Getting Her Back… For Good

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Getting Her Back... For Good is a new book from a best-selling author and an expert on romance and relationship Michael Webb. You probably already know who Michael Webb is. But if you don't, he's "The World's Most Romantic Man" (according to Woman's World Magazine), he has been featured on Oprah, 700 Club, Men are From Mars/ Women are From Venus, NBC News, Cosmopolitan, Men's Health and many many other TV shows, radio shows and magazines from around the world.

In his newest book, Getting Her Back... For Good, he intends to help men convince their ex-girlfriend or ex-wife to come back to them. If you're like most men and your girlfriend has just left you, you probably don't really know how to get her back. You might even think that there's no chance you ever will. So you're most likely doing the things that most men do - you try to become what you think she would want you to be, you promise her you will change, you express your anger or show your pain, or, in desperation, you resort to manipulative techniques that you found somewhere on the web, but know deep down inside that they will never work.

Well, Getting Her Back... For Good is different than most relationship books you might find. It is not a book of tricks and manipulations that should somehow fool your girlfriend into coming back. Not at all. What Getting Her Back... For Good will teach you, is how to become better than you are. It will show you, how you can be all that you've always wanted to be. And this way you won't trick her into coming back, she'll come back because she'll really want to. But will something like this really work? Well, according to Michael Webb, not always. But using the Getting Her Back... For Good guide will greatly increase your chance of getting her back. And remember, you are still the man that she's fallen in love with in the first place and some of that old attraction still exists.

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I got her back even if she already had a boyfriend then
Clyde Thornwood (from Downs, USA) posted this review on February 8, 2014

How do you get a woman back if she’s 100% convinced that she doesn’t wanna see you anymore? That was my problem before I found Getting Her Back… For Good. My girlfriend of 6 years broke up with me and I thought it was a hopeless case because she already had another boyfriend at that time. Getting Her Back… For Good taught me how to get back together with her, and now we’re happier than ever and more understanding of each other as well.

This really helped me get my girl back
posted this review on February 2, 2014

I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost 5 years now. I’ve cheated on her 3-4 times throughout our relationship. The last time I cheated on her, I thought I’d never get her back. She seemed so serious about letting me go. I was really so scared of losing her because I really love her. You know that feeling when you love a girl so much but you just can’t help playing around with others just because you can. I was a wreck that last time. I thought she’d never forgive me. And then I found Getting Her Back… For Good , and surprisingly, this changed everything. I was a little skeptical about the techniques here because they’re really different from what I thought would work. The trick here is not looking miserable, and that’s exactly how I was at that time. I thought I’d give it a try, and so I did. After 2 weeks, my girlfriend sent me a message asking me if I wanted to meet up, and I said yes, and then we dated. We dated for about 3 months straight before she said yes to me again. It was a long and hard process but everything’s worth it because we’re together again, and we’re planning to get married late this year. I thank Michael wholeheartedly for his work. I couldn’t have done it without his help.

We got back together after 2 months of being apart
posted this review on January 23, 2013

Getting her back for good helped me get my girlfriend back after our most recent breakup. We didn’t talk for about 3 months, so I thought we were really over but with the help of the techniques I learned here, I got her to talk to me again, and that’s when I started using more and more of the techniques until I got her back.

You will surely get your girl back using this
posted this review on August 27, 2012

I got my girlfriend back through this book easily. We broke up and she said she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore forever. I thought she was serious about it, but after reading this book I found out that she really didn’t mean it. We were only apart for a week, and then after that, using the techniques in this book, I managed to get her back. If you’re wondering what techniques are in here, don’t worry, they’re actually very doable and easy. They’re not overly cheesy, they actually deal with psychological stuff. It’s like making your girl think that it’s her who wants to get back together with you, and not the other way around. Trust me, this is so easy to follow, and you will surely get your girl back!

My girl came running back to me...
Daniel W. (from Richmond, USA) posted this review on July 21, 2012

I read this book out of a recommendation from a friend. He said he tried it on his ex and he effectively got her back in a few months. I broke up with my girl then because she said I neglect her. I didn’t feel that way, but it was how she felt about the relationship. She said she felt like I was taking her for granted, so it’s better to just end the relationship. I was pretty down then, so my friend offered me this book to help me try to win her back. It was awesome! In just a week, my girlfriend came running back to me saying she missed me like crazy. She also promised to be more understanding about the demands of my job. I think the techniques I learned from the book made her realize her mistakes, and what she would lose if she lets me go.

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