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Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a diet plan that shows you how to loose weight by eating the right foods at the right times. By following this plan, you will loose weight without eating less food.

The technique used in Fat Loss 4 Idiots is called calorie shifting. You will shift the types of calories that you eat every couple of days. By doing so, you quite literally shock your metabolism and force it to start burning fat at much quicker rate. To find out exactly what kind of foods you should be eating at a certain time, you will get full access to the on-line diet generator. This handy tool does everything for you – it constantly switches from one type of calorie to the next and shows you exactly what you should and shouldn’t eat at a certain time. Because it’s so easy to use, this diet plan was named Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

This diet is not a low calorie diet, low fat diet, or low carb diet. It works by successfully manipulating the fat burning hormones. This way you will eat at least 3 times a day, but still continue to loose weigh.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is also known as Fat Loss 4 Dummies, Idiot Proof Diet, and Weight Loss 4 Idiots.

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The simplest way to lose excess fat
posted this review on July 11, 2014

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the most simple way to lose weight and excess fat. I’ve tried this method 2 times in the past. The first one was 2 years ago, after my first baby, and the next one was a few months ago after my second baby. The thing about most fat loss programs out there is that they make you work hard instead of smart. Even most fat loss programs made specifically for moms don’t work as great as this one. I’ve tried several “mom” plans before but they were just ordinary programs. I didn’t see nor feel much difference. With Far Loss for Idiots, I got exactly what I wanted. I’ve lost a great deal of weight now, and I’m now enjoying the life of a healthy and fit person. Is amazing how different it is when a person is at the right weight and is at her best self. I get to have so much energy to spend for my kids and my husband, and I never feel depressive anymore. I think it’s natural for women to feel down from time to time, but I don’t feel it as often as I used to before I got into this healthy lifestyle. If you want real, healthy, and simple weight loss, Fat Loss 4 Idiots should be the perfect first step. Just be sure to keep yourself motivated after because you won’t have anybody else to push you. If you want it and you know the benefits of having a great body, I’m sure motivation won’t be that hard to find. Good luck!

Easiest weight loss program ever
posted this review on April 1, 2014

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is great because it helps me lose fat and lose weight without sacrificing the foods that I love. I used to be on starvation diets and stuff, but I couldn’t stick to them long enough to achieve the weight that I want. With Fat Loss 4 Idiots, I can stick to this weight loss plan forever! It’s so simple. You need to adjust to it at first, but once you get the hang of the program, you’ll never look for another diet and weight loss program ever again. I’ve already lost so much weight through this program, and I’m about to achieve my ideal weight now, and it’s all because of Fat Loss 4 Idiots! Highly-recommended!

My fat loss story
posted this review on March 22, 2014

I got health conscious a bit too late. I’m already in my 50s now, and I’ve ballooned to more than 200lbs. My kids were telling me to lose weight because my husband had died of a heart attack 3 years ago. I was apprehensive about dieting because I knew I didn’t have the self-control for it. I also love baking and I have a sweet tooth. My eldest daughter recommended Fat Loss 4 Idiots because it’s what helped her lose her post-pregnancy weight. Despite my skepticism, I decided to try because I just kept getting heavier and heavier. At first, it was hard for me. I followed the diet strictly. It was really difficult and I needed all the support I could get. I even had my youngest daughter stay over to make sure that I followed the plan. After a month, I already saw amazing results! I was so surprised because they say it gets harder to lose weight as you age. I was surprised that this helped me lose weight so quickly, as though I were in my teens. I gave it another month of strict dieting, and lost another great chunk of weight. By the third month, I only partially followed this because I terribly missed sweets. I got a recipe book for healthy sweets from this website, and now I let myself eat sweets 2-3 times a week. When I’m not eating sweets, I still follow the plans here. I’m still losing weight more quickly than I expected. I feel healthier all over. I’ve taken up yoga and other mild cardio exercises like that craze Zumba! I’m enjoying my life so much more now that I’m lighter and I also got back most of the self-esteem that I lost when my weight blew up. I highly recommend Fat Loss 4 Idiots. If it worked for an old fatty like me, I’m sure it will work better for younger people.

It may not be for everyone
posted this review on October 3, 2013

This worked awesome for me. I lost about 30-40 lbs. in just a few months. Sadly, it didn’t work for my sister. I think it all depends on your body type and metabolism how a certain program works for you. I’ve tried many other programs, but they didn’t work for me. When I found this and it worked, I got so eager to share it with my sister who gained weight after childbirth. She was on the program for 3 months, but the results were minimal. I’m not sure how well she followed everything, but she swears she followed everything here. It’s probably because she has a different problem or something. I don’t know. But for me this worked perfectly, and I’m still on this program. I rested for about a month, and then I’m back again. I still need to lose about 20 lbs. before I reach my ideal weight. My suggestion if you really want to lose weight is to keep trying programs. I’m not giving this a very high score because it didn’t work for my sister.

