The Flat to Fab - Guide to Natural Breast Enhancement

by Lucille Sorella

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The Flat to Fab Guide to Natural Breast Enhancement is an e-book that reveals natural techniques for increasing your bust line. The program works by re-creating the same hormonal conditions that caused your breasts to grow during puberty. This is achieved by combining the right herbs, dietary supplements and specific massage techniques.

As the author of the Flat To Fab, Lucille Sorella says, there is no such thing as a universal solution. For that reason, all the info in her 64-page guide can be highly customized.

In the Flat to Fab Guide to Natural Breast Enhancement you’ll find:

  • Simple things that you can do to increase the size and firmness of your breasts,
  • Ways to balancing the natural hormones that are responsible for breast growth,
  • Herbs that have been scientifically proven to safely increase the size of your breasts,
  • Subtle changes in your eating, sleeping and exercise that speed up the growth of your breasts,
  • How to create symmetry (if your breasts differ in size),
  • Chinese massage technique that stimulates breast growth,
  • How you can lose weight without decreasing the size of your breasts,
  • Which foods accelerate breast enlargement and which foods prevent your breasts from growing,
  • Things that can disrupt your hormonal balance,
  • And more…

Flat To Fab is a comprehensive resource on natural breast enlargement. It contains solid, scientifically based advice that works. But you shouldn’t expect results over night. If you are looking for a quick fix, than this is not for you. If, however, you are willing to wait a couple of months and put in some effort, then Flat To Fab is just the book for you.

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The methods worked for my breasts
posted this review on January 27, 2013

My main reason for getting this was that my breasts have different sizes. I was searching the internet for “breast symmetry” products when I came across this page. I was skeptical but didn’t have much choice as not a lot of products offer natural ways to fix breasts. I never considered surgery an option because I’m too scared of that. I did the massages here and the exercises as well as all other tips on how to make them even. My right boob was bigger than my left so I focused on the left side until they got the same size. They look pretty much the same to me now, and I look a lot better in tight-fitting clothes and low-neckline clothes too. I’m just working on getting them bigger. It’s true that we really don’t get satisfied with what we have. I only wanted to make them the same size but when I got that, I’m aiming to make them bigger now. I’m actually aiming for a C cup because they are A cup now. I think I will get results really quickly.

I grew A-cup breasts in 2 months
posted this review on January 14, 2013

The Flat to Fab features a lot of natural ways for having lovely, feminine breasts without putting your health at risk. I followed the diet and lifestyle plan in this for 2 months, and my breasts really grew to size A. It was totally flat before because I don’t use unnatural methods. I’m afraid of taking pills, and of course I’m so scared of having surgery. The thing here is that you will be able to grow breasts without gaining weight. Also, the hormonal tweaks Lucille included in her book will make you less muscular. I was thin-muscular before, but now I’ve grown plump breasts and my arms and legs have become smoother. My only problems now are butt and hips. I think for this I’d need to do a separate program. A workout program probably. Getting a feminine body is possible even if you don’t use harsh methods. It’s easy with some scientifically proven methods like what Lucille shares here.

It's a complete breast enhancement guide!
Pauline Lucas (from Weston, USA) posted this review on December 27, 2012

Breast enhancement has been my obsession since puberty failed me. I’m not that thin, but my chests are really flat. When I make the mistake of eating too much, my bloated stomach starts looking more like breasts. The Flat to Fab techniques I learned from this book helped me achieve the kind of body I’ve always wanted to have. I look more feminine now with a couple of cup sized added to my original A cup. It’s got effective techniques from food to sleeping habits to exercises and massages. I did all of them at the same time because I badly wanted to look more womanly. It was difficult getting used to the techniques but after a while of doing them, they became more like habits. I can’t sleep without doing the massages, and I’ve also tweaked my schedule so I can sleep earlier. I always find time for the exercises too. It takes dedication and some work, but the benefits are worth all of it!

Quick, safe, permanent
posted this review on November 20, 2012

It’s awesome to finally find a breast enhancement method that uses all-natural techniques. This is mostly made up of a suggested diet plan, and some breast enhancement supplements that are all-natural. They do something to your hormones, so your breasts grow like when you were just starting to have them. It’s also permanent and it won’t shrink to its normal size when you stop using the program. I’ve grown 2 cup sizes bigger since trying this out 5 months ago, and I’ve been off of it for 2 months now, my breasts are still the same. They’re large and firm, and they’re of equal size. One of my friends tried a cream for bloating breasts but they ended up with different sizes. It was funny. Anyway, this method is strongly recommended to everyone who wants to grow their breasts quickly, safely, and permanently.

Awesome help for flat saggy breasts
posted this review on October 28, 2012

I went on a crash diet last year, and I lost so much weight, but the problem is that my breasts started to sag and shrink. They used to be round and plump, but the crash dieting must have made them look that way. They were really ugly then, and I bought a lot of push-up bras to make them appear larger, but it still looked unnatural. A friend told me about natural ways to increase breast size, so I researched and I found this. It’s really effective, but the results aren’t instant. My friend’s used something like a cookie from Japan before that you eat and then they make breasts grow larger. She said it’s effective and really quick but the results aren’t permanent, plus it might have side effects. This program takes longer to show results, and you really need to exert more effort, but the effects are permanent. That’s the best thing about it. I’ve reached my ideal breast size 2 months ago, so I’ve stopped using the program then, but my breast size remained the same, so I’m guessing it’s permanent.

My breasts are so lovely!
posted this review on October 15, 2012

I’m happy with this book, not just because it’s effective, but also because it’s safe and natural. There are a lot of other breast enhancement methods out there, but I think this is the only one that’s safe enough for me. I’ve asthma – a really bad one, so I’m careful with what I do to my body. My body is ok. In fact I’ve a nice ass, but I’m lacking in the boob section, so despite my mom’s warning, I decided to give this a try. I don’t regret it at all. My breasts are really nice now, and they’re not saggy like some other large ones. They’re sized just right and they’re firm. They’re perfect!

Love the results!
Alana Roe (from Western Springs, USA) posted this review on October 6, 2012

I can’t believe this worked for me. I really thought I’d be stuck with my flat chest all my life. I wanted to get a book job last year but then I was scared since one of my friends had some problems with the silicon or something. Anyway, this one requires some exercises and some lifestyle changes as well, but they’re so worth it in the end! Try this girls! You so won’t regret it.

The best and safest boob job ever!
posted this review on August 10, 2012

Lucille just gave me a boob job! I know this seems impossible, but I went from a B to a C in just about a month. I’m still aiming for a D, so I’m still on this program. It’s great that Lucille’s methods are all natural. They’re non-invasive, so I don’t feel guilty doing them. I’m really just so happy that they had effects on my stubborn boobs! I’ve used a cream before, and it did bloat, but after I stopped using it, my breasts shrunk and sagged. They looked disgusting! After that I was into BCPs as they say it’s side effect is larger breast, but I got scared of that after a friend told me she got cysts or something. I found Lucille’s book shortly after that, and it’s been fantastic! I can’t praise this book enough! It takes a bit more work than other instant breast solutions but the important thing is that it works and that it’s safe. I couldn’t ask for more.


I am satisfied with my growth

I would never have imagined that herbs and massage could do something about my breasts, but they have. I used to be a 34AA and I am now actually able to wear a real bra sized 34A. Since I am a dancer and very thin to begin with, I am satisfied with my overall growth. Flat to Fab gave me the boost I wanted.


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