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by Jim Francis
(3 votes)
The Think Like A Poker Pro system introduces cutting-edge techniques that will train poker players how to think like pros and increase their chances of winning. This system was developed by Jim Francis, an expert researcher who has a background in...
by Kevin Miehm
(10 votes)
Hockey Speed and Power is an e-book that will train you to move faster and shoot harder on the ice. It includes a set of training exercises that will increase your body strength and agility.  Author Kevin Miehm is retired pro hockey player and...
by Tony Sanders
(5 votes)
Restaurant City Secrets is a guide to playing the online game Restaurant City. You'll learn how to dominate the game without using any hacks, cheats or illegal methods. By using the techniques in this guide, you'll have a restaurant with a star...
by Robin Hall
(8 votes)
Piano For All is an e-course that will teach you to play piano and keyboard quickly and easily. The course includes 10 e-books, 500 audio lessons and more than 200 video lessons. Books 1 through 4 teach the basics of piano playing and books 5...
by Evan Alias
(17 votes)
Evan Alias, a football bettor for 16 years, reveals his betting secrets in his eBook Total Goal Over. This betting system is guaranteed to give you big wins in football betting, regardless of your experience. Also, you only need to spend an hour...
by Matt Campbell
(4 votes)
How to Make An iPhone App contains everything aspiring iPhone developers need to know about how to create a software product quickly and easily. Author Matt Campbell, an iPhone app developer and instructor, shares his secrets and methods for...
by The Mind Reader
(10 votes)
Discover the underground secret of the #1 mentalism and mind reading trick used by psychics and famous illusionists in The Revelation Effect. This 40-minute video download will teach you everything you need to know to read anyone's mind, anytime...
by Eric Moore
(3 votes)
Would you like to create your own cartoon, but don't know how and where to start? Eric Moore can help you through his Animation Trainer course. This resource will teach you everything you need to learn about using the Anime Studio software and...