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by Kelly Baggett
(29 votes)
The Vertical Jump Development Bible is a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to maximize your vertical jump. This 140+ page program is a good resource for complete beginners as well as more advanced athletes (there are 4 levels of advancement...
by David Grisaffi
(5 votes)
Firm and Flatten Your Abs is a 180-page e-book that will show you how to develop a powerful midsection (the so-called six pack abs), help you loosen up stiff muscles and joints and reduce lower back pain. The guide is written by David Grisaffi, a...
by Ben Edwards
(11 votes)
Jamorama is a comprehensive guitar learning course created by Ben Edwards, the former lead guitarist from DegreesK. The method of teaching used in Jamorama is quite different from what you’re probably used to, because it doesn’t rely on...
by Jon Barrett
(9 votes)
Golf Swing Eureka is not your traditional golf course. It’s different than all the other golf books and videos on the market, because it concentrates on giving you all the little-known golf facts that were left out from other instructional...
by Bill Keene
(16 votes)
Bill Keene's book Easy Build Dog House Plans will show you how to build a house for your best friend with your own hands. In a series of simple steps, you'll be able to provide your dog with a new home. In addition to pampering your pooch, you'll...
by Ben Edwards
(7 votes)
Jamorama Lead Guitar is a new guitar course from Ben Edwards, this one specializing in teaching you how to play lead guitar. Unlike the original Jamorama course, this one isn't suitable for a complete beginner. So if you still don't know how to read...
by Stephen Pierce
(13 votes)
Do you love to sing, but don't feel that confident with your singing? Do you wish you could always sing on perfect pitch? Discover the secret weapon to singing on pitch in Stephen Pierce's PitchPerfector. This software program was designed...
by Tennyson Williams
(21 votes)
The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity is an e-book that will teach you the secrets of playing the guitar at lightning-quick speed. In addition to techniques that will help you master the instrument, you'll learn how to practice smarter, not...