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by Jason Collins
(18 votes)
Imagine if you can turn the table on your boyfriend who just dumped you. Now, you can make it really happen. Seduce Your Ex will serve as your step-by-step plan in getting your ex back for good. This system is authored by Jason Collins, a...
by Lois Gable
(18 votes)
Lois Gable is the author of a comprehensive dating guide that every woman should have as a guide for becoming more confident and self-assured around men. How To Become a Bitch: A Guide for Beginners is a book based on her own experience...
by Michael Webb
(8 votes)
In Getting Him Back, the renowned relationship counselor, Michael Webb, brings you proven strategy that will help you reunite with your man in 3 simple steps. This 40-page ebook will show you, which mistakes you need to avoid, and what exactly to...
by Shannon Miller
(9 votes)
Stop Bedwetting Today is an e-book that reveals a breakthrough solution to the serious problem of bedwetting. The author, Shannon Miller, stumbled upon the method while trying to cure her young son of the problem. Stop Bedwetting Today gives you...
by L. Rx
(5 votes)
Dating to Relating is an e-book that will show you how to attract women and build long-term relationships with them by using communication skills. Author L. Rx says there are many products on the market that will show you how to meet, attract and...
by Adam Gilad
(5 votes)
Discover how you can attract high quality women online quickly and easily through 7 Secrets To Building Deep Attraction Online. This 60-minute, information-packed DVD by Adam Gilad will teach you a tested and proven system for creating deep...
by Stephanie Shields
(5 votes)
Affair Detector covers step-by-step tactics for discovering whether your partner is cheating or not. In this simple e-book, you'll learn where and how to look for evidence of an affair. Here's a short preview what you'll find in the...
by Complete Investigation Services
(5 votes)
Instant Marriage Records Search is an online database of marriage records from all across the United States. By subscribing to Instant Marriage Records Search, you can find out names and ages of the bride and groom and the details of their marriage...