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by Marcus Santamaria
(17 votes)
Synergy Spanish is a simple Spanish-learning method. It is based on 138 words that will allow you to express just about anything you want in Spanish. The author of the course is Marcus Santamaria. He developed a special technique of combining words...
by Robbie Kunz
(18 votes)
Learn That Language Now is an audio, video and text e-course that will teach you how to learn any foreign language quickly and easily. You will learn the secrets that creator Robbie Knuz used to learn numerous languages. You won't have to slog...
by Patrick Jackson
(7 votes)
Learning Spanish Like Crazy (LSLC) is an audio-based language course that will teach you how to speak Spanish like they do in Latin America. Unlike most of the Spanish courses this days that teach the language as it's spoken in Spain, Learning...
by Owen Lee
(23 votes)
Do you want to master a foreign language quickly and easily? Owen Lee's Ultimate Language Secrets will make learning easy and fun for you. You'll be able to learn any foreign language in just 6 months! With Ultimate Language Secrets, you'll learn to...
by Marie-Claire Rivière
(8 votes)
Rocket French is a language course, designed by Marie-Claire Riviere. The course consists of 31 audio tracks. They are on average 20 minutes long. Each audio lesson comes with the transcripts of the conversations. Additionally, the course offers 45...
(4 votes)
Decoding Paradise: 60 Minutes To Learn The Thai Alphabet is a book that teaches a tried and trusted system for learning the Thai alphabet. It is based on the core principle of memorization, which is connecting new information with what you already...
by Mauricio Evlampieff
(7 votes)
Rocket Spanish was created by Maurici Evlampieff, a native of Chile. According to the author, he has created the course when several of his friends expressed a desire to learn Spanish quickly and effectively. The main part of the course are 31 step-...
by The American Accent Workshop
(4 votes)
Learn how to speak English like an American with the American Accent Short Course. If you're a foreigner, speaking clear English with complete confidence can bring you many advantages. It can improve your relationships, help you get a better job,...