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by Evan Sharboneau
(3 votes)
Are you a photography enthusiast? How would you like to learn some secret photographic techniques for taking and creating unique, artistic, awesome, and unbelievable photos? Evan Sharboneau shares his knowledge and discoveries about creating "...
by Information Association
(16 votes)
American Idol Advantage is 50-page e-book that will help you get past the first round of auditions and on to the TV part of the American Idol. By reading the book you will get to know how the judges pick performers for the show and how you can...
(8 votes)
Automobile addicts will surely enjoy reading’s Automobile Electronics & 4-stroke engines eBook. This 148-page guide explains everything you need to know about vehicle technology, electronic engine management, diagnostic and...
by Sean Stewart
(8 votes)
Sean Stewart is a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer who decided to compile the best fitness programs used by top instructors and make them affordable to regular people, and that's exactly what he's done in The Ultimate Fitness Pack. You'll get 12...
by JP Allen
(18 votes)
Learn to play the harmonica the fast and fun way with JP Allen’s Happy Harpin' Video Lessons. JP has been teaching harmonica for 18 years. He has also worked with a lot of popular artists, and he’s recently toured the United States...
by Bill Vosti
(5 votes)
Texas Hold ‘em is the most popular poker game both online and offline. If you're an avid player, then you know what a thrill it is to hold that winning hand. Even if you consider yourself a great player, there's still more you can learn....
(4 votes)
College Softball Recruiting Success provides comprehensive information on the college softball recruiting process. This e-book contains quality advice from a veteran softball coach about how to improve your chances of getting noticed by top colleges...
by Dickie White
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Are you a serious MMA fighter or grappler, wishing to gain more strength and power? Do you want to improve your performance in the cage or on the mat and win more fights? MMA Strength And Power can teach you the extreme MMA training and workout that...