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by James Brown aka MrPadMan
(6 votes)
If you have an iPad, but you feel like you’re not making the most of it, you need - iPad Video Lessons. Many iPad users don’t get to maximize their device because they are not too techie. They pay too much for something they...
by Anna Stewart
(6 votes)
Learn the secrets of making beautiful items laced with multiple yarns, textures and lots of colors in Anna Stewart's new e-book Knit-Easy. Anna Stewart has more than 40 years of experience knitting and compiled all her knowledge into this...
by Chris Clegg
(9 votes)
Blank Family Tree Template Collection by Chris Clegg is a resource for all of you who want to put your family tree down on paper. The collection gives you access to templates, forms and step-by-step instructions on how to complete your family tree....
by Frederico Vila Verde
(5 votes)
Do you own a non-talking, unhappy, and unhealthy parrot? Do you wish you can teach your feathered friend how to talk and perform any trick on demand? Are you looking for an interesting and proven bird training resource so you don't have to...
by Heather Spiegel
(5 votes)
Help your child pass their ISEE test or SSAT exam by giving them the best preparation possible. Heather Spiegel’s ISEE & SSAT Test Preparation is the perfect resource for that. This membership website aims to provide the best training for...
by Martin Krieger
(5 votes)
Learn How to Weld is a complete welder’s manual written by welding professional, Martin Krieger. It teaches you how to cut and weld steel easily and safely. We all know how unstable the economy is, so it is always advisable to have a backup...
(7 votes)
Preparing for an SHL test is usually a challenge because of the lack of practice tests and training resources with decent quality. There are some practice tests on their website, but they do not provide in-depth explanations for the answers. This...
by Evan Sharboneau
(10 votes)
DSLR cameras have become more and more popular because of Facebook and Flickr. A lot of people think that owning a high-quality and expensive camera is enough to capture great photos. In fact, owning a DSLR camera is just the first step to becoming...