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by Ade Adeyemi Coles, www.facialgymnastics.com

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The Facial Gymnastics program can help you reduce wrinkles, give your face more definition, eliminate double chin or bags under your eyes, and more.

Facial Gymnastics is basically an advanced form of facial exercises. These exercises target and strengthen the facial muscles and tissues, which are responsible for the signs of aging. The program also promotes rejuvenation of skin cells, making your skin look more radiant and healthy every day.

Facial Gymnastics program requires that you go through the exercise routine every day for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day. If you follow the program correctly, you can expect to see great results within a couple of weeks.

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Amazing facial exercises that work
posted this review on October 13, 2014

Facial Gymnastics helps me get rid of wrinkles through regular facial exercises. I have been doing these exercises for 2 years now, and they’ve been amazing! I have made most of the creases on my face shallower. I’ve had these wrinkles since I was in my 30s because I was into sunbathing and tanning when I was in my 20s. With Facial Gmnastics, I was able to repair my facial skin. I thought it wasn’t possible, and a month into the program, I almost gave up. But then I just kept doing it until it became more like a habit for me, and I didn’t want to stop anymore. Now I’ve been doing it for 2 years, and in my 40s, I look younger than I used to when I was in my 30s. I’m so happy that I found this. Just give it a chance. It might take time, but the results are priceless. I believe you won’t get the same results from any other program.

I look more like a grown woman now
posted this review on December 8, 2013

I don’t look like a 6th grader anymore. I used to have fat cheeks that made me look like a child. I looked terrible. This helped me get my cheeks a bit thinner in just 3 months. It’s a workout program for the face so you should expect that it’ll take time. It depends on what you want to do. I think it works faster for fine lines. That’s not my problem so I have no way of knowing for sure but judging from what I read in the book, that’s how it works.

Perfect for fine lines all over the face
posted this review on December 8, 2013

I’ve got premature wrinkling all over my face. I think it runs in the blood because I remember my mom complaining about wrinkles when I was young. She was about my age then. This guide is about facial exercises you can do to smoothen your face out. I believe that prevention is better than cure so I do these everyday. I’m not sure yet how it works for erasing real wrinkles and sculpting the face but it’s perfect for shallow lines like crow’s feet and smile lines. I also think this does well for preventing future lines. If I can delay my aging by 5-10 years using this method, I won’t mind looking stupid doing these facial exercises every single day.

This helped chisel out my cheekbones
posted this review on October 28, 2013

Facial Gymnastics is great because it’s helped me chisel out my cheekbones. It took about a month to see results. I didn’t lose weight because my body is alright. I just wanted more defined cheeks and jaws and that’s what Facial Gymnastics gave me.

I can now skip my contouring routine
posted this review on September 25, 2013

My husband and I were laughing hysterically the first time I tried some of the facial exercises here. It was really hilarious. I kept doing the exercises for about 3 weeks, and by the 3rd week, my cheekbones started looking more defined. I know because I wear a lot of makeup, and when I tried doing the usual contouring that I do to make my cheekbones pop, it was too much. I had to go easy on the contouring because my face was becoming more defined. By the 2nd month, the change was so obvious that my friends thought I lost so much weight. I know that I didn’t lose weight. It was just Facial Gymnastics’ work. Happy with the results, and this is highly recommended.

The skin around my face has definitely tightened
posted this review on May 13, 2013

Facial Gymnastics is excellent! I used to have wrinkles around my eyes and my mouth but with Facial Gymnastics, my face has already tightened. I also noticed that my cheekbones are a lot more visible now. I look so much younger than I did 5 years ago!

It takes months, but the results are gorgeous!
posted this review on March 25, 2013

My friend and I both use facial gymnastics, and it has made a difference for both of our faces. My friend’s primary problem is her double chin, while my problem is my lack of cheekbones. We both love makeup and we both have makeup blogs, so we are so vain when it comes to our faces. It’s difficult to apply makeup on my face, and I always end up looking like a kid even with makeup on because I don’t have cheekbones. My cheeks are round and it looks like I’ve swallowed bagels and hid them in there. My friend’s double chin on the other hand limits the angles that work for her in photos. We both gave Facial Gymnastics a chance, and worked on it for like 2 months for me and over 3 months for her because she got this first. Her double chin is now completely fixed and my cheeks are getting there. It’s amazing when we look at our pictures and see the difference. We really look more like grownup women now and twice more gorgeous. I’m really happy that Facial Gymnastics is here.

Takes some patience, but it's ok
posted this review on March 17, 2013

I’ve terribly large cheeks and a double chin, and I thought I’d never be able to get rid of them. With the help of Facial Gymnastics, I learned how to make my face look tighter and more matured. My cheekbones are starting to show up now. I used to look like a 5th grader, but now I look more ladylike. I also don’t have to worry about pictures anymore because I look better in more angles. Another good effect I got from Facial Gymnastics is my skin seemed to have straightened out a little bit. My crow feet lines near my eyes and my mouth are less noticeable now. I got dry skin that’s prone to wrinkling, and this was heaven sent. The only thing I didn’t like about this is that it takes some time before you will see results. You need to give it maybe 2 months before you will see your cheekbones, especially if you have large cheeks. It’s easier to get rid of the double chin, mine was gone in 1 month.

This worked for me in about 3 weeks
posted this review on March 3, 2013

I guess this works because I used to have double chin. I was fat before and then lost a little weight and developed that extra flap of skin under my chin that looks like another chin. It’s really bad especially in pictures. Facial Gymnastics is quite simple. You just have to do the exercises to see results. It may feel silly at first, but when you start seeing results I’m sure you’ll be more than happy doing the exercises.

You have to be really patient to see results
posted this review on February 24, 2013

I like the effects this has on me, but I don’t like how long it took me to get them and the effort I have to go through. There’s a lot of work you should exert to get the kind of facial firmness and structure you want. I’m a very patient person so I was able to wait until I saw results, but some people may not be as patient as me, and in that case I’m sure this will be a waste of money. My face has become firmer, tighter, and more sculpted but that’s after 2 months of use. That may be a good thing or a bad thing for you.

The exercises are the only ones that worked for me
Rox Soliva (from Trumbull, USA) posted this review on September 23, 2012

This isn’t that easy, but it’s non-abrasive and it works. I’ve been going to the spa to get my radio frequency treatment done for my sagging facial skin, but aside from being expensive, it shows very very little improvement after several sessions. I finally gave up on it on my 20th session. I’ve thrown away so much money for that! The next thing I tried are creams from the dermatologist. She said the creams are gonna renew my dead skin cells which over time, will lift my face and give it more definition. I massaged it on my face day and night for 2 months, but saw no results at all! These facial exercises seemed silly at first, but I kept doing them because my facial sagging has aggravated. The first two weeks I saw little results, so I decided to keep going. 4 months after, a lot of people started commenting on how much younger I look. Trust me, after so many years of trying out different ways to combat sagging skin, it was the first time I started hearing compliments about my skin again! Now, I think I look 5 years younger than my real age and I can live with that. I still do the exercises from time to time for maintenance.

Got rid of my double chin in months
Lira Galvan (from Corpus Christi, USA) posted this review on August 19, 2012

My primary problem before was my double chin. I’ve never been fat, but I’ve always had two chins, and I was desperate for a way to get rid of my extra chin. It’s just so unsexy to have that! Glad I found this guide. I did everything stated in here, and in a few months, I got a perfectly shaped, sexy face without the extra fold of fat flapping in there. Easy to follow and super effective exercises!

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