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by Dan Dennick
(7 votes)
Dan Dennick's Over Her Overnight program is a complete course that can help you get over your ex-girlfriend in as little as 7 days. It is composed of a 7-module audio and video course that deals with different aspects of moving on; the Over Her...
by Brad Jackson
(6 votes)
Women love mysterious men. That fact is also the reason why even the coldest women fall head over heels in love with bad boys. The secret behind this is that women like uncovering mysterious men layer by layer. If you want to create this illusion...
by Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis
(5 votes)
If you’re looking for a way to get a man crazily, passionately in-love with you, you’ve come to the right place. The "He's Not That Complicated" System by Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis is a complete course on making a man...
by Dean Brown
(3 votes)
Were you chosen by a relative or a friend to be his best man at his wedding? You think it's a great honor, but you have a problem…You don't know how to write and deliver a great and memorable best man speech. Well, even if you think...
by Complete Investigation Services
(4 votes) is a membership web site that gives you access to millions of records on deceased people in the United States. You can find a person's full name, date of birth, date of death, cause of death and much more. has...
by Dr. Richard Howard II
(9 votes)
For men who want to have a bigger and harder penis the safe and effective way, Your Penis Doctor can be a great resource. Created by Dr. Richard Howard II and his team of experienced penile enhancement experts, this revolutionary penis training...
by Brian Mills
(7 votes)
Do you feel free, comfortable, and safe? Do you have peace of mind? Do you feel like there's somebody (or something) watching your every move? Aside from disasters or natural calamities, terrorist attacks, crisis, did you know that there's...
by Mary Evans
(3 votes)
Colic is a common condition that occurs when babies cry inconsolably for more than three hours a day, even though there's no apparent cause. It can be distressing for the baby and the baby's caregiver. If your baby has colic, you and your little one...