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Do you enjoy photography but want to learn how to improve the quality of your photos? Then Focus eMagazine is the resource for you. When you subscribe to Focus eMagazine, you will gain access to everything you need to know to create photographic masterpieces with your digital camera. You'll get a new electronic issue of the magazine every month, each filled with 60 pages of techniques for creating professional-quality photos. You'll also get one-hour video tutorials.

From lighting mastery techniques to capturing just the right image, you'll transform your photos from dull and boring to brilliant and flawless. The lessons you'll learn from Focus eMagazine will work for both point and shoot cameras and digital SLRs. You'll also get access to Photoshop techniques and valuable information on how to make money doing digital photography. There's even a monthly photo contest with a $50 prize!

Each section of Focus eMagazine has been carefully designed turn you into a photographic expert. Whether you're a beginner in the field or are already an experienced photographer, the $15 a month fee will help take you to the next level. 

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One of the few real photography resources online
posted this review on December 14, 2013

I’m very picky when it comes to online resources that I trust. There are only a few online photography materials that are from real photographers, and Focus eMagazine  is one of them. I’ve met Amy at one shoot before and she’s great. I’m sure her guide is going to help a lot of budding photographers.

Amy's a gem in photography
posted this review on May 24, 2013

Amy is great. She outdoes herself with every new issue of her Focus eMag. She’s not just a great photographer, she’s also an awesome writer and teacher.  My skills in photography have greatly improved since I subscribed to Amy’s mag, and there are still a lot to look forward to each month. She’s a great mentor, and she’s very passionate in what she does. I’ve exchanged emails with her several times, and with every email I get from her, I learn something new. My heartfelt thanks to Amy, and I hope you guys support this woman! She’s a gem in the photography industry, and I know you’ll see it if you give her work a chance.

This got me liking Amy so much
Loraine Grisly (from Keymar, USA) posted this review on May 4, 2013

This got me started on being an Amy Renfrey fan. There’s always something new to try with her emagazine. You get one lesson at a time, so you won’t be overwhelmed. I always master first what’s in one emag, and then move on to another when I’m already satisfied with my results. I’m always excited to get my copy. It adds spice to my photography training. The best thing is that the instructions here work for both digital SLR cameras and the simpler digicams, so whatever you have with you right now, you can get started.

Everyone should try this!
posted this review on January 7, 2013

Focus eMagazine is a real course on photography. It’s not just a crash course, it’s something I look forward to monthly. It’s like I’m growing with every issue of this e-magazine. There’s always something to learn from Amy, and you can see how much passion she has for photography, and that kinda rubs off on me too. The best thing is that, her techniques work for cheaper cameras. Mine is just a simple digital camera, but I can use Amy’s techniques. And my works look like they came from more expensive cams. This is a must-join for any photography addict!

Everything I know about photography I learned from here!
posted this review on December 8, 2012

Amy Renfrey is quickly becoming a popular name among photography newbies. She never runs out of brilliant ideas, and she knows how to share these ideas with budding artists. I’ve improved so much since I subscribed to Focus eMagazine because Amy’s techniques are really one of a kind. I’ve learned how to dissect photos and to figure out what’s wrong and how they can be improved just through Focus eMagazine. I haven’t even attended a formal photography course or even just a seminar, but now I can shoot better than some of my friends who have spent so much money on courses, tutorials, and a lot other learning methods. For me, Focus eMagazine is enough. In fact, I’ve won photo of the month twice, and I’m still rooting for another one this month!

Learning from Amy is great!
Charlie Goulding (from Minneapolis, USA) posted this review on August 19, 2012

I’m a beginner in photography, and I usually run to this resource for new stuff to learn and new techniques to try. Amy is so generous for making it a monthly mag rather than a onetime eBook, that way subscribers get updated on the latest techniques she has from time to time. It’s also much easier to absorb since they come in bite-size pieces. I’ve made it my primary learning tool since I found it. It works perfect for beginners, since there are videos to boot. My friends have seen the differences of my work from when I was just starting out till now that I’ve learned from Amy, and they say my photos now are ready for selling. I’m just learning a bit more, and then I’d be monetizing this hobby as Amy said to do.

Perfect 10!
Peggy Porter (from Charlotte, USA) posted this review on July 12, 2012

I’ve always wanted to take photography courses, but they’re just too expensive for me. I’m still paying for my camera, so I can’t afford that as of now. This emag has been a great alternative. I’ve just started with it, but I’ve already learned a lot. My photos also look much better than before I got this course.  Amy is good at what she does, and she’s very creative too. Unlike print photography magazines that come with so many advertisements, Amy’s emags are 60 pages of pure photography information. I’m always excited to get them every month knowing that I will learn something new. It has also made me more positive about my shots. It’s like I do not feel embarrassed showing them to people because I know that I have Ms. Renfrey backing me up.

A lot of my Facebook friends who see my pictures tell me to start a photography business. Some friends have also booked me for prenups, weddings, and birthdays. With a bit more practice, I’m planning to setup my own photography business.


I really love Amy's Ezine

I really love Amy's Ezine. Great work. I applied some of her things in her portrait photo and took a picture of my kids using she you said in the video. Jaylen was being silly, but Toris was smiling well.

Zac Jones,
Pine Crest, Florida, USA

very informative

If there ever was anything I’d get on photography, it’s Amy's magazine. I thank Amy for helping me and giving me some personal advice about photographing my son. I used the info from her portrait tutorial.

Nina Landis,
Double Bay, Sydney, Australia


Great magazine! Excellent info! After listening to Amy's video tutorial on macro photography, I did what she said and used a tripod, F stop of 22 for sharp focus for 20 seconds. Brilliant.

Alica Bayley,
Bath, UK

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