Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free

by Tim Allardyce, www.exercisesforshoulderpain.com

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If you suffer from constant shoulder pain, you don't have to worry about taking painkillers that can be harmful to your body or paying hundreds of dollars for doctor visits. Instead, you can learn how to get rid of your pain naturally with Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free, an e-book written by physical therapist Tim Allardyce. All you have to do is spend 15 minutes a day doing the simple exercises described in this book and in several days, you'll experience significant relief.

The easy-to-follow exercise plan that Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free offers will help you get rid of your pain, weakness, popping and stiffness in your shoulders. Plus, you'll learn how to prevent future injuries and pain from occurring in the future. You'll learn simple tricks that professional therapists know that you can use at home to get instant relief. At the same time, you can follow the entire treatment regimen to get rid of your pain for good.

Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free includes 43 exercises that focus on different stages of shoulder recovery. No matter how bad your pain is, this e-book will make it go away!

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The most practical way to cure shoulder pain
Grenda Heimos (from Brewer, USA) posted this review on May 3, 2014

My shoulder pain started a few months ago after I forced myself to carry some groceries in one trip. My husband was away golfing so I had to do everything by myself. The morning after, the pain was horrible. I went to see the doctor to get it checked, but I was given only some pain meds and some exercises to do at home to get rid of the pain. After about a week of doing the exercises, I got impatient and decided to take the matter in my own hands. After some research on the internet, I found a lot of positive reviews about this program, and so I used it, and it’s amazing! In just a few days, I already felt the changes. It’s like I was thrown into a boot camp for blasting shoulder pain. It was great. Another thing that I liked so much about this is that it’s very simple. You just have to spend a few minutes a day for it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re looking for the easiest, cheapest, and most practical way to get rid of shoulder pain, this is something that I’d highly recommend. There’s nothing better than learning natural treatments and cures for different ailments because you can, of course, use the cures over and over again.

I'm so lucky to have found this!
posted this review on March 16, 2014

Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free is a really easy to follow technique for shoulder exercise. I’ve been exercising my shoulder this way for 2 years now, everytime I’d feel slight shoulder pain. Another thing that I like most about Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free is that there are so many tips and tricks for shoulder pain prevention. I follow most of them because for some reason, my shoulders are prone to so much pain. I was suffering from too much shoulder pain when I found this, and I’m really happy to have found this excellent product.

This worked so well!
posted this review on July 4, 2013

I’ve been having shoulder pain for almost 3 years. My doctor kept telling me that it’s just stress, and that I should just unwind a bit, get fresh air from time to time. When I got pretty sure that it wasn’t just stress, I got Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free, and it worked so well!

I was right about trying out these exercises
posted this review on May 31, 2013

I’ve always been an active guy when I was younger, but when I got old, I embraced my age, and preferred to sit in front of the television than to run on the treadmill I bought to help my wife lose postpartum weight. It gathered dust and rust and went straight to the junkshop in a few years. When I started feeling the pain in my shoulders, I thought immediately about exercising again, but my doctor said it’s not a good idea since I also suffer from high blood pressure. My instinct told me that a little physical activity will help, and so I got Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free. I did the exercises with my wife everyday. They’re really easy, nowhere near the exercises I used to do when I was younger, but it’s a good start. The shoulder pain was gone in less than 2 weeks. It’s not an overnight cure, but it worked great gradually. They didn’t just get rid of the shoulder pain, they also improved my energy level. They really make me feel a lot younger. I’ll continue doing them until my doctor tells me that it’s safe to do more complicated exercises.

You'll be able to do a full range of motion again in weeks
posted this review on March 31, 2013

I’ve had this shoulder pain for 3 years. It all started with a baseball game I had with the kids. After that game, the dull pain started. When I move it the wrong way, I feel like my shoulder bones were piercing my muscles. I just learned to live without being able to do a full range of motion with my shoulder. It was my left shoulder that took the impact. I was just randomly surfing the net when I saw this ad about exercises that fix the shoulder. Since the book was cheap, I gave it a shot. I did the exercises regularly, although they were painful at first. I just had to endure the pain until it went away. My left shoulder is perfectly fine now. I can use it for different activities again. In fact, I can play baseball again. These are all just exercises. You won’t have to visit a therapist anymore because you will already see results in a few weeks.

The exercises are very easy and effective
posted this review on September 21, 2012

My dad’s into gardening, and it causes strain on his arms and shoulders all the time, so once when he complained about a persistent pain on his left shoulder, I got him this and made him do the exercises. He’s old and quite stubborn, so I know it will be a pain to convince him to go to a therapist every week or every month, so I left him a printout of this book, and told him to do the exercises whenever he can. He said they worked great for him and that he just does the exercises in the morning when he gets up and that’s it. I’m really happy that his condition improved so quickly with the help of this resource. Before you go to a therapist, I suggest trying this out. If it worked for my 64 year old dad, I’m sure it will work for younger people too.


I feel relieved after one hour.

This book is very nice, it gives so much advice, valuable and effective. I just used one technique, and my pain is almost gone, in one hour. I still can;t believe it. I certainly will keep reading and doing the exercises to cure my shoulder completely.

Mary Steel,

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