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by Shaun
(3 votes)
If you are rich and want to help your broke friends and family members but do not know how to go about it in a way that's tactful, then Rich Best Friend by Shaun is a must-have resource for you. Whenever we think about lending our friends or family...
(7 votes)
Gone are the days when we can drink just about any freshwater we can see. Since the Earth got polluted, most bodies of water have become poisoned, and a water crisis is looming. If you want to learn how to prepare yourself and your family for the...
by John
(11 votes)
Teaching English In Brazil is an e-book written by a former IT professional turned English teacher named John. In this e-book, John explains how someone who speaks English can make a good income by teaching the language and why Brazil is a good...
by Donna Cindea
(5 votes)
Do you want to move to Canada and live a happy and prosperous life there? Do you want to move to this beautiful country but have no idea what you need to do to emigrate easily and legally? If so, then My Immigration Consultant is the perfect...
by Richard Marshall
(7 votes)
With all the tension and the calamities in the world today, it won’t be long until a crisis starts. If you want to ensure your family’s survival in any kind of disaster, you need Alive After Crisis by Richard Marshall. Richard is a...
by Holly Venable
(4 votes)
Knock 'Em Dead is your guide to improving your acting skills and delivering performances that will knock your audiences off their feet. Author Holly Venable is an experienced actress who did a lot of research on how to prepare for different roles....
by Nick Stubbs
(3 votes)
Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 is a complete crash course on how to build a business in this industry no matter how bad the economy is. The course was created by Nick Stubbs – a professional photographer since the 1980s. Through years of...
by Lalo Nunez
(5 votes)
Do you want to learn how to maintain and repair your PC on your own? Are you a PC technician who wants to improve your PC skills? If you answered yes to those questions, you need Be a Better PC Technician eBook by Lalo Nunez. Lalo has been a...