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by Dr. Barry Bricklin and Dr. Gail Elliot
(5 votes)
Are you a grandparent whose grandchildren are being mistreated or abused? Are your legal rights as a grandparent being violated? Are you having trouble visiting your grandchildren regularly? If so, you should know that you have the right to...
by Samir Hasan
(6 votes)
Dabke is a fun and energetic Arab folk dance famous in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and a lot other Arabic countries. If you want to learn how to Dabke for any reason and for any occasion, Dabke 101 - How To Dabke by Samir Hasan and...
by John
(12 votes)
Teaching English In Brazil is an e-book written by a former IT professional turned English teacher named John. In this e-book, John explains how someone who speaks English can make a good income by teaching the language and why Brazil is a good...
by Anthony Ceseri
(6 votes)
If you are a songwriter or composer who wishes to craft the kind of songs that people want to hear, How To Write Songs That Sell by Anthony Ceseri is perfect for you. This information-packed e-book will teach you these two methods for writing a song...
(7 votes)
Science Fair Projects Made Easy is the ultimate project guide for both students and parents. This e-book will teach you everything you need to know about science fair projects and describes every step of the project, from choosing the topic to...
by Jim Carpenter
(5 votes)
If you've ever wanted to cruise the open road on a motorcycle but know nothing about them, then Learn To Ride A Motorcycle is an e-book that will teach you everything you need to know to get you out riding. Author Jim Carpenter says that riding a...
by Frederico Vila Verde
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Do you own a non-talking, unhappy, and unhealthy parrot? Do you wish you can teach your feathered friend how to talk and perform any trick on demand? Are you looking for an interesting and proven bird training resource so you don't have to...
by Kat Carey
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Training sessions, staff meetings, and workshops sometimes tend to be uninteresting, tense, or just plain boring. Participants don't seem motivated and engaged. For any manager, group leader, trainer, or coordinator, that's such a nightmare...