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Amour is an online dating community for transgendered, transsexual, and transvestite individuals. It offers hands-on introduction service to transgendered, transsexual, and transvestite gurls and their possible admirers. Unlike other dating websites...
by Christopher Phillip and Jon Chandler
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Reading Her Body: Sex Signals Decoded is a complete resource for learning how to read women’s body language. Authors Christopher Phillip & Jon Chandler reveal that the top reason why men do not get dates is because they are hitting on...
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Simple Seducer is a guide that can teach any man, regardless of age, appearance and income, how to pick up any woman he wants. This is a complete road map to successful seduction that covers every possible situation you may encounter and teaches you...
by Steven Lin
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Advanced Asian: Dating Advancement For Asian Men is an e-book written by Steven Lin. In this dating and relationship e-book, the author shares with other Asian men his secrets and tips, as well as the techniques he used to change his dating life for...
by Robert Irwin
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Sexual Skills For The Christian Husband has already helped thousands of Christian couples improve their marriage and sex life. The book reveals step-by-step lovemaking techniques that will help you bring the passion into your life. The information...
by Martin Hurley
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Australian Martin Hurley reveals the magic he has found in Thailand and his wonderful experiences with beautiful Thai women in his e-book, Your Thai Girl. This e-book is an insider's guide to meeting, understanding, and enjoying relationships with...
by David Kwan & Simon Heong
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Friend to Girlfriend Secrets - The Ultimate Guide To Turning A "Friend" Into A "Lover" - is just that. It reveals a simple blueprint for ‘converting' your friend into a girlfriend. It was written by David Kwan and Simon...
by Chris Simeral
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A wedding is one of the most special and memorable events a person can experience in life. One of the most eagerly anticipated parts of a wedding ceremony is the exchange of wedding vows. This moment can be even more memorable if the couple...