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by Pete Styles
(4 votes)
6 Weeks To Great Golf is the perfect product for all of you golfers who want to improve your game and consistently play well. This plan was developed by professional golfer and coach Pete Styles, and it consists of instructional videos that teach...
by Vince Del Monte And Lee Hayward
(5 votes)
21 Day Fast Mass Building is a multi-media program created by model/trainer Vince Del Monte and trainer/bodybuilder Lee Hayward that shows you how you can gain up to 20 pounds of pure muscle in just 21 days. This program reveals that one important...
(4 votes)
JohnQ TV is a software program that will let you watch TV on your computer. You'll get access to more than 2,500 free high-definition channels that include HBO, Discovery, CNET and more. You can also download fullscreen high-definition videos, TV...
by Mike Geary
(12 votes)
If you've ever skied before, you know that powerful legs make all the difference. Mike Geary's e-book Avalanche Ski Training: Your Guide to Carving Down the Mountain with the Power of an Avalanche will help you tone and build up the legs of...
by Jon Barrett
(9 votes)
Golf Swing Eureka is not your traditional golf course. It’s different than all the other golf books and videos on the market, because it concentrates on giving you all the little-known golf facts that were left out from other instructional...
by Coach Eddie Lomax
(9 votes)
Do you want to lose fat, be fit and build muscles? Gladiator Body Workout will help you achieve all these goals. It combines body weight exercises and dumbbell exercises into an effective fitness program that will help you develop the body of a...
by Mirsad Hasic
(12 votes)
Are you a soccer player who wants to play your best at any position? Even if you work and play hard, you may need some help earning the different positions. That's exactly what Mirsad Hasic's The Ultimate Guide To Soccer Positions will teach you....
by Stephen Pierce
(13 votes)
Do you love to sing, but don't feel that confident with your singing? Do you wish you could always sing on perfect pitch? Discover the secret weapon to singing on pitch in Stephen Pierce's PitchPerfector. This software program was designed...