Getting Pregnant Bible

by Christena Williams,

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Getting Pregnant Bible will tell you everything you need to know to get your body ready to conceive and have a healthy and problem-free pregnancy. Inside Getting Pregnant Bible you will learn little known tