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Formula 1 Lotto System developed by Glen Hooke is software that will increase your chances of winning any state lotto game, regardless of your country and the type of game you prefer. It combines the best statistical formulas with the latest programming technologies, and makes picking winning numbers easier than ever. These proven formulas result in wins 80% of the time!

All you need to do to create your winning ticket with Formula 1 Lotto System is follow a few simple steps. Just choose the game you want to play from the list, choose the numbers you want to play from the ones provided, set the investment amount, print out or copy the number combinations generated by the program and buy your tickets according to those matrixes.

Formula 1 Lotto System makes winning lotteries a matter of logic rather than luck. You're guaranteed to win thousands of dollars of easy cash in the first few months.

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I feel that I'm hitting the jackpot soon!
posted this review on September 21, 2012

This is an awesome software because it works for any kind of lotto all over the United States, and it DOES work! I’ve tried a lot of other lotto products from software to betting systems to the weird powers of the universe, but none of them gave me the results I got from this one. I wasn’t really expecting this to end my 5-year search for the best way to beat the lottery, but the first week of using it, I won. The month after that, I won again. These aren’t jackpot winnings, but they’re big enough to give my family a comfortable life, so they’re enough for me. Who knows, in a few months, I might just hit the jackpot!

This software is awesome
On-Site Review

I used to work in the fast food industry in order to make a living. So needless to say, I put a lot of hope in this system to try to change things around for the better. The first ticket I played earned me $490. Enough to give me an impulse to play forward. Now, I am driving a BMW ( a used one) and I am living a lot of my fantasies right now. I've always been a gambler, horses and football mainly, but I think I'll give it all up and just use this system, because the wins are so much better.

Justin Clark

My best investment
On-Site Review

It all started as a joke. I never believed in winning games like lotto but my son insisted it can happen. So I bought this software.
In three months, I made enough money to send my son Alex to college. Now I am living a better lifestyle, and I even will invest in a business soon. I've recommended my software to all my friends. It was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. I never thought It would

Megan Larrison,
Colorado, U.S.

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