Free Power Blueprint

by Ronald Bronson

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Free Power Blueprint is a 50-page plus ebook written by Ronald Bronson, who shows you how to save thousands of dollars in electricity. In Free Power Blueprint, Ronald Bronson teaches you how to build a free magnetic generator, which will keep working without the use of renewable or non-renewable energy, thus helping you to get rid of power bills.

Ronald Bronson provides step-by-step instructions and illustrates how to build a magnetic generator through pictures and diagrams that even a rookie can follow. The author explains that the resources needed to build the magnetic generator are available at local hardware stores and will not cost more than $100.

The magnetic generator will occupy a very small space, will not create any noise or pollution, will not use any hazardous material, will work in all types of climates, and will save you 20 to 50% on your power bills. If you are planning to build on a larger scale, then you can say goodbye to your power bills completely.

After purchasing the Free Power Blueprint, you will get two bonuses: a list of sources for discounted and lifetime membership to magnetic generator updates at no additional cost.

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Easy to follow guide
Martin Crowell (from Harwood, USA) posted this review on September 3, 2012

It’s my first attempt at building my first magnetic generator, and it worked great! I didn’t have to worry about following it, since the guide is detailed and easy to understand. No complicated jargon in here. In about a week I got our powerful magnetic generator up and running. We now don’t have to use the electricity supplied to us that much. The magnetic generator is usually enough for us, since it’s only my wife and I at home. I also consulted a friend who’s an engineer, and he said that the generator is very safe to use. I’ve been making some for my sons so they can also cut down on their power costs. You know how bills are going up these days, and they’re expected to get worse as we run out of fossil fuels, but it’s just great to be able to use an alternative source, not just to save money but also to help the environment a little bit. I think that’s a big thing considering we’re already suffering from different calamities because of abusing nature. But anyway, that’s it for my long lecture. It’s just that the guide is great and the generator works!

It's easy to make and it cut down our electricity bill
posted this review on July 29, 2012

The magnetic generator is awesome. It’s easy to use and it did cut down our electricity bill by 50-70%. I’m already supplying generators for people around our area and I earn good money from it. I’m planning to go large scale after I saturate our town.

I am able to save 35%
On-Site Review

I didn't know what to think of Free Power Blueprint, when I first saw it, I had never heard of a magnetic free energy before. I decided to give it a try. I decided to build this device to try to save a bit of energy. I gathered all the necessary material, and followed instructions. The building procedure was simpler than I thought. I have created did as an addition to the current power system that I had, and I'm noticing an increase in energy efficiency of about 35%. Pretty happy so far, I'm planning on building an additional generator that will power a larger chunk of my house. I'm curious to see the additional increase in energy efficiency this will bring.

Bruno Murray
Perth, Australia

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