Gas 4 Free

by Vic Lawson,

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The Gas 4 Free package contains two e-books that tell you how to use water as fuel to run any vehicle. The author of these e-books, Vic Lawson, says that you can double or even triple your vehicle's mileage using water as fuel.

Vic Lawson explains that by using a simple device and electricity from your car's battery, you can convert water (H20) into gas (HHO). This gas has significant energy and can easily burn along with gasoline, thereby increasing your mileage.

The technology explained in Gas 4 Free will not only help you save money on fuel but will also help the environment. The waste produced by burning HHO gas is not toxic, thereby reducing greenhouse gases.

Vic Lawson says that the device is simple to install. Everything is explained with complete illustrations in these two e-books. The technology is safe to use. The author has used this kit in thousands of vehicles over the last four years without complaint.

If you are looking to save on your fuel bills and increase your engine life, then Gas 4 Free can help.

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.....The first week I increased my mileage by 60%
On-Site Review

Without: 14MPG / With Gas4Free: 25MPG
I thought it be a big headache and would involve getting into the guts of my engine. It was much easier than I expected. I am a florist and I need to drive a truck.
When gas prices go up, I spend all of my money at the gas pumps and my paycheck suffers at the end of the week! I personally installed this system no problem at all and after the first week I increased my mileage by 60%. Not only that I was able to make the fact that I drive a hybrid truck into an actual selling point for my business – I am now known around town as the Green Florist who drives the truck run on a water-hydrogen system. Not only have I made sure more flowers will grow in the future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions but if this keeps up I will also save thousands of dollars on gas this year.

Florence Sigusmundi

These books have saved me and my customers a ton of money!!
On-Site Review

Without: 32MPG / With Gas4Free: 72MPG
I run a car rental company up here in Canada that specializes in auto sharing. Most of my cars are already economy cars but I have gone one step further and converted every single on of the cars in my fleet to water/hydrogen burning systems.
Doing this myself by using the simple system outlined in this book has saved me and my customers a ton of money. I am super pleased with your product and I have not ever had a single compliant from one customer ever! No cars have broke down and my company has saved thousands on gas!

Harry Paulson

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