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by Ryan Jackson a.k.a. “Design Guru Ryan”, www.dressed2convert.com

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Dressed 2 Convert, by Ryan Jackson, who is also known as the “Design Guru Ryan”, will teach you how to graphically redesign your webpage in order to increase your conversion rates.

Ryan Jackson is not only a professional graphic designer, he’s much more than that. He doesn’t just make beautiful graphics for people to put on their websites, he makes graphics that actually increase sales. He’s spent years, working for some of the biggest names from the internet marketing industry and that gave him a chance to really test what works and what doesn’t. He learned how to create graphics that will grab peoples’ attention and make them stay on your site (rather than clicking the back button) and how make graphics that increase sales.

Design Guru Ryan has worked for people like Mike Filsaime and Chris McNeeney, designing the sites that literally brought in millions of dollars. Now he’s compiled all his knowledge and wrote Dressed 2 Convert – the ultimate guide on designing for conversion. Dressed2Convert will not only tell you which graphics you need (such as header, footer, buy button, etc.), but will explain, in great detail, how to design them. To give you an example of how detailed the Dressed2Convert gets, you’ll actually learn what colors will best fit your visitors’ expectations and what fonts are best for each demographic.

If you are not a designer yourself, you can use the template, created by Design Guru Ryan himself, as well as many other direct response graphics that are included in the Dressed2Convert package. You might also want to take a look at the book itself, just to make sure your designer knows what he’s doing.

In short, Dressed2Convert will help you redesign your website. As the result, your visitors will stay longer on your site, they will feel more secure, they’ll put more trust in your site, and, most importantly, you’ll make more sales.

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Design is such an important part of product marketing...
On-Site Review

It's always been a huge pain. You have an idea and a vision, but the designer just doesn’t get it...
Not so with Ryan.

I highly recommend him to anyone that wants something they can be proud of.

Alex Goad

Dressed 2 Convert
On-Site Review

I've worked with a lot of graphic designers over the years. The really good ones don't get "our kind" of marketing and the ones who do usually aren't that good. Ryan is one of the few who DOES get it and IS really great at design.

Ryan Deiss

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