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by Laura Carter
(3 votes)
Are you a parent or a guardian seeking help for a problem teenager? Does his/her behavior driving you crazy? Don't you just wish you and your teen will have a happy and harmonious relationship? If you've answered 'yes' to those...
by Dean Brown
(4 votes)
For future bridegrooms looking for a quick, easy, and proven method of writing the perfect groom speech, A Good Speech - Bridegroom Speech is a must-have. This comprehensive system is the product of author and specialist wedding speech writer Dean...
by Jon Remington
(8 votes)
Having lasting erections is more important than having a large penis when it comes to pleasing women. However, there are a lot of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction without even knowing why. It is a serious concern that affects men’s...
by Pat Brill and Karen Fusco
(5 votes)
Are you thinking about starting your own women's group, but don't know how to take the first step? If so, Essentials For Starting A Women's Group by Pat Brill and Karen Fusco can be a great resource for you. This guide will provide you...
by Christine Taylor
(10 votes)
Christine Taylor's Saving Your Sexless Marriage is an e-book for couples experiencing sexless marriage. Regardless of how long you've been in a sexless marriage and even if you're the only one trying to fix it, this e-book can help you...
by Kajay Williams
(9 votes)
Bust a Cheating Partner, by Kajay Williams, is an eBook that is specially written to help you tell whether your partner is cheating or not, and help you gather evidence if they are, in fact, cheating. According to studies 1/2 of married men and 1/3...
by Stanley J. Leffew
(5 votes)
Do you notice your husband looking at other women anywhere you two go? Have you been wondering if he now finds you unattractive and that you need to be more beautiful so he can focus on you? Are you looking for a way to inspire your husband to have...
by Sean Bramwell
(7 votes)
Are you preparing for your marriage-based green card interview? Have you been researching and trying out different citizenship and immigration websites but you still don't have the comfort level and confidence that your interview will turn out...