Very sustainable weight loss strategy
posted this review on September 7, 2013

The first diet program that I tried was a low carb diet program. It didn’t work because I can’t live without pasta. I’ve always loved Italian food. It’s always been my comfort food. When I tried low carb dieting, it was ok at first until I got stressed at work and needed my comfort food. Every time I ate pasta, I got thrown off track. That’s why I realized that low carb dieting isn’t for me. Meat lovers might swear by it, but someone like me who’s more into pasta will not survive on a low carb die. Fat Loss 4 Idiots might sound like a complicated plan, but it’s not. It’s also more sustainable as it doesn’t ban certain types of food completely. The strategy is easier to follow and it doesn’t drive me crazy the way other types of diet do. Of course, there is no such thing as “permanent” weight loss. You gotta really work on it to stop the weight from coming back. Right now, I’m 10 lbs. from my target weight, and then I’d go into maintenance. I’m a lot more confident in my weight loss program now, so my motivation is always sky-high. I highly recommend Fat Loss 4 Idiots to those who want an easier and more sustainable way to lose weight.

So much more practical than guided weight loss
posted this review on July 27, 2013

I’m so happy that I got Fat Loss 4 Idiots instead of signing up for an expensive weight loss program right away. I started feeling the burdens of excess weight a few months ago, and I considered singing up for guided weight loss. However, I was scared that I’d just be wasting money, so I tried this first. Now, I think I’m sticking to this program. It’s cheap, very effective, simple, and quite healthy IMO. I think this is a lot more practical than having a trainer or dietician.

It's an easier way to lose weight
posted this review on May 19, 2013

I like the approach of Fat Loss 4 Idiots because its’ not as restrictive as other diet programs. I was put on a 1200 calorie diet before because I needed to lose weight quickly for my wedding, but I really didn’t like the result. I looked like I had gone through so much stress. Good thing makeup covered the dark eye circles and the folds on my face, and the generally tired look I got because of eating so little, and squeezing all the nutrients out of my body. I like the technique here because it’s fast, but it didn’t dry me up like the previous diet did. There is also less chance for plateauing as long as you follow exactly what the program tells you to do. After I regained the weigh (really painful rebound after my crash diet for my wedding), I was introduced to Fat Loss 4 Idiots, and I’ve lost most of the weight I got from the rebound. I’m still working on achieving my ideal body, but if this is the method I’ll keep on using, there should be no problem because I find it really easy. It’s 100% sustainable.

Really fast weight loss
posted this review on May 12, 2013

After 8 years of searching for a program that can get rid of my excess fats I got from childbirth, finally got a hold of this. I’ve lost 32lbs. so far, and I’m just 5lbs. to go to reach my ideal weight. I got a bunch of loose skin and quite a lot of stretch marks, but I feel healthier now.

Just wanna give you an idea on how this works
Janelle Dawson (from Nehalem, USA) posted this review on March 10, 2013

Low carb dieting worked for me before but only for a few months. I wasn’t originally fat, so I have no idea which diet programs are good and which ones are not. I started gaining weight when I hit my 30s, and started suffering from MDD. My 26-inch waistline blew up to 40 inches. Almost double of what I used to have! I was always tired and sad and uninterested in any activity aside from eating, so that explains why I suddenly got all big and ugly. When I recovered, I tried low carb dieting and my waist whittled down to 34 inches after my crash low card diet, but after that, it refused to move. I was stuck on 34 inches, which is still not a good sight on my 5’5 frame.

I found Fat Loss 4 Idiots 2 months ago on a forum. I was doing research then on what are some good diets, and this one was mentioned several times. I thought why not since it’s only 40 bucks. I got it and initially, I thought it wouldn’t work because the program seemed so easy. I had to torture myself to get 6 inches off my waistline before, so I thought this was too good to be true. Fast forward to a month later, I’ve already lost 4 more inches off my waistline! Beat that! I didn’t even feel like I was dieting at all. It’s so much easier than the low to almost no card diet I used to have.

I won’t be going through the specifics of the diet here, as I want to support its author, but I hope I’ve already given you an idea on how this could work on your body.

It's good so far
posted this review on February 25, 2013

Fat Loss 4 Idiots accelerates your fat loss through a method called calorie shifting. It’s basically all about a strategic way to eat. Like what to eat, how much to eat and all that. Apparently, this has an effect on how your body works, and it’s a good way to keep your metabolism up. Some diet programs fail because they mess up your metabolism in the long run. This one is different because it’s gonna keep your metabolism running at the maximum. So far I like the results it has on my body. I feel really good and light, and I’ve lost 27 lbs. so far. The results are quick a and if it’s true that this fights plateauing, then it must be heaven-sent.

