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by Eric Bravo
(5 votes)
Gentle Natural Horsemanship Video Pack: The Ultimate Guide to Training Horses is a one-of-a-kind video software system that gives you all the tips you need to successfully train your horse. The software was developed by master horse trainer Eric...
by Phillip Scott
(4 votes)
Mafia Wars Black Book is an e-book that will give you tips, strategies and tactics you can use to play Mafia Wars. This comprehensive guide will show you how to reach level 200 in just 3 days! Plus, you'll learn how to build strong characters, win...
by Vincent Cicinelli
(3 votes)
Mafia Wars Wizard is a guide that will help you dominate Mafia Wars. You'll learn the same techniques and strategies that author Vincent Cicinelli uses to expand mafia gangs, collect all weapons, wipe out the competition and complete levels in...
by Nigel Howell
(3 votes)
Orchid Care Expert by Nigel Howell is a practical, step-by-step guide that covers everything you need to know to grow beautiful and healthy orchids. Inside this easy-to-read ebook, you will literally learn how to become an orchid care expert: How...
by Chad Baldwin
(5 votes)
If you want to learn how to draw cartoons, Chad Baldwin, a cartoon illustrator and the man behind, will show you how. In his tutorial called How to Draw Cartoons with Chad - The Basics he will teach you the techniques of drawing...
by Eric Moore
(3 votes)
Would you like to create your own cartoon, but don't know how and where to start? Eric Moore can help you through his Animation Trainer course. This resource will teach you everything you need to learn about using the Anime Studio software and...
by David Marks
(4 votes)
If you enjoy playing Nightclub City but aren't very good at it, David Marks' Nightclub City Secrets Guide is a must-have e-book for you. You'll learn how to fill drinks faster, spin more music, make more money and level up faster....
by Kevin Miehm
(10 votes)
Hockey Speed and Power is an e-book that will train you to move faster and shoot harder on the ice. It includes a set of training exercises that will increase your body strength and agility.  Author Kevin Miehm is retired pro hockey player and...