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by Malcolm Boone
(13 votes)
Photography Posing Secrets will teach you how to create and communicate camera-friendly poses. The book clearly analyzes and shows the possibilities of the main components of posing (the body, head, arms and legs). Photography Posing Secrets is easy...
by Doug Dillard
(3 votes)
If you're looking for good music for your projects, Doug Dillard's Royalty Free Music Clips is a must-have for you. This package contains over 350 professionally recorded audio clips that you can use to make your audio and video projects...
by Fabian Barajas
(5 votes)
How to Create Your Very Own Professional Looking Digital Backdrop is a comprehensive tutorial on how to create studio-quality photo backgrounds using Adobe Photoshop. You'll learn how to create these backdrops in less than 5 minutes! This e-book...
by DJ Sean Gallagher
(23 votes)
If you dream of becoming a cool and impressive DJ with tons of fans and gigs everywhere, beatmatching and mixing are the skills that you need to learn and master. But if you think that DJ mixing and beatmatching like the pros is difficult, then you'...
by Elliott Hulse
(6 votes)
Lean Hybrid Muscle System is just the tool you need to burn off some serious fat and build even more serious muscle. You'll learn the truth about what makes up a successful workout and you'll learn about a revolutionary system that increases the...
by Alain Gonzalez
(7 votes)
Bony To Brawny by Alain Gonzalez is a muscle building program designed specifically for hard gainers. Due to certain problems in metabolism and genetics, some people find it almost impossible to pack on muscles. They can spend hundreds of hours at...
(5 votes)
Are you an avid gamer? Do you wish you can backup your favorite console and video games so wouldn't have to worry about disc errors, scratches, and other problems? ConsoleGameCopier is a product that's perfect for you. This easy-to-use, flexible,...
(3 votes)
Beat Online BlackJack is a system that will let you in on the secrets of how to make massive amounts of money playing blackjack online. This system is completely legal, but it cannot be used in the U.S. Different online casinos run different types...