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by Andrew Ostman
(3 votes)
Whether you're looking for a life partner or just casual sex, Astrology Seduction Secrets Revealed will help you attract the person you're looking for. This e-book contains the tips, tricks and secrets of an astrologer who's an expert on using...
by Diana Farrell
(21 votes)
Are you having a hard time getting pregnant despite trying different methods, including standard IVF? Let women's health researcher and former infertility sufferer Diana Farrell show you how to have a successful conception and pregnancy with IVF in...
by Michael Fiore
(11 votes)
Is your husband or boyfriend not as sweet or romantic as you want him to be? Discover how a simple text message can wake up the "secret romantic" in him in Text The Romance Back by Michael Fiore. With this step-by-step program, you can...
by Joshua Pellicer
(17 votes)
The Tao Of Badass is a 150-page e-book written by professional dating coach Joshua Pellicer. If you think that you're just an "adorable loser" and you want to become a badass at meeting and attracting women, then this e-book is perfect for...
by Giuseppe Notte
(10 votes)
Learn how your attitude can help you attract, date and seduce beautiful women in Giuseppe Notte's All About Women: The Encyclopedia of Seduction. Even if you're not handsome or rich, you can be successful with women once you discover the author's...
by Mimi Tanner
(16 votes)
Secrets of Flirting With Men will show you how to get and keep the attention of a man you like. The author is a well-known relationship author Mimi Tanner. In this course, she reveals effective flirting techniques that fit just about any information...
by Action Jackson
(4 votes)
If you think you're an "average Joe" and would like to have more luck with the ladies using MySpace, there's a new tool at your disposal. It's an e-book called The Matchbook Method: Complete Message To Meet Handbook. With this book, you'll...
by Farouk Radwan
(34 votes)
How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You is an e-book written by motivational trainer and NLP/hypnosis practitioner Farouk Radwan. The author's main goal for writing this e-book is to help couples restore or strengthen their love, but it can also...