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Discover the secrets of YouTube and the ways you can use it effectively in Master YouTube. This comprehensive e-book will show you how to take control of YouTube and use it as a marketing tool. This e-book is easy to use and can help your business...
by HipHop Heat
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HipHop Heat's So Clean Kit - Inspired By The Neptunes is a must-have product for fans of The Neptunes. With this ultimate kit, you can use the same sounds that made Pharell and Chad international superstars. With So Clean Kit - Inspired By The...
by Ilias Glenis
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If you want to learn how to meditate and experience the benefits it can bring you, Shinka Guided Meditation System, developed by MyMonkBuddy, will help you. With this system, you'll get tools you can use to create a positive change in your life...
by Keith Dean
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Adult Guitar Lessons is an online multimedia course developed by professional guitar player and instructor Keith Dean. This course is designed for all of you busy Baby Boomers who want to learn how to play the guitar the fast and easy way. It proves...
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Pentatonic Power is a program designed to teach you to master the guitar in 150 days. Unlike other instructional programs out there, Pentatonic Power is realistic. It doesn't promise that you'll play like a pro in 7 days or less. Instead, it gives...
by Tomaz Mencinger
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If you're a tennis player and you want to take your game to the next level, then the Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia is a great resource for you. This e-book was written by Tomaz Mencinger, an expert tennis player and coach. You'll learn...
by Daniel Drouillard
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Daniel Drouillard, a professional writer and Hovercraft Central's head coordinator and administrator, reveals his step-by-step blueprint for building a simple, inexpensive and awesome-looking hovercraft in HC-111 Hovercraft Design Plans. This manual...
(17 votes) is a website that offers computer training online for individuals and companies. Whether you want to become more efficient and improve your job skills, earn certificates or CEU's, or study for certifications, then this website...