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Kinect is becoming more and more popular these days among people of all ages. If you are a 3D artist or graphic designer and you want to take advantage of this technology, you need Fastmocap. This is a kind of motion capture software for Windows and...
by Mike Lane
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Discover how to pick horse race winners out of thin air using a system that has been around forever, but only a lucky few know about through Mike Lane's The Oldest System On The Planet. With this system, you don't need a software or any...
by Andrew Matthews
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Happiness in a Nutshell is a collection of bestselling author and motivational speaker Andrew Matthews' most inspiring, motivational and funny quotes. Matthews travels the world giving speeches and helping people around the world live full and...
by Tony Sanders, Dylan Loh & Edmund Loh
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Clickbank Gamers is a comprehensive Internet marketing package and system created by Tony Sanders, Dylan Loh & Edmund Loh. Through this resource, you will learn how to make a consistent stream of income from the gaming niche regardless of your...
by Peter Morales
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Do you wish to master blues guitar the fast, easy, and fun way? Let professional guitar instructor Peter Morales help you achieve your goal through BluesJamSession. This complete package is jam-packed with the tools, resources, and info that you...
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Automobile addicts will surely enjoy reading’s Automobile Electronics & 4-stroke engines eBook. This 148-page guide explains everything you need to know about vehicle technology, electronic engine management, diagnostic and...
by Marianne and Randy
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Frugal RV Travel Guides will show you how to save money on your adventure traveling. You will learn about the beautiful and scenic campsites you can visit for free that very few people know about. This e-book proves that you don't need to be rich to...
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Instructional Drawing Videos will teach you how to draw a variety of objects in a step-by-step fashion. Each video was shot in front of an actual art class all at one time, without stopping. The videos are easy to follow and fun to watch. Learning...