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by Ashley Karyl
(3 votes)
How To Photograph Nudes Like A Professional is an e-book by Ashley Karyl, who has years of experience photographing glamour and nude models from around the world. You'll learn everything there is to know about nude photography. Ashley...
by Anthony Ceseri
(6 votes)
If you are a songwriter or composer who wishes to craft the kind of songs that people want to hear, How To Write Songs That Sell by Anthony Ceseri is perfect for you. This information-packed e-book will teach you these two methods for writing a song...
by Bryan Dawes
(4 votes)
The Complete Guide to Kite Surfing written by an enthusiast himself, Bryan Dawes, is a practical tool for any beginner in this sport. Inside this e-book, you will learn how to make well-informed decisions in buying kite surfing equipment, how to...
by Frank Mitchell
(6 votes)
As a free citizen, it is your right to be able to own and keep guns. However, the government is planning to gradually abolish the use of firearms in the country. If you want to retain your right to owning licensed firearms, you need the help of The...
by Stuart Sinclair
(5 votes)
Superior Songwriting is a practical guide on the art of songwriting. Both novice and experienced songwriters will this e-book helpful.  Superior Songwriting will teach you everything you need to know about how to write great songs and make...
by Sharanya Naidoo
(5 votes)
Calligraphy isn’t just an enjoyable hobby, it can be financially rewarding too. If you want to learn calligraphy the fast, easy, and modern way, you need Your Calligraphy Guide by Sharanya Naidoo. Sharanya has been practicing calligraphy since...
(4 votes)
Pay No Ticket is a step-by-step tutorial that will help you legally beat a speeding ticket. It offers a simple defense strategy you can use to avoid paying fines, prevent additional insurance charges and accumulating unwanted points...
(7 votes)
Whatever course you’re taking, you will never be able to escape essay writing and thesis writing. Discover the fastest and easiest way to write your thesis and other school papers with the help of Stop Essay Pain. This course was written...