eBook Creation Simplified

by Eamon Diamond, www.ebookcreationsimplified.com

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Discover how to create a complete e-book in a few hours and get it online in record time in eBook Creation Simplified by Eamon Diamond. Whether it's your first time to create an e-book or you've done it before, you will benefit from this step-by-step system/course. It will give you everything that you will need to make the process easy and prove to you that creating an e-book isn't really difficult.

Aside from teaching you how to construct your own e-book, eBook Creation Simplified will also teach you, first and foremost, where to go and research for all the content that you will add in your e-book. This video course/system will show you the steps and the best methods on how to properly structure an e-book, set up styles and formatting, create a table of content, set up page numbering correctly, find images to include in your e-book, and much more.

With eBook Creation Simplified, you will know how to set everything up even if you're not a techie. You will get access to 12 accompanying videos that will make the whole thing easy for you. Just watch the videos, implement, and follow through, and you can quickly complete an e-book that will appeal highly to your viewers.

When you purchase eBook Creation Simplified, you will also get access to the course called, Building Your First Website In Record Time.

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Made eBook creation possible for me
posted this review on July 8, 2014

It has become so much easier for me to create eBooks and sell them for good money with the help of this guide. I highly appreciate the author’s efforts in creating such a helpful product for budding eBook writers like myself. I write mostly about handicrafts, which is my life’s biggest passion. This is certainly a must-read for new eBook writers.

Easiest to follow among all the guides I've checked out
posted this review on April 12, 2014

This is the easiest to follow among all the eBook creation guides I’ve seen. I’m now working on my first eBook following the suggestions here. It’s never been any easier, and I’m really happy with this find! It’s also got a bonus website building guide, which is really worth checking out. Highly recommended!

It really changed the way I create eBooks
Lisa Keegan (from Van Horne, USA) posted this review on February 3, 2014

This really simplified eBook creation for me. I used to stare at the computer for hours waiting for inspiration to strike. eBook Creation Simplified changed everything. It gave me the formula for creating eBooks, so now I can finish my books in just a few hours compared to before when I’d take weeks before finishing one. There are also a lot of eBook marketing tips and tricks here that I found really useful. This is perfect for beginners and intermediate eBook marketers alike.


Superb product.

I cannot believe how easy this process is to follow. Being a regular ebook creator I thought I had a handle on most aspects of product creation and writing ebooks but this product has taken my knowledge to a whole new level.

If anyone wanted to make money online in the quickest way possible they must buy this product today! Eamon's clear way of providing this vital information within easy to understand video tutorials ‘cannont fail’ to provide the spring board to successful money making online. This is a must for any newbie!


OMGoodness! These videos ROCK!

This is probably the easiest way I have ever seen to eBook Creation. The videos leave nothing out. It’s a whole system! I am so impressed!

Eamon has a wonderful way of going through everything very clearly, step by step. He even tells where to get great content!  And that little trick he showed on numbering had me stumped for weeks!! Wish I would have seen this a few months ago!

Excellent product!!

Lisa Hernandez

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