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by JT Tran
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Text to Sex Online Training Program is a seduction system that allows you to get women in bed without even speaking to them. This program was created by “The Asian Playboy,” JT Tran. It features digital videos that you can watch online....
by Michael Webb
(7 votes)
Relationship expert and best-selling author Michael Webb compiles all his powerful e-books on relationships and love into The Relationship Collection. With this collection, couples will discover the magic formula for a happy, blissful and romantic...
by Justin Wayne Dating
(7 votes)
Seducing hot women doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re bald, obese, or plainly unattractive, Justin Wayne Dating’s Step-By-Step Seduction can help you attract all the women you want. You won’t have to settle for...
by Damian Campbell
(4 votes)
Survive Anything Course is an eBook written to guide you through any kind of disaster, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, wars, floods, and terrorist attacks. It is meant to help you keep your family alive during tough times, even if you have no proper...
by Damian Campbell
(5 votes)
Water is a necessity. We simply cannot live without water. But given today's environmental and economic situation, water crisis is not just imminent…it's actually happening now not just in the United States, but in different parts of...
by Michael Webb
(2 votes)
Inside the Romantic's guide to popping the question, you will find proposal stories, tips and ideas that will help you make your proposal an unforgettable, romantic experience. The guide contains all sorts of proposal stories, from inexpensive...
by Edward Talurdey
(6 votes)
‘How To Catch Your Cheating Lover' by Edward Talurdey is a do-it-yourself guide for finding out if your partner has been cheating on you. Inside, you'll learn a lot of different tricks, techniques and tactics that you can put to use...
(7 votes)
How To Pick Up Women On The Dance Floor is a practical guide that will help you attract and kiss any woman on the dance floor without even talking to her and without even knowing how to dance! If you feel uncomfortable approaching and talking to...