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by Ashley Kay
(9 votes)
The Ex Recovery System is an e-book that proves there is a foolproof way to get your ex-partner back in your life. Your ex will be begging and pleading to get you back! Author Ashley Kay experienced a difficult breakup that led her to study the...
by Brad P.
(5 votes)
Planning The Perfect Date is an e-book that will teach you how to make your dates with women super-successful. You'll learn from one of the best pickup artists in the world, Brad P. Planning The Perfect Date will teach you what to say and what...
by Nicola Fourie & Largo Brink
(3 votes)
Fun Kids Crafts is an e-book written by friends Nicola Fourie and Largo Brink - both moms who love to spend quality time with their children by doing amusing and creative things. The crafts and art projects in Fun Kids Crafts will have positive...
by Cynthia Perkins
(5 votes)
The Lovemaking Smorgasbord is an e-book that will teach you various techniques you can use to spice up your sex life and maintain a loving, long-lasting relationship with your partner. Thanks to this e-book, you'll start experiencing more passionate...
by Mike Fiore
(23 votes)
Oral Fixation: Why She Hates Giving You Head And How To Get Her To Love It is a system by Mike Fiore that shows you the simple secrets of turning your wife, girlfriend, or other woman into a blow job lover. If you're a guy who wants to become a...
by Al Link and Pala Copeland
(7 votes)
Sexual Mastery will show you how you can develop your sexuality and experience sex in a whole new and wonderful way. It's a collection of 6 books that are the result of years of research on male and female sexual chemistry, intimacy and spirituality...
by Rob Judge and Zack Bauer
(5 votes)
The 4 Elements of Game is an e-book that will teach you how to you can attract and date the women you've always fantasized about. Unlike other guides on dating and seduction, Rob Judge and Zack Bauer's e-book doesn't teach you how to change...
(12 votes)
Kama Sutra is widely known as an ancient Indian Hindu literary work on human sexual behavior. It is considered a mythical and famous guide on the art of making love. In the past years, different materials, such as magazines and videos have described...