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Face Fitness Formula is a step-by-step program for increasing facial firmness and strengthening the facial muscles. It can help you take years off your face, lose chubby cheeks or double chin, and define your cheekbones and jawline.

This 4 weeks program contains the Face Fitness Formula guide, 40 exercise videos, each targeted at specific problem area, dietary guidelines for losing face fat, and easy to follow daily eating plans.

Let's see how the 4 weeks Face Fitness Formula plan looks like:

  • Week 1: Detoxification

Within the first week you will cleanse your body with the help of a special detoxifying diet and perform exercises for relieving face muscles tension.

  • Week 2: Revitalization

During this week, you will follow a special revitalizing eating plan. The exercises will be targeted at jaw line and double chin and will help you improve facial contours and gain more definition.

  • Week 3: Strengthening

You will eat according to a high-protein and complex-carbohydrate diet. The exercises will be focused on your cheeks and on gaining muscle strength.

  • Week 4: Firming

Moderate amount of protein will help you rejuvenate facial skin. You will perform exercises for strengthening all facial muscle groups and work on toning and firming your face.

All in all, the Face Fitness Formula is a comprehensive package for sculpting your face. It relies on all-natural methods with the emphasis on the right diet for losing face fat and exercises for strengthening the face muscles. If you are looking for an affordable and safe solution for redefining your face, you might want to give the Face Fitness Formula a try.

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This is promising...
Bea Fowler (from Lagrange, usa) posted this review on September 25, 2013

I haven’t gotten through the detox part yet, but I’m already liking this program. I got puffy cheeks now because I’ve just given birth 3 months ago. I think the detox program helped flush out excess fluids in my face. I’ve never had a sculpted face before so I’m excited to see how I will look. My face has already had more definition since I got started with the detox plan. This seems really promising.

I'm seeing more definition now!
posted this review on August 28, 2013

I’m so happy that I now have a chance to lose the baby fat that I’ve had on my face for years. I tried this just 2 weeks ago, and right now, I’m already seeing some definition along my jawline, and my cheekbones have also become more prominent. I’m obsessing over this! I do the routine thrice a day. I know it’s crazy! It’s just that I’ve always wanted to have a more womanly face, and this is my big chance. This is the only one that really worked! I’ve tried another before, which is the radio frequency thing, that didn’t help much after three expensive sessions, but this virtually free facial definition program is the real thing!

The effect varies from person to person
posted this review on May 27, 2013

The effectiveness of the program varies from person to person. I found out about this program from a colleague who used to have large cheeks. I saw that her face looked more sculpted, but her body looked the same, so I asked her about what she’s doing. I’ve got the same problem, and I’ve been called a chipmunk many times in the past. I really thought surgery’s the only way to get rid of the nasty lump I got on my cheeks. I remember joking before that if there’s only a workout program for the cheeks, I’d try it, and her it is now. Back to my original story, my friend said she lost much of the fat by the first month. The result was really fast on her. When I tried the same program (Face Fitness Formula), it took me two months to see some results. I think it really depends on the person. My colleague’s cheekbones are really Angelina Jolie visible now, but mine’s got just a little bit of bump right there, and my cheeks have sunk a bit, but no obvious holy-cow-is-that-you effects yet.

It's facelift without surgery
Florence Rigg (from Isabel, USA) posted this review on May 25, 2013

This is a good idea if you have large cheeks, double chin, or saggy facial skin. I had all three of them last year, but with patience and determination, my face looks better now. It’s like getting a natural facelift. I look in the mirror now, and I’m very pleased with what I see. It’s worth all the face twisting and neck busting exercises I had to do while on the program. I’m doing only maintenance now twice a week for a few minutes, but when I was starting with the program, I did it for 30 minutes a day. The first part, which is the detox diet is probably the most challenging part of the program because you will have to embrace some diet changes for quite some time. But the effects go beyond facial reconstruction. I really felt refreshed after the detox program. The next part is when the exercises start. There’s a certain kind of diet for each part of the program, but I didn’t take em seriously. I just made sure I do all the exercises in the guide. Once you get past the first two stages, it should be easy. You should expect results after the 2nd stage of the program.

