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by Peter Morales
(3 votes)
Do you wish to master blues guitar the fast, easy, and fun way? Let professional guitar instructor Peter Morales help you achieve your goal through BluesJamSession. This complete package is jam-packed with the tools, resources, and info that you...
by Mariella Monroe
(7 votes)
Do you want to learn belly dancing from the comfort of your own home? If so, professional belly dancer and certified trainer Mariella Monroe has the perfect resource for you. With her Belly Dancing Course, you will have the chance to learn how to...
by Bill Vosti
(5 votes)
Texas Hold ‘em is the most popular poker game both online and offline. If you're an avid player, then you know what a thrill it is to hold that winning hand. Even if you consider yourself a great player, there's still more you can learn....
by Danielle Stewart
(4 votes)
Author and theme party expert Danielle Stewart shares her knowledge about party planning in Theme Party Secrets Revealed! With this e-book, you'll be able to throw a fun, memorable party your guests will rave about. Theme Party Secrets Revealed! is...
(4 votes)
Minecraft Survival Guide is currently the only complete guide to playing Minecraft available in the market. It has 120 information packed pages, so you will never need to search the Internet for Minecraft tutorials again. It comes with free updates...
(6 votes)
Desktop Mates are animated human-like characters that reside on your desktop and function as personal assistants. They can speak and perform many different tasks, such as dial a phone number and fire up your web browser. The program uses Microsoft...
by Jamie Lewis
(3 votes)
PianoCoachPro is an online piano workshop developed by professional pianist Jamie Lewis. This learning system is perfect for all stages of expertise and all styles of music. If you're a beginner, you'll learn all the basics of piano playing in this...
by Neil Pesce
(3 votes)
Cataclysm Gold Secrets is a guide by expert World Of Warcraft (WOW) gamer Neil Pesce that shows you the secrets to making real WOW gold. If you are a WOW player preparing for the big Cataclysm expansion, then this gold guide is perfect for you....