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Droid Generator Version 2 is a new, unique, and advanced software that allows you to create multi-functional Android Apps even if you don't have programming or coding knowledge. Internet marketer and app developer Gerard Connely - the man behind Niche App System - created this simple yet powerful software.

If you want to make serious money online, the Android platform is the best platform to get started, according to the author. And Droid Generator is the perfect software that you can use to start generating niche android apps and make profits consistently. This software has amazing features. With it, you can create content-rich text apps, embed images from Flickr or other sites, turn your live Twitter feed or blog into an app, and embed Facebook plugins. This tool also lets you embed any type of web code, including "buy now" buttons, affiliate links or products, email optin forms, and more.

The Droid Generator software is compatible with PC and Mac. It comes with a 20-page e-book with detailed instructions to show you exactly how to use this tool. With this software, you can create your first app in less than 15 minutes. You can start working for just 2 hours a day and start earning thousands of dollars a week.

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Simple apps without learning programming
posted this review on October 13, 2013

Droid Generator is very easy to use. You can definitely use it and generate your own apps even if you don’t have any experience in android programming. You can make only limited apps here, but these apps are perfect for marketing campaigns and other similar programs. I highly recommend this for newbies  who want to build simple apps without having to learn programming.

Very easy to use
posted this review on August 17, 2013

This generator is very easy to use. If you need to make only simple apps, this will be very helpful. The apps you can come up with are fully-functional and very presentable. Nobody will know that you used premade generators for them. This is the first app generator I’ve used, so I can’t compare it with others, but it’s doing a pretty good job for me right now, and I think this will help a lot other internet marketers and app marketers.

This software is great!
Lisa Kray (from Sabinal, USA) posted this review on July 23, 2013

Droid Generator helps me take advantage of the android market while it’s still hot. I’m not a computer programmer. At first I was doubtful. I didn’t have any idea that it was possible to come up with apps without any programming knowledge, but it is. Sure, the functionalities are limited and they aren’t the mind-blowing ones that are so popular these days, but when it comes to simpler ones, it’s really easy. These are mostly marketing related ones. If you have any kind of business, these apps will add greatly to your marketing campaigns.

This has become a money-generating hobby for me
posted this review on July 3, 2013

When I read that this will help me come up with Android apps even if I have no programming knowledge, I couldn’t believe it. I just got curious, so even if I didn’t need it yet at that time, I got it. I was really impressed with how it simplified app building. It’s not really for complicated apps like games and stuff. It’s more for marketing apps, but it’s still great because I never would have imagined myself coming up with those apps on my own, without any special software like this one. It gets even easier because of the complete step-by-step manual included in the package. It’s really so easy to follow. Another thing that I like about this is that it’s virtually bug-free. If there were bugs, I didn’t notice any of them. I decided to start my own affiliate business using the apps I created through this software. I’m still learning how to utilize my apps for the business, but this is turning out to be a really fun, productive way to spend time.

Innovative product
posted this review on April 22, 2013

This product is innovative because it allows me to create android apps from scratch. In minutes I can have an android app ready with affiliate links, twitter integration, buy now buttons, and a lot more. There are a lot of other features in this generator that you can use for any kind of business. It helps so great for marketing strategies or campaigns. I’ve been using this for my business and it’s gotten a lot of new clients for me. My business is customized shirt printing, and my apps help spread the word about my business. I also give away good apps to people who are usual clients of our business. Again, these apps can be created in just minutes without technical knowledge. There’s almost 0 training involved, even if you’re not good in computers it’s ok. It’s highly recommended and you really get more than your money’s worth.

It's the backbone of my business
posted this review on March 28, 2013

I’m a big android fan. While other people are rushing to get into the iOS craze, I see more opportunities in the android market. Droid Generator is so easy to use. I’ve already come up with some android apps for clients, and that has earned me pretty good money. Sometimes, I feel guilty charging these people big amounts of money because it’s really easy to build their apps with Droid Generator, but it’s not a good thing to give them rock bottom prices that could kill the industry. Business ethics. But anyway, the point of the review is to let you see how easy it is to use Droid Generator for building apps. It’s a very smart start if you want to setup an android app business. There’s almost nothing for you to learn.

Fun to use!
posted this review on January 20, 2013

Droid Generator is fun to use! I’ve been playing around with android apps for quite some time, although I’m not really a programmer. This is ok to use even if you don’t have much in programming. The software does everything for you. All you need to do is just to come up with an app concept, and bring it to life using this software. If you’re not too techie like I am, you’ll need the help of the accompanying guidebook. It’s ridiculously easy, you’d laugh at yourself once you get how everything’s done.

Requires little programming background
posted this review on November 14, 2012

This requires very little programming background. You can get it to work for you very easily. It’s also not as basic as other generators are, sure there are limits but this one allows you to make your apps more functional than other pre-coded ones. Also, you need to learn very little to get started. Some other android scripts require you have a working knowledge of android codes, or else it’d be a waste. I have very little knowledge in programming, but I’m able to come up with some good apps using this generator. All the instructions are also included in the manual. I had to contact support only once to answer a few questions, and then I’m off making my first apps. Neat!

I haven’t tried selling them yet because if I’m gonna sell my works I want to start with a bang, but soon I’ll go and try to sell them.

For all droid fans out there
posted this review on November 7, 2012

I’ve always been an android fan. At first, I just wanted to learn how to make apps for fun. I’ve no background in programming at all, but I pick up pretty well because I’m quite techie, so I tried this app generator. It’s easier to use than I expected, and I think this will be useful even for those who have little knowledge in tech stuff. It’s a really simple process, and there’s nothing complicated to learn. Now I already have some apps up in the android market, and I’m earning pretty decent income from them. The best part is that I’m enjoying what I’m doing. It’s nice being able to finally bring my app ideas to life. Those who have businesses, physical businesses or online stores will surely find more uses for this app generator. I’ve had several clients who wanted apps made for their marketing campaigns, and it only takes me a few minutes to make their apps, and that’s instant cash for me.

I'm enjoying this software and the manual that comes with it
F. Wiley (from Ville Platte, USA) posted this review on September 18, 2012

Android is really hot these days, so I quickly grabbed this opportunity to bring some of my own app ideas to life. I don’t have much background in programming, but I’m really interested in it, so as long as there is a reliable learning material, I’ve no problem learning on my own. The guide that comes with this software is awesome. It’s concise and clearly written. You don’t have to skim through hundreds of pages to get the information that you need. You just have to take a few minutes to read all 20 pages of the manual and you’re on your way to creating your first Android app. The software itself is genius. I only have to come up with a good idea, and this awesome software creates it for me. I don’t even have to bother learning codes and all that, although it seems good to learn, and I’m still considering studying it in the future. For now, I’m just enjoying this smart software and the apps I come up with using it!

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