I'm already in my 50s, but this still worked for me
posted this review on May 19, 2013

Face Fitness Formula targets different facial problems from wrinkles to excess fat. There’s no limit to what Face Fitness can do for you if you give it enough time. I suffer from wrinkles and puffiness due to weight gain, Face Fitness Formula got rid of both of those problems. It took me more than 4 weeks actually, although the program is supposed to run for just 4 weeks. My case is probably more severe than others because I’m already in my 50s. If you have milder problems less than a month is enough to see results. Good luck on looking 10x prettier!

A workout and toning program for the face
posted this review on May 6, 2013

I really thought my cheekbones were non-existent, but after 2 months on Face Fitness Fomula, they’ve started to show. I got a really round face before, and I had to use a ton of bronzer to add dimension to it, but not anymore. It’s pleasantly cheeky now, but with a hint of cheekbone. I feel 10x prettier. If you read the sales page you’ll see how it makes sense. The face is made up of both fat and muscles, just like the body, so if you can tone your body why not your face? This just feels a bit weird when you’re getting started, and there was a time when I think I did some of the exercises wrong and my jaw really hurt. It’s like a workout program for the face. Other than those mishaps from my stupidity, I didn’t have any problems with the program.

My round face has some corners now
posted this review on April 28, 2013

I have a round face with no traces of cheekbones at all. It was fine when I was thinner, but when I gained weight, I looked like a pumpkin. My husband called me that thinking it was sweet but it really hurt my feelings. I got into Face Fitness Formula January this year. The first month, I already noticed some thinning around my cheek area and my jaws. My cheekbones were still hardly prominent, but my smoothly round face was starting to show some corners. It’s almost my 5th month now and I’d say I’m pretty happy with the results I got. My cheekbones are visible now, and my fat cheeks have sunk a bit. The extra flesh I had on my chin is gone too. It’s not as quick as the guide claims, but still pretty fast considering that there’s no abrasive procedure involved.

Results are already visible after a month
Samantha Elhard (from Iota, USA) posted this review on March 10, 2013

I first saw perfectcheekbones.com in a forum. It was a weight loss forum, if I remember correctly. A lot of women are commending it for doing great work on their faces. My husband kept telling me not to believe testimonials, saying they might be made up, and that it’s so easy to make a forum account and to post positive reviews. I was desperate for a way to get rid of my chubby cheeks, so I didn’t listen to him. He laughed at me when he first saw me doing some of the facial exercises. I wanted to strangle him. 2 weeks after I started doing the exercises. My sister visited me and asked me if I was losing weight. My skirts told me otherwise, so I said no. Another 2 weeks passed and my husband began accepting his defeat. He said my cheeks looked more sculpted and a lot sexier. My double chin also became more subtle. Yep, it was horrible before. All in all, if you don’t mind looking like a retard your first few days of doing the facial exercises, this will be the safest and cheapest way to see your cheekbones.

For a more sculpted face and firmer skin
Jean Pressner (from Waretown, USA) posted this review on February 18, 2013

I used the techniques in Face Fitness Formula to firm up my face after losing weight. I lost a lot of weight because I crash dieted. I looked like an old lady and my facial skin was so loose. I couldn’t even wear makeup because it goes uneven on my skin. It’s really like getting a facelift without surgery. The facial exercises are very easy and you only need to them for a few minutes everyday.  The results are amazing! My face looks better now than it used to before I turned fat. My face is more sculpted and my skin has become a lot tighter. I am still doing the exercises because I’m aiming for more defined cheekbones. This is highly recommended for everyone who lost weight rapidly and for those who have some excess facial fat they want to remove. It can also help tighten skin if you’re already seeing some signs of aging on your forehead and temples and the sides og your mouth.

