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by Michael Johnson
(4 votes)
For ecstatic yet nervous grooms who want to learn the secrets for creating the perfect wedding speech, Wedding Speech Secrets: The Groom Speech is a perfect resource. This program, created by professional wedding speech writer Michael Johnson,...
by Christine Taylor
(10 votes)
Christine Taylor's Saving Your Sexless Marriage is an e-book for couples experiencing sexless marriage. Regardless of how long you've been in a sexless marriage and even if you're the only one trying to fix it, this e-book can help you...
by Kajay Williams
(9 votes)
Bust a Cheating Partner, by Kajay Williams, is an eBook that is specially written to help you tell whether your partner is cheating or not, and help you gather evidence if they are, in fact, cheating. According to studies 1/2 of married men and 1/3...
by Stanley J. Leffew
(5 votes)
Do you notice your husband looking at other women anywhere you two go? Have you been wondering if he now finds you unattractive and that you need to be more beautiful so he can focus on you? Are you looking for a way to inspire your husband to have...
by Janet Brownlee
(8 votes)
Sleepytime Secrets is a must-have resource for every parent, no matter how old your children are. It's a simple system you can use to establish a solid bedtime routine that will teach your children to go to bed without a big fuss. They'll be able to...
by Sam Reeves
(5 votes)
Chinese women have a certain kind of charm that is irresistible to most Western men. Their grace and femininity draws Western men, since these qualities are rare in Western women. However, the culture they live with make them secretive, and they...
by Dan Lee
(10 votes)
All marriages go through tough times at some point. However, there are instances when you need help to fix your marriage. No matter how long you and your spouse have been together, there are situations when you need to exert extra effort and do...
by Doug Dillard
(4 votes)
Homeschooling Guidebook by Doug Dillard provides you with all the information you need in being your child’s teacher. Doug and his wife have successfully home schooled their children, which gives him enough knowledge on the subject. According...