of your most burning questions.

If you want reliable and effective detox information, Dr. Mauro 3 Week Detox & Vitality Diet Plan will be well-worth your money and effort. With the guidance of a real doctor, you will surely reap the full benefits of a detox diet.

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Stronger, happier, healthier!
On-Site Review

I was very concerned upon being given the detox plan from Dr. Mauro. I am person who enjoys restaurants immensely and who has a pretty solid routine in terms of my diet.

I'm also Italian and you can just imagine how gluten, red meat, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar free diet would sit with me and my numerous family functions.

The detox turned out to be much less daunting in reality and I began to form a new routine about half way through the 21 days. Many of the changes I made during the detox were reasonable and just as enjoyable as the alternative.

They were changes I found easy to continue on with after the detox completed. The whole experience made me much more aware of what I was eating and WHY!

There were days that I just wanted a cheeseburger, I'm not going to lie. But I was easily able to keep the detox in perspective. There was always a light at the end of the tunnel and the 21 days passed much quicker than I anticipated.

I found the recipe booklet especially helpful because many of the foods were completely new to me.

About half way through the detox, I felt great-stronger, happier, and healthier!

Rose P.

Dr. Mauro Changed My Life
On-Site Review

My main concern coming in to see Dr. Mauro was all of the toxins I had put into my body over a seven year period of medication use. A secondary goal was to lose weight to take some pressure off of a bad hip.

My only concern with doing Dr. Mauro's 3-Week Detox was I thought it was going to be too difficult to complete. That the items that were allowed would be unavailable or too difficult to obtain and, more so, that I would not be able to satisfy my hunger with only the allowed foods.

I had tried a Whole Grain Rice diet one time before. I only lasted three days as the only staple I was allowed was the rice which quickly caused discomfort and constipation.

One thing that made Dr. Mauro's 3-Week Detox plan successful was that it gradually got more difficult and then gradually got easier again. When I had hit the half way point I knew that I could add new items again every couple of days. My body and mind were able to adjust gradually.

Surprisingly, after the first couple days, I was able to adjust to the new diet. Over the course of three weeks, I actually began to like, and even crave, some of the healthy foods. I have adopted some of those foods such as Salmon and salad that I grew to love.

Sure, I had to make some adjustments such as getting up a bit earlier to prepare breakfast and get something together for lunch. But just like any routine, after several days it begins to be the new normal and it wasn't as difficult.

As far as 'side effects' goes, at every changing point during the detox, I would have mild headaches for a couple hours on the first day.

This was occasionally accompanied by mild cramping. However, the effects quickly tapered off. I was usually a bit hungrier than I would have been on my regular diet, but that just made the meals I did have taste even better.

Quite honestly, in the final week, as I grew closer to the end I felt quite good both physically and emotionally. I had accomplished something that I thought would be nearly impossible for me -- I had lost almost 10 pounds -- and I felt much healthier.

The weight that came off has had a noticeable effect on my hip. Taking off 10 pounds was like taking a small child off of my shoulders.

I have no doubt that Dr. Mauro's 3-Week Detox gave my liver and kidneys a break and time to heal. I explained it to a couple associates like this...

If I had a sore on my skin and I irritated it every day, it would never have a chance to heal. In the same way, if I don't take the strain off my internal organs, they won't have the opportunity to heal from the years of medication use.

One of the main benefits of the detox, in my opinion, is that I formed better eating habits while on the diet. Dr. Mauro's program retrains your mind in the way that you approach food and eating. It helps you to form better eating habits and makes you aware of what you are consuming.

The great thing is that my wife benefitted from my experience even though she wasn't participating in the diet.

She had to buy many of the items and had to watch what she cooked on nights that we shared a meal together. This has altered how she prepares some foods as well.

We have since, altered the amount of pastries and desserts that we eat and have cut out our late night snacks.

We have, as a family, incorporated salmon and vegetables into our diet more often, and have drastically reduced the amount of red meat that we consume.

I have formed new routines. I rarely drink coffee anymore. I have probably had three in as many months. My new drink is Tea. This is opposed to the extra large coffee, double cream, single sugar monstrosities that I used to have once or twice daily.

My breakfast is either a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and honey or whole grain bread with almond butter and honey along with some fruit. I still have the breakfast smoothies that I grew to love during my diet.

Before that I used to have four slices of bread with peanut butter and Jam almost every morning.

I have cut down my lunch intake as well. Now, I usually have a bowl of homemade soup every day. I snack on almonds or fruit as opposed to peanut butter, M & Ms and crackers.

As mentioned above, the one true benefit, at least for me, is the way it has altered the way that I approach eating. I think about what I eat now. I still have a pop now and then, a burger, or even some chips. However, I make it an exception rather than a common practice.

I would say to a friend, that even if you've tried a "detox diet" before, give this one a chance.

The gradualness of Dr. Mauro's 3-Week Detox makes it far easier to accomplish than others that simply have you cut off everything all at once.

Because it is a gradual decline (and then a later increase) you get the benefit of three weeks over one week of a hard core diet that you may cheat on because it is such a shock to your system and, therefore, nearly impossible to follow.

I was very optimistic coming to see Dr. Mauro. I desperately wanted a new start on life. I had just cut myself off of medication and I wanted to go that step further by giving my body a chance to heal and rid itself of the harmful substances that I had been dumping into it for over seven years.

I knew it was going to be difficult, but I knew that the payoff in the end would be worth it.

Mentally, I feel much better. I attribute this to the absence of medication, a healthier lifestyle, and to my internal organs that are operating more efficiently since the detox.

I was surprised that the habits formed have stuck with me for so long, but I am truly grateful for the change that Dr. Mauro's 3-Week Detox made in my life.

Gave me a better life to live!
On-Site Review

When I first entered the office of Dr. Mauro, I was looking for someone or something that could help me figure out why my body seemed to no longer be responding to my regular routine of diet and exercise.

My regular routine of cardio training, weight lifting and what I thought was healthy eating, was no longer working for me. I seemed to be putting on weight instead of losing it!

As well, I felt I was experiencing negative side effects from a recent cortisone injection.

Over the course of my first 2 visits, Dr. Mauro listened to me... really listened to me! He made a great effort to ask questions and get to know my health history from the perspective of my experience as a whole person.

From there, he created an individualized health plan for me that began with his 3-Week Detox Diet Program. The 3-Week Detox was an important first step on my road to becoming healthy again.

It was my first "detox." Although, the detox involved change, I enjoyed the challenge. I did the detox during one of my busiest times at work and was fully able to manage it.

All of the side effects from my cortisone injection went away after the detox.

I experienced weight loss, an increase in energy, and a brighter, clearer complexion.

Today, I have lost close to 15Ibs. My skin is clear and my hair is soft and shiny. My eyes look brighter and the bags are gone from under them.

I've received daily compliments from people, noticing the change in me over the past few weeks. I now have as much energy as the second graders that I teach.

More importantly, I've managed to break a few damaging habits.

I have completely given up coffee and diet colas.

  • I mainly consume water now.
  • I no longer eat products containing whole wheat.
  • I eat a greater variety of vegetables.
  • I rarely eat red meat now.
  • I shop mainly in the health food section at my grocery store and buy many more organic products.

Before the detox, the above items were part of my daily diet. Since the detox, I haven't missed them. I was surprised to discover that I have not had a craving for salty, sweet or greasy foods.

I actually feel like treating myself better both physically and mentally.

I went into Dr. Mauro's office looking for a quick way to shed some weight. Instead he equipped me with the tools I needed to make changes in my life that make it a better life to live. I am so grateful to have walked through the door.

Katie K.

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