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Discover how to squeeze out huge profits from your list with the help of Ezine ANTI Marketing by Content Marketing Made Easy. This website was especially created to provide people like you with topnotch Internet marketing resources. In Ezine ANTI Marketing, you will learn the complete step-by-step instructions on how to double your income from your list each year. The techniques work for any list size, and for any Internet marketing level. Even if you’re a total beginner, Ezine ANTI Marketing will be able to provide you with the most effective list monetization techniques.

Ezine ANTI Marketing has 6 core topics that will give you the basic idea on how to turn this system into a moneymaking machine. These topics are The REAL Secrets Behind Small Ezine Lists, High Speed POWER List Building, The LOST Teachings of Responsive List Building, Irresistibly Convert Subscribers to Customers, How To Identify MOST Profitable Sub-lists, and How To APPLY Ezine ANTI Marketing Strategy To Mass Audiences & Guarantee Repeat Sales. All of the ideas in the guide came from the author’s decade worth of experience in ezine marketing. This covers everything he learned from trial and error and research.

Whether you are a newbie Internet entrepreneur, or you are simply looking for new ways to monetize your existing lists, Ezine ANTI Marketing will surely serve a complete ezine marketing plan for you on a silver platter.

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Everyone should read and absorb this!
On-Site Review

EVERYONE who is marketing ANYTHING on the Internet needs to read, absorb and PRACTICE these strategies!

If I could only afford to buy 2 or 3 books in my LIFETIME, your Ezine ANTI Marketing would be one of them


Because I KNOW that if I had to start all over again and build my business from scratch with only a computer and Internet access I would be able to start actually generating PROFITS within a few days using your Ezine ANTI Marketing strategies...that's how important your strategies are.

Dave Vallieres

This reveals the truth!
On-Site Review

Ezine ANTI Marketing is the canvas...and Dr. Mani is the Picasso!

While others spout on and on issuing misinformation about listbuilding and relationship marketing, Dr. Mani reveals the TRUTH about everything it takes to make incredible longterm profits with a small list.

Marc Goldman

A powerful resource
On-Site Review

I think ANY ezine publisher would benefit from reading Ezine Anti Marketing"

This is quite literally the book I was going to write next. Now that you have done it, and done it so very well, there is no need for me to write what you have already covered so beautifully.

The bottom line is this. You have created a powerful resource that will help anyone with any size mailing list make more profit in less time.

Charlie Page

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