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Forget Your Ex in 24hrs is an e-course that will help you get over your breakup and feel happy in 24 hours, no matter how bad you feel about your situation. Breakups are always painful and difficult. They lower self-esteem, evoke painful memories and cause you to feel bad toward the opposite sex in general. In addition to the emotional pain they cause, breakups can influence your physical health as well. Your blood pressure drops, you lose your appetite, you suffer from physical discomforts and more. Forget Your Ex in 24hrs can help you put your former love in your past so you can move on and be happy. 

Forget Your Ex in 24hrs is a compilation of simple yet extremely powerful techniques that have already helped thousands of people start new lives. It explains how your mind works, how you memorize and forget things and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage. You'll forget your ex and will feel happier than ever before. You can use these techniques to improve every area of your life, not just your love life. You'll learn to be the master of your mind and your emotions. 

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An emotional pain reliever
Veronica Denton (from Josephine, USA) posted this review on September 18, 2012

I learned a lot about breakups from this info book. I had no trust in books online before because I prefer getting a chance to leaf through the pages in bookstores, but after a terrible breakup with my ex, I thought of downloading this in the middle of the night. As I was searching this site I saw a lot of get him back and get her back books, but I didn’t download them because I prefer learning how to let go of something that’s broken than to try desperately to fix it. I think I made a pretty good choice, since I was able to let go of our 4-year old relationship easily. This book provides IMMEDIATE comfort. As in you’ll feel better about yourself and about your life right away. However, healing still takes time. Luckily, with this book by your side, you won’t feel alone or anything.

this information saved me
On-Site Review

I’ve been having emotional breakdown for the past eight months, I’ve tried different ways to change the way I feel like going out with the girls, talk on the phone, read forums but still was hurt having those scars and every time I’m alone I tend to remember my ex boyfriend. I just couldn’t feel happy until I bought this book. Just by reading few pages and follow up with few tricks, I was able to completely forget all those memories.
I’m now in a new relationship with the man I love and I can’t imagine why I wasted my time feeling bad.

Erika Robinson,
New Plymouth, New Zealand

I am really impressed
On-Site Review

This book has completely transform my life I now smile and happy like I used to be before I got married. These techniques are so simple and very powerful. One thing that really shocked me was how fast result was after applying three exercises.
I can’t believe I used to wake up crying. The divorce has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It has been a month since I bought this material and I’m still impressed.

Joyce Mayor,
Tallahassee Florida

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