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by Frederico Vila Verde, www.eliteparrotsclub.com

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Do you own a non-talking, unhappy, and unhealthy parrot? Do you wish you can teach your feathered friend how to talk and perform any trick on demand? Are you looking for an interesting and proven bird training resource so you don't have to consult a bird expert anymore, and thus, save money?

If 'yes' is your answer to these questions, then Elite Parrots Club is perfect for you. Founded by Frederico Vila Verde, this multi-media club/program will provide you with all the information and tools that you will need to teach your parrot to talk and transform him into a happy, healthy, and loving pet. Inside this club, you will discover the parrot talking secrets of the pros. Whether you're a new/regular or advanced bird owner and regardless of the age and size of your parrot, you will benefit from this club.

As a member of the Elite Parrots Club, you will get complete access to the "Bird Lady Parrot Talking System." Through this speech training system, you will have the chance to receive one-on-one coaching and advice from the "Bird Lady" regarding parrot care, diet, health, safety, behaviors, trick training, and others. This club includes 33 online videos and over 70 articles, where you will learn the best age and time of day to start training your parrot, the simple way you must speak with your parrot, the number 1 reason why most parrots fail to talk, the advanced technique to stop your parrot from saying bad words, how to teach your bird to stop biting and screaming, bird diet issues, safety and first aid tips, and much more.

With Elite Parrots Club, you can tame, train, and teach your parrot to talk. This club can transform your parrot's life and your relationship with him forever.

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I like a lot of things about Elite Parrots Club...
On-Site Review

Because of Elite Parrots Club I have a closer bond with my "cubs". We understand each other more;its like we are speaking the same language now. Because of this there is less squawking and biting.

Elite Parrots Club has given me the steps and tools that I need in order to get my birds to talk with step-by-step instructions. They also give you tips and ideas.

I like a lot of things about Elite Parrots Club... but I really like the support. When I needed help with something or advice on something, there was always someone to help me.

Robin Thornton,

Helped keep my parrots healthy and happy
On-Site Review

My parrots have achieved a lot from my membership in the Elite Parrots Club. The tips have helped me to get my Umbrella Cockatoo to stop screaming and also helped with my parrot that has allergies. Even though my parrot talked some when we got him, he has achieved a much larger vocabulary and talks on command now.

I watch all of the videos that are available. The club has given me a great insight into how to help keep my parrots healthy and happy.

Cheryl Sterner,

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