Energy 2 Green

by Tomas Haynes,

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Energy 2 Green is a DIY guide in e-book format that presents professional, step-by-step instructions on how to build your own solar or wind powered generation equipment. The manual guides you through building your own wind turbine and solar panels to help minimize your energy costs or eliminate your monthly electric bill.

Energy 2 Green details everything you need to know to setup your own functional windmill or solar panel. The manual is complete with detailed schematics and diagrams including precise measurements to ensure that this equipment is built for optimum performance. From where to find the materials for your solar panels or windmill to installation instructions on affixing these apparatuses into your home, Energy 2 Green covers it all. Moreover, you will learn how to properly maintain your solar panels or windmill through the detailed maintenance instructions included in the guidebook.

The diagrams and pictures provided by Tomas Haynes make the project easy to follow. In addition to the technicalities of alternative energy source equipment building, you will also find numerous tips related to saving energy, reducing electricity and gas use by 25% or more, and other invaluable information that make Energy 2 Green a great investment.

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I can't believe everyone isn't doing this!!
On-Site Review

I am 68 years old and living on a fixed income. Rising costs on just about everything from food and gas to my utilities were robbing me of having any money to spend on my grandchildren - something had to give or I was going to have to sell my house! An old buddy of mine from the army called me up one day and told me he built a couple of solar panels using this book and was now getting paid by the electric company each month - so I decided to give it a try. I know have built 3 solar panels for myself and sold almost a dozen to friends and family with the help of my grandchildren who love helping me make them - I can't believe everyone isn't doing this!!

Edward Kreps,
Winslow, AZ

it help us save $100 each month
On-Site Review

When work cut my hours, I honestly didn't know how I was going to make ends meet. When I first heard about this book from a friend at work, I didn't think it was for me. I can't start the lawnmower half the time so I didn't think I could possibly build a solar panel or windmill, but I had to cut costs somehow or risk me and my 2 small children becoming homeless! Using the stimulus check this summer, I decided to take a chance and believe it or not, me and my 12-year old son built a windmill! Not only did it help us save $100 each month, the electric company is now sending us a check each month! No, I'm not getting rich but at least I'm not worrying about that electric bill every month and my kids have a mom who is really doing something to help save the planet for them and their children! Believe me, if me and my 12-year old son can do it, anyone can!! Let's all save the planet together and stop paying those greedy people at the electric company once and for all!!

Beth Kaminski,
Sweet Water, TX

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