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by Jamie Lewis
(3 votes)
PianoCoachPro is an online piano workshop developed by professional pianist Jamie Lewis. This learning system is perfect for all stages of expertise and all styles of music. If you're a beginner, you'll learn all the basics of piano playing in this...
by Chad Baldwin
(5 votes)
If you want to learn how to draw cartoons, Chad Baldwin, a cartoon illustrator and the man behind, will show you how. In his tutorial called How to Draw Cartoons with Chad - The Basics he will teach you the techniques of drawing...
by David Alexander
(4 votes)
For guitarists who want to improve their skills and play guitar at lightning-fast speed, Screamingfingers is a must-have e-book. This e-book features the techniques that author David Alexander learned from the greatest musicians and guitar super-...
by Eric Jones
(7 votes)
The 5 Keys To Distance is a book that will help golfers get more distance off the tee. What's presented in this book is not simply theoretical information - these are techniques that have actually been proven to work out on the course by author Eric...
by Dickie White
(4 votes)
Are you a serious MMA fighter or grappler, wishing to gain more strength and power? Do you want to improve your performance in the cage or on the mat and win more fights? MMA Strength And Power can teach you the extreme MMA training and workout that...
by Tony Sanders
(5 votes)
Fishville Secret is an ebook that will reveal to you secrets strategies and techniques to play online game, Fishville. You will learn how to level-up fast, collect million coins, have abundance of sand dollars, corals, fish tanks etc. The author,...
by Jason Stanley
(4 votes)
125 Dynamite Drills is a perfect tool for martial arts instructors who are looking for new and exciting things to do in their classes. In this e-book, author Jason Stanley compiled all the karate drills and exercises he learned from dozens of...
(12 votes)
Hello Saxophone is a complete beginners’ resource to playing the sax. It teaches beginners how to play the instrument without picking up bad habits. It features practical information, which can be learned at a fast pace. This makes it perfect...