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by Frank Bell
(8 votes)
You can never be too sure of the safety of your family. Even when in your “burglar-proof” home, there’s still a chance for you to get attacked or worse. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a martial artist to be able...
by Adam Blum
(7 votes)
Total Bully Solution is a multi-media course designed to teach and help parents or guardians with kids who are victims of bullying. In this comprehensive course, author and multi-system black belt Adam Blum, will show you the peaceful secret to stop...
by Gabrielle Moore
(9 votes)
Best-selling author and sex expert Gabrielle Moore reveals her secret methods for reigniting and revitalizing any couple's sex life in The Sex Starved Couple. If you are feeling sex-starved and you wish to put hot, sexy, wild sex back into your...
by Peter Finch
(7 votes)
More and more Americans are falling in love with the beauty of Ukrainian women. These lovely ladies make expatriates hold on to their country for as long as they can. If you are considering a serious relationship with a Ukrainian lady, you will...
by Robyn Collins and Wendy Nichols
(5 votes)
Bullying is a problem a lot of children face. Whether it's direct verbal taunting like name-calling, physical violence, such as slapping, being elbowed, and others, bullying can certainly make a child's life miserable. If you are a parent of...
by Heather Havenwood
(7 votes)
If you’re a man in your 40s and above, and you want to date younger women, you need Dating Up: How to Date Younger Women by Heather Havenwood. Heather knows exactly what hot women like her want, and that’s what she shares in her guide....
by Jacob Miller
(6 votes)
A lot of people spend big money on online dating sites, when in fact, they can use Facebook for all of their dating needs. Facebook has so many uses, and people log into the site for different purposes. Among the millions of Facebook subscribers all...
by Brad Jackson
(6 votes)
Women love mysterious men. That fact is also the reason why even the coldest women fall head over heels in love with bad boys. The secret behind this is that women like uncovering mysterious men layer by layer. If you want to create this illusion...