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Guitar Methods: Lead Guitar Techniques is the perfect tool for guitar players who want to take their lead guitar skills to the next level. If you want to learn to shred the fast, easy and fun way, this tool is a must-have for you! You'll get all the...
by Jack Moorehouse
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How To Break 80 is an e-book that will teach you how to improve your golf game and lower your score to less than 80. Statistics show that only about 3% of all golfers in the world can achieve a score of less than 80. This e-book will help put you in...
by Kebba Tolbert
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Are you an athlete dreaming of becoming a champ or being part of the Olympic team and winning some medals? Or are you a track and field coach who wants to help his/her athletes succeed at the highest levels? It would be best if you learn from the...
by Eric Wong
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The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program is a downloadable package that will help you improve your mixed-martial arts skills. It will teach you simple methods to develop your power, strength, and body conditioning. Most mixed-martial...
by James E. Brown
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Maximum Performance Basketball is a workout guide written by coach and industry expert James E. Brown. This book introduces a versatile training program that will teach players in grades 7 to 12 how the best players and teams in the world train....
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As an athlete, you rely on energy, endurance and speed. That's why it's imperative that you make sure your body gets vitamins, minerals, sugars and fats in optimal proportions. Athlete Recipes is an e-book that will help you get all the nutritional...
by Morris Mendez
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In Maximum Muscle Mass, professional bodybuilder Morris Mendez shares his little-known secret techniques for gaining muscle mass. You'll learn his proven formula that's guaranteed to help you gain up to 35 pounds of solid muscle in 90 days....
by snowboardaddicton
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Learn how to snowboard with the help of Snowboard Addiction, a one-of-a-kind snowboard coaching company. You can actually learn online through the company's web site. Snowboard Addiction is widely known for their freestyle coaching program. Their...