Funk Roberts Spartan Training System

by Funk Roberts,

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Funk Roberts Spartan Training System is a 10-week fitness program developed by beach volleyball superstar turned fitness trainer, Funk Roberts. He’s been a fitness expert for 15 years, and he holds a number of certifications for different fitness specialties such as kettle bell training, mixed martial arts conditioning, metabolic training, and a lot more. Here, he shares with everyone a top training program he developed throughout the years.

Funk Roberts Spartan Training System uses the Progressive Overload Principle, which promotes maximum muscle growth and a continuous after burn. It also induces the production of growth hormones for faster results. Funk himself uses the same program to build and maintain his ripped body.

There are 10 components included in Funk Roberts Spartan Training System. You will get the complete 31-page Spartan Training Guide. This breaks down the complete 10 week program, and details what you should expect after completing each week. There is also a comprehensive database of all the exercises you need to learn. These exercises last from 20-40 minutes and they’re meant to get more challenging as you progress. Aside from these, you will get Funk’s Warm Up and Stretch Guide, Spartan Fit to Eat Nutrition, a supplement guide, an equipment guide, a tracking guide, and a lot more resources that will help make your training easier and more enjoyable.

All in all, Funk Roberts Spartan Training System is a must-try for all fitness buffs. It’s complete, organized, safe, and created by a well-known fitness expert. There’s surely nothing more you can ask for.

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Love the workouts!
On-Site Review

I love these workouts. I've lost inches! My start weight was 210. I'm now down... 20 more pounds to go. i'm so excited!

Shirley Gooch

Lost a total of 22 lbs!
On-Site Review

I lost a total of 22 pounds lost over 8 weeks and, as i said, I feel amazing. In addition, I have really noticed an improvement in my athletic performance and my recovery rom athletics. On the volleyball court, I'm able to jump higher, hit harder, and play longer. At soccer, I'm able to play the full game without a sub. I'm agile and able to run hard right through to the end of the game. I'm looking forward to continuing to cleanse and workout, working towards getting tht ever-elusive 6 pack.

Robin Chadwick

I appreciate all of Funk's help
On-Site Review

I appreciate all of Funk's help and comments along the way. He truly motivated me to be the best person I can be. I will always mention his workouts and him whenever possible. Maybe we can take this to the next level one day.

Kevin H. Jones

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