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by Tracy Roberts
(4 votes)
Holidays these days are not as sweet as they were when people were less busy making money, and coping with technology. It seems to have lost the magic it once had when life was not as difficult, and people were not as consumed by commercialism. If...
by Jonathan Green
(4 votes)
Are you single and wishing to get the woman you desired the most? Do you want to learn how to attract sexy hot girls even if you're not rich, handsome, or ripped? Jonathan Green can be your go-to guy when it comes to meeting, attracting, and...
by Kajay Williams
(9 votes)
Bust a Cheating Partner, by Kajay Williams, is an eBook that is specially written to help you tell whether your partner is cheating or not, and help you gather evidence if they are, in fact, cheating. According to studies 1/2 of married men and 1/3...
by Crid Lee
(11 votes)
Are you suffering from premature ejaculation (PE)? Do you want to learn how to eliminate PE for good so you can last longer in bed and have a better sex life? Crid Lee has the solution for you in the form of The Magic Of Lasting Longer. This book...
by Dean Brown
(3 votes)
Were you chosen by a relative or a friend to be his best man at his wedding? You think it's a great honor, but you have a problem…You don't know how to write and deliver a great and memorable best man speech. Well, even if you think...
by Doug Dillard
(4 votes)
Homeschooling Guidebook by Doug Dillard provides you with all the information you need in being your child’s teacher. Doug and his wife have successfully home schooled their children, which gives him enough knowledge on the subject. According...
by Laura Carter
(4 votes)
Are you a parent or a guardian seeking help for a problem teenager? Does his/her behavior driving you crazy? Don't you just wish you and your teen will have a happy and harmonious relationship? If you've answered 'yes' to those...
by Jack Grave
(6 votes)
If you are one of millions of men allover the world who are having problems having and maintaining erections, you need Get And Stay Hard from Jack Grave. Jack Grave has written a lot of books on sex and sexual satisfaction. He has helped men get...