This is perfect if you're going for a ladylike face
posted this review on February 1, 2013

My face was large and round before I found this. My cheekbones were almost non-existent. It kinda looked cute, but when I grew older I wanted to have a more ladylike face. I’ve already accepted the fact that my bone structure is naturally large so my face is larger than what would be the perfect face, but my facial features are good enough. It’s just my large cheeks that ruin everything. Face Fitness Formula helped me sculpt my face to a more acceptable shape. It’s no perfect, but it’s awesome having this kind of face doing only the simple exercises and techniques in this book. It’s not an instant thing, but the results are better than what you will get from spa treatments, and this one is free too. Unless you go for extreme methods like having a plastic surgeon slice a chunk of your face out, then this should be the fastest and most effective way to get your cheekbones to show up a little. If you have a beautiful bone structure hidden in a layer of fat, this is even beter. I noticed that unless you go on a crash diet, your cheeks will remain the same as you lose weight, so this will be the healthy way to get your face thinner I you’re going for healthy weight loss like I did.

Really effective and easy to follow... impressive
Hazel Feines (from Toivola, USA) posted this review on December 8, 2012

This is a very effective facial firming program. My facial skin began to sag a few years back when I lost a lot of weight. There’s always workout for the body, but no program in the gym could tone my face. It really became an insecurity because I felt like I looked like a bulldog. Good thing I found Face Fitness Formula. It’s a complete rejuvenation system for the face, and it really tightened up my facial skin. My face looks slimmer now, and my features are accentuated. I thank John Socratous (whoever he is) for coming up with such an effective and easy to follow material!

I'm looking better than ever
posted this review on October 26, 2012

After giving birth, I noticed that my cheeks have become puffy. My eyelids were puffy too, and I looked a bit swollen. I gave it a few months to subside, and it did, but not completely. I gained a bit of weight, but it’s not that alarming. It was just my face that bothered me. I tried doing aerobic exercises but they only turned my breasts and arms saggy, so I stopped them. My face remained swollen. I expected it to shrink before my body does because that was how I was before being a mom. My friend, who’s also a mom, told me that I probably need to detoxify my face. I was totally lost since I’ve never heard of face detoxification before. She told me to download this book and I did. In just the first 2 weeks of the program, I already started seeing my cheekbones and jaws peeking. I just continued the program, although the strengthening and firming parts are not that enjoyable for me. After 4 weeks into the program, my face has visibly become more defined. It looks even better than before I gave birth now.

The diet and exercise programs here are unique
posted this review on August 11, 2012

Before actually using this, I also thought that it’s just a regular weight loss book since I didn’t know that there are exercises and diets that actually target the face. I went ahead and purchased it anyway, since I could use a bit of weight loss, and it has a detox program too, so it would be hitting two birds with one stone. To my surprise, it did wonders for my face. It’s like my face shrunk faster than the rest of my body because of the diet and detox, and the exercises really did a lot to firm it. I still have some work to do in sculpting my cheekbones, but in general I  think it’s effective. You have to be disciplined though and stick to the diet and exercise program, if you don’t it’s worthless.

My face looks sexier now!
posted this review on July 5, 2012

I’ve been doing the exercises here for about 3 months now, and I can say the improvement is great. I am no fat, in fact I’m a size 5, but I got that ugly double chin that doesn’t suit my face. I was told I can go ahead and have radio frequency treatments to remove them, but I do not feel like spending a lot of money from them and having something artificial done to my face. When I saw this book, I thought I’d give it a try. My double chin is really terrible, it’s like having an extra flap of skin right there, so I went ahead and bought the book.

About a month into the program, I thought about giving up. I was seeing results, but very slight ones. However, when I saw a friend I haven’t seen in a while, she told me that I look more beautiful, and that got me motivated. I’m really thankful because now I’m enjoying my new face with very little extra fat around my face and chin. I’m continuing the program until I get the definition that I want. I’ve recommended it to a lot of friends, and I’ll be happy to recommend it to anyone with facial problems.

Doesn't work
posted this review on May 20, 2012

This is just a general weight loss guide - beacause the best way to lose a double chin is just to lose weight.

And facial exercises - what a joke


Remarkable change

I am 54 and started doing the exercises about two weeks ago and the change in me is remarkable.

I am starting to get back my youthful face with high cheekbones and square jaw and the best news of all is that my sagging under chin had a slight hanging and now it is tight and completely disappeared. This is the only face lift one should invest time and energy and it is so easy to do.


Improvement in my face

After following it very specifically for forty-five days, I can truly see an improved difference in my face. The few tweaks and additions made to my lifestyle habits now won't be a problem for me to maintain either.

William Goldsborough,

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