Strategic eating, no cravings at all
Frannie S. (from Kathryn, USA) posted this review on January 18, 2013

Fat Loss 4 Idiots features strategic eating for fast weight loss. It’s got a technique I haven’t seen in other fat loss books that I’ve read. The program lists down the foods that you need to eat at certain times, so that your body becomes a fat burning machine. It will keep on shocking your body, so you can keep burning fats and avoid plateauing. It’s really an easy way to diet because you wouldn’t be craving. It’s actually quite enjoyable and exciting. I always look forward to the next kind of calorie I will be eating. I enjoy doing it that way, and my body responds so well to it. I can’t say whether or not this diet is for everyone as I’m not a health professional, but I’m just sharing my own good experience with this diet program.

Perfect for those who have problems with strict diet programs
posted this review on January 13, 2013

Fat Loss 4 Idiots worked for one of my colleagues so I tried it too. She said it’s not as difficult as other diet programs and she’s right. It’s basically eating with a pattern. You can eat a lot of foods and almost anything you want as long as you follow the pattern. It’s not about what you eat, but when you eat them. This is perfect for me because I tend to crave a lot. By being able to eat what I want from time to time, I get to manage my cravings better. I don’t feel deprived when I’m on this diet. I am steadily losing weight now. It’s not instant weight loss. In fact, I think this is healthy weight loss. It’s like your just tricking your body to burn what you eat faster. It’s a boost in metabolism. You don’t really punish yourself to lose weight. My only exercise is jogging in the morning or sometimes I do workout videos, but that’s all. I don’t workout to death. This diet program is also the only one that made me feel good. It didn’t burn me out. On the contrary, it made me feel really energized. I highly recommend Fat Loss 4 Idiots if you’re having problems sticking to strict diet programs. I’m sure you’ll be able to stick to this.

18lbs. lost!
Samantha Godens (from Big Bear Lake, USA) posted this review on November 6, 2012

I love the strategy used in this diet program! I love eating so cutting down on food is a no no for me. I’ve been on the lookout for a diet program that won’t require me to eat less. I’m better off sticking to preset meals and meal schedules than cutting down on food intake. I love how this diet program isn’t as restrictive as others when it comes to what food to eat and serving sizes. I’ve been on it for less than a month, and I’ve already lost 18lbs!

Check it out and see for yourself
posted this review on August 14, 2012

I’ve read much about calorie shifting since I decided to lose weight back in 2010, but I didn’t know how to do it, so I just let it pass. When I gained even more weight last year, I decided to cut down on food, but that was still too slow for me. I wasn’t losing at the rate I wanted, so I tried this one. This worked so well for me. I lost a LOT of weight while on this program. I’m just maintaining my weight now, since I’ve already reached my target wight. It’s hard to explain how the program works, but you will just learn about that once you try it for yourself.

The best diet program!
Carmel (from Nashville, USA) posted this review on July 7, 2012

My doctor said before that my weight gain is caused by my slow metabolism. He said my metabolism at the age of 23 is like that of a 50 year old. I’ve tried different methods of treatment to cure it, but none of them worked. I also worked out at the gym before. I lost weight then, but after 3 months, I stopped losing. I thought the fat I’m losing isn’t worth the trouble and the cost of going to the gym, so I quit. Just a few months after quitting, I ballooned again. I’ve also been into different diets, and they only worked for some time, then stopped working altogether.

When I first tried Fat Loss 4 Idiots, I wasn’t expecting much, I’ve been disappointed so many times before, so I thought this was just one of those diets that work for a few weeks, then becomes purely torture after.

A month into the program, I was surprised with the results. I lost 17lbs, and felt better than ever. I continued the program, and now I’ve been on it for 4 months, and have lost a total of 53lbs! This is the best diet program I’ve ever tried. 

The Original Plan
posted this review on April 4, 2012

When I first started this program, in its original form, I lost 70lbs. Then A few years later I came back to it , because I had started to regain a few pounds, it had been changed to all deli meats and other things that were not at all cost effective like the first plan was. And to be truthfulluy I tried it any way, and it just didn't work as well at all. I vote for the original menu,s and plan to be an option, for those of use who don't live need grocery stores, and are not into visiting thr deli and paying such high prices. I started using the first Diet 4 Idiots in 2003,

posted this review on January 24, 2012

I've tried this diet a couple times and was very successful each time.  I just didn't follow the maintenance program and had some surgeries and gained the weight back.  I'm getting ready to try it again.  I also PCOS, which makes it very hard to lose any weight.  After trying everything else, I tried this diet and to my suprise, IT REALLY WORKS!  You just need to stick to your diet plan and menu.  Folloe the rules.  The 3 cheat days are great also.  It gives you a brake then you just continue back on it.  Works for me!

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