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by Patrik Gisselsson
(5 votes)
Ever want to learn more about what you can do with your Wii? If so, The Ultimate Wii Guide is just the e-book you need. Patrik Gisselsson's guide will tell you everything you can do with your Wii. It will also show you how you can fix...
by Stuart Sinclair
(5 votes)
Superior Songwriting is a practical guide on the art of songwriting. Both novice and experienced songwriters will this e-book helpful.  Superior Songwriting will teach you everything you need to know about how to write great songs and make...
by Chris Johnson
(5 votes)
If you are still throwing away money on crickets as food for your crested gecko, bearded dragon, or other insect-eating pet, Crickets Breeding Made Simple will help you cut down on pet food cost, so you can invest on other things that will make your...
(4 votes)
Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed is a complete guide for fanciers who want to get their racing pigeons flying in their best condition. It covers factors that other fanciers overlook, so your racing pigeon can have an edge in every race. Also...
by Jim Kielbaso, Adam Stoyanoff, Frank Wozny
(6 votes)
Creating the perfect team starts with the perfect training program. If you’re a football coach who wants to learn topnotch training strategies for engineering strong and skilled players, you need Maximum Football Training (Coaches Edition)....
by Teri M. Bethel
(5 votes)
Learn how to paint fabulous designs onto fabrics with’s one month painting training course. This training course is designed for people who have absolutely no knowledge in art and painting. All you need to have with this...
by Dennis A. Batchelor
(4 votes)
The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook, or The PLAN, is software you can use for paranormal investigations and ghost hunting. If you're into this sort of thing, this tool will help you easily manage all the aspects of your investigation - you...
by David Small
(6 votes)
If you're a big fan of quizzes and trivia, you'll love Chance To Learn Quiz Packs. They're collections of thousands of questions and answers written by an experienced pub quiz master. The questions are entertaining and witty. They're not easy, but...