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by Keith Dean
(15 votes)
Adult Guitar Lessons is an online multimedia course developed by professional guitar player and instructor Keith Dean. This course is designed for all of you busy Baby Boomers who want to learn how to play the guitar the fast and easy way. It proves...
by Marie-Claire Rivière
(8 votes)
Rocket French is a language course, designed by Marie-Claire Riviere. The course consists of 31 audio tracks. They are on average 20 minutes long. Each audio lesson comes with the transcripts of the conversations. Additionally, the course offers 45...
(3 votes)
Discover the secrets of YouTube and the ways you can use it effectively in Master YouTube. This comprehensive e-book will show you how to take control of YouTube and use it as a marketing tool. This e-book is easy to use and can help your business...
(6 votes)
Getting a high school diploma can definitely turn your life around. If you are looking for an easy yet legal alternative to GED, you need Secret GED Alternative Loophole Program. This combines distance education with affordability in a practical...
by Eric Slone and Ewen Chia
(4 votes)
If you want to learn how to play guitar the fast, fun and inexpensive way, you need a learning tool like Guitar Success System. Professional guitar player Eric Slone teamed up with expert online marketer Ewen Chia to develop this all-in-one online...
by Ilias Glenis
(5 votes)
If you want to learn how to meditate and experience the benefits it can bring you, Shinka Guided Meditation System, developed by MyMonkBuddy, will help you. With this system, you'll get tools you can use to create a positive change in your life...
by Ryan Wilson
(5 votes)
We all know that the sun and the wind are great sources of free energy. But there's one secret alternative source that can also provide free electricity - your phone line!  Ryan Wilson, a telephone engineer and energy specialist, created Phone...
(22 votes)
Pentatonic Power is a program designed to teach you to master the guitar in 150 days. Unlike other instructional programs out there, Pentatonic Power is realistic. It doesn't promise that you'll play like a pro in 7 days or less. Instead, it gives...