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Funeral Sermon Outlines is a complete sermon kit that contains everything you need to deliver an exceptional funeral service that points toward a closer relationship with Christ and offers hope to the grieving. This is more than a set of pre-written speeches - it's a guide on how you can create and deliver customized sermons that are personal, intimate, hopeful and comforting.

Funeral Sermon Outlines will be useful for anyone who is about to give a funeral sermon but feels insecure, unprepared and unsure of how to deliver the Word of God while being sensitive to the deceased's relatives and friends in mourning. The outlines are easy to use and you can tailor each funeral to any situation. You'll be able to deliver an original and powerful sermon every time.

With Funeral Sermon Outlines, you'll get 2 sample outlines for sermons, comprehensive instructions, a useful form that will help you collect vital information and stories you can use for guidance.

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I find this very helpful
posted this review on October 23, 2014

I am glad that I can now offer consolation to those who are suffering through what I learned from this guide. Consoling the bereaved is an art, and it is a completely sensitive issue. I thought it will not be very helpful, but it helped me a lot in preparing my sermons. Everything is well-written. I am happy that they came up with something like this because it is the bereaved that need engaging and inspiring sermons most.  The templates I got here can be edited for any situation and for any audience. The instructions and the important points to remember are also completely helpful. I am happy that I got funeral sermon outlines, and that I am making good use of it now for people in the parish who are grieving. It’s greatly helpful!

Simple, yet well-written
posted this review on September 7, 2014

I have never downloaded a lot of sermon materials in the past, not only because I wanted to have templates for my sermons, but also because I want to improve my sermon writing ability. Funeral sermons have always been my weakness because I’m a fun and fun-loving person and sad occasions are not my forte. Funeral Sermon Outlines didn’t just give me templates it helped me improve my own sermon writing, so now, I occasionally write my own sermons although I still pattern them a lot on the sermons I got from this book. The collection is very well-written despite its unassuming presentation. If you’re struggling with writing your own funeral sermons, then this is something that I’d highly recommend you.

I'm glad there's one with good quality
posted this review on July 30, 2014

The sermon outlines here have been very helpful for me during my first few funeral sermons. It’s a very sensitive event with a lot of emotional people, so you can never go wrong when it comes to the mood and tone of your language. If you’re looking for a good compilation of funeral sermon outlines, then this is what you should get as there aren’t a lot of choices on the net anyway, and this one has very good quality.

It's so much better than I thought
posted this review on July 29, 2014

Funeral Sermon Outlines is a valuable collection of funeral sermons. It’s very well-written, and they have something for each kind of crowd and each occasion. I used this guide when I was giving a funeral sermon for the first time. I was a bit anxious then on how things would turn out, so I did research on the Internet and there’s very little information available. This is the only book that I found, so despite my skepticism, because the presentation isn’t very good, I still downloaded it. I’m glad that the content is so much better than that cover art.


Good notes

This is just what I needed. With that book I prepared for my first sermon perfectly.


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