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by Captain Charles J. Reichert
(4 votes)
Learn how to easily manage and control twin screw boats in Twin Screw Tutor. This 71-page manual was written by Captain Charles J. Reichert, who is a skilled and experienced operator of twin screw vessels. This manual will teach you a comprehensive...
by Chris Standring
(14 votes)
Guitar Made Simple is a beginner to intermediate guitar course, created by Chris Standring, a professional guitarist with over 20 years of experience. The course will teach you how to play both acoustic and electric guitar and is presented in a step...
by Bret Parker
(4 votes)
If you want to learn how to make your own solar panels, consider the expertise of Bret Parker, an experienced electrician and renewable energy enthusiast. His package is packed with all the information you need to make a...
by Dr. Lawrence D. Lampert
(5 votes)
Learn how vision training can help you improve your golf game in The Pro's Edge: Vision Training For Golf. This e-book was written by Dr. Lawrence D. Lampert, an optometrist specializing in sports vision training. Vision experts and professional...
by Rose Ariadne
(18 votes)
Are you interested in magick? Do you want to learn how to perform magickal spells to achieve your desires and transform your life? If you answered 'yes' to those questions, then Rose Ariadne's Simple Spell Casting System E-Kit is a...
by Greg Evans and Jay Dynasty
(6 votes)
Instrument master is an online program for learning to play piano or violin. This easy-to-follow method will enable you to play the instrument of your choice in mere days. With Instrument Master, you receive: 40 individual violin or piano lessons,...
(4 votes)
With Magnets 4 Energy, you'll discover the power of magnetic generators, why power companies use them but don't reveal it to the public and how you can build a similar device so you never have to pay for electricity again. This easy-to-use DIY kit...
by Luis Medrano
(3 votes)
Guitar E-nstructor is a revolutionary system created by Luis Medrano that uses color as a way of visualizing the guitar. Unlike other conventional instructional systems, Guitar E-nstructor uses a particular color for each finger. The author calls...