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by Peter Finch
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More and more Americans are falling in love with the beauty of Ukrainian women. These lovely ladies make expatriates hold on to their country for as long as they can. If you are considering a serious relationship with a Ukrainian lady, you will...
by Kayla Fay
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In The PAC-Kit, you'll get a Planner Agenda Calendar, which is a downloadable document designed specifically for kids to help them become more organized both at school and at home. Kayla Fay, the developer of this package, is the mother of 4 sons....
by Shelley McMurtry
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Dating sites and online ads have become popular over the past several years. If you are a man looking to meet an attractive, well-rounded, and educated woman, you can now use dating sites to try your luck. But with the increasing number of dating...
by Tom Haibeck
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Wedding Toasts Made Easy is a comprehensive guide on researching, writing and delivering wedding toasts. It contains tips for toasts given by the Best Main, Maid of Honor and other special guests. Wedding Toasts Made Easy provides you with a step-...
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Protect your rights and assets before marriage by drafting a prenuptial agreement or premarital contract. Prenuptial Agreement Form is a web site you can visit to access state-specific prenuptial agreement forms. You don't need to spend hundreds of...
by Jill Rilla
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Are you dreaming of having the best, most mind-blowing sex of your life? Don't you just wish that you could be the most smokin' hot and desirable woman your man has ever known? Do you want to satisfy your man and make your relationship last...
by Heather Havenwood
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If you’re a man in your 40s and above, and you want to date younger women, you need Dating Up: How to Date Younger Women by Heather Havenwood. Heather knows exactly what hot women like her want, and that’s what she shares in her guide....
by Brian Hendrick
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Make Your Ex Come Back is a life-changing book on getting back your lost lover. It has sneaky tactics on getting back your lost boyfriend. It was written by relationship coach and acclaimed author, Brian Hendrick. With this eBook, you will discover...