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by Mike Geary
(12 votes)
If you've ever skied before, you know that powerful legs make all the difference. Mike Geary's e-book Avalanche Ski Training: Your Guide to Carving Down the Mountain with the Power of an Avalanche will help you tone and build up the legs of...
by David Nevogt
(3 votes)
Golf is a surprisingly difficult sport. It seems so easy - all you do is swing a club and hit a ball a long distance, right? Wrong! An effective golf swing takes time to develop.  David Nevogt's e-book The Simple Golf Swing can help. While it's...
by Mikey Wilde
(19 votes)
With the YouBet YouWin System, you can start winning money from online gambling in a matter of minutes!  Mathematician Mikey Wilde did his research and developed a betting system that took advantage of gambling sites' loopholes. He tried out...
by Steve Gilruth
(35 votes)
The Midas Method is an automated betting strategy and service developed by Steve Gilruth. With The Midas Method, you can trade with Betfair even if you have little or no betting experience. You can start with as little as £50 and use this...
by Coach Eddie Lomax
(9 votes)
Do you want to lose fat, be fit and build muscles? Gladiator Body Workout will help you achieve all these goals. It combines body weight exercises and dumbbell exercises into an effective fitness program that will help you develop the body of a...
by Steve Morris
(7 votes)
Football players who want to get stronger, get faster and hit harder will benefit from Explosive Football Training by Steve Morris. This manual is packed with cutting-edge football training techniques that will help you become a more...
by Kurt Howard
(16 votes)
Vertical Explosion Training Program promises to add as much as 10 inches to your vertical jump. This comprehensive approach to vertical jump training includes a daily workout regime and a series of exercises that target every muscle group, involved...
by MyFreeiTV
(3 votes)
MyFreeiTV is software that enables you to watch TV on your computer. You can tune in to more than 5,000 channels from all over the world. You'll have access to a huge selection of TV stations airing news, documentaries, movies, music, cartoons,...