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by Teena Rose
(3 votes)
Do you need to create a professional and personalized sales brag book but don't know how and where to start? If so, then How To Design, Write And Compile A Quality Brag Book the perfect product for you. Submitting a resume and a cover letter is a...
by Ryan Wilson
(5 votes)
We all know that the sun and the wind are great sources of free energy. But there's one secret alternative source that can also provide free electricity - your phone line!  Ryan Wilson, a telephone engineer and energy specialist, created Phone...
by Conor Nash
(4 votes)
Take your World Of Warcraft (WoW) gaming experience to the next level with Conor Nash's Warcraft Pros Collection. This collection of guides will teach you tips, tricks and techniques to gather thousands of gold, pile more and more epics, complete...
by Tim Wei
(5 votes)
Math Worksheet Collection is a tool that will make learning and practicing math fun. It consists of 2 e-books - the Math Riddle Book and Secret Code Math. They're designed for parents (especially homeschool parents) and teachers looking for unique,...
(6 votes)
Getting a high school diploma can definitely turn your life around. If you are looking for an easy yet legal alternative to GED, you need Secret GED Alternative Loophole Program. This combines distance education with affordability in a practical...
by Keith Dean
(15 votes)
Adult Guitar Lessons is an online multimedia course developed by professional guitar player and instructor Keith Dean. This course is designed for all of you busy Baby Boomers who want to learn how to play the guitar the fast and easy way. It proves...
by Al Millergren & Paul Evans
(8 votes)
Teen Life Ministries is a web site dedicated to promoting and boosting youth ministry and bringing about a positive spiritual change in the hearts and minds of teenagers. Teen Life Ministries offers different resources to help advance the missions...
by Damian Campbell
(5 votes)
Damian Campbell's Sold Out After Crisis is a guide containing the list of critical food items that you must have during a crisis or disaster. With the help of this guide, you will know how to survive a terrorist attack, hurricane and other...