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by Chris Barnard
(16 votes)
Are you an athlete wishing to take your skills and career to the higher level? Are you tired of all the lies that so-called gurus and fake systems tell you about training? Discover what really works when it comes to maximizing your athletic...
by John Richardson
(6 votes)
Break Par Blueprint Gold is a collection of eBooks and videos that can help you take 33 strokes off your game in just a year. It was written by John Richardson – the same person who brought you the bestselling golf eBook, Dream On. According...
by Jason Stanley
(4 votes)
125 Dynamite Drills is a perfect tool for martial arts instructors who are looking for new and exciting things to do in their classes. In this e-book, author Jason Stanley compiled all the karate drills and exercises he learned from dozens of...
by Vincent Cicinelli
(3 votes)
Mafia Wars Wizard is a guide that will help you dominate Mafia Wars. You'll learn the same techniques and strategies that author Vincent Cicinelli uses to expand mafia gangs, collect all weapons, wipe out the competition and complete levels in...
by David Marks
(4 votes)
If you enjoy playing Nightclub City but aren't very good at it, David Marks' Nightclub City Secrets Guide is a must-have e-book for you. You'll learn how to fill drinks faster, spin more music, make more money and level up faster....
(6 votes)
Are you a scuba diver looking for a rewarding job? Discover how you can find the perfect scuba job and achieve your dreams in the diving industry in Scuba Recruitment. This e-book will show you tested and proven strategies that will automatically...
(16 votes)
Lottery Dominator is a lottery system that can help you dominate big jackpot games. If you love to play Mega Millions, Powerball, Euro Millions, and other 5, 6, and 7 number lotto games, this system is perfect for you. It is created by a world-...
by Kevin Miehm
(10 votes)
Hockey Speed and Power is an e-book that will train you to move faster and shoot harder on the ice. It includes a set of training exercises that will increase your body strength and agility.  Author Kevin Miehm is retired pro hockey player and...