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by Joseph Michael
(6 votes)
Scrivener is a must-use tool for writers and budding writers. However, it’s hard to get started on this, especially for those who are non-tech savvy. If you are a writer hoping to learn Scrivener the fast and easy way, you need Scrivener Coach...
(4 votes)
How To Operate A Backhoe is a comprehensive manual that will teach you all the skills you need to start using a backhoe like a pro in no time. This is a highly practical guide that helps you acquire practical skills and knowledge. In this guide, an...
by The NuKiwi Team
(5 votes)
Have you been thinking about relocating to a foreign country that's exotic, beautiful and just a great place to live? Have you thought about New Zealand? If so, then New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report is just what you need to make a...
by Nathan M. Hopkins
(6 votes)
7 Ways to Fund Your Flying by Nathan M. Hopkins is a simple, 7-step guide that will teach you how to save thousands of dollars on your flight training. With this useful advice, you'll be able to build your flight time at little or no cost to you and...
by John
(12 votes)
Teaching English In Brazil is an e-book written by a former IT professional turned English teacher named John. In this e-book, John explains how someone who speaks English can make a good income by teaching the language and why Brazil is a good...
(5 votes)
Are you sure that you can protect your family when the next disaster or calamity strikes? If you want to be armed and ready when chaos hits the country, you need Survive After Collapse Manual. This will teach you everything that you need to know to...
by Anthony Ceseri
(6 votes)
If you are a songwriter or composer who wishes to craft the kind of songs that people want to hear, How To Write Songs That Sell by Anthony Ceseri is perfect for you. This information-packed e-book will teach you these two methods for writing a song...
(7 votes)
Science Fair Projects Made Easy is the ultimate project guide for both students and parents. This e-book will teach you everything you need to know about science fair projects and describes every step of the project, from choosing the topic to...