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by Calvin Hill
(17 votes)
For bands, singers, producers and other music industry professionals who want to learn how to make money and succeed online, Calvin Hill's The Amazing Music Formula is a must-have. This e-book contains insider tips and secrets to getting signed,...
by Josh Underwood
(5 votes)
Josh Underwood's Heroes of Newerth Guide is your comprehensive solution to mastering the online game Heroes Of Newerth. This guide covers every single detail of this game so you won't miss a trick and you'll play like an expert in no time. Josh...
by Information Association
(16 votes)
American Idol Advantage is 50-page e-book that will help you get past the first round of auditions and on to the TV part of the American Idol. By reading the book you will get to know how the judges pick performers for the show and how you can...
(4 votes)
Shooting videos is fun. But if you think that you need an expensive and complicated camera in order to shoot a fantastic video, well, you're mistaken. Because you can actually shoot killer, professional quality videos by using only your flip-style...
by Annette Willson
(13 votes)
If you enjoy horseback riding but you can't seem to sit right and you bounce around a lot, Annette Wilson's Applied Posture Riding will help you learn better posture so you can enjoy a smooth ride. You'll learn techniques you can use...
(3 votes)
DUBTurbo is easy-to-use and affordable beat making software perfect for musicians, DJs, beatboxers and other audio enthusiasts. With this amazing tool, you don't need to buy beats or hire a producer anymore, because you can make impressive beats...
by JoeGamerz.Com
(4 votes)
The New Farmville Guide by JoeGamerz.Com is a comprehensive e-book on playing Farmville. Whether you've just started Farmville or you're more experienced, this guide is full of useful playing tips that will improve your game. With The New Farmville...
by 4u
(10 votes)
IMVU developers or texture artists who want to build a huge gallery of artwork and textures will get a lot from 500 Hair Textures by 4u. The textures you'll get from this resource can make you money, because the more products/textures you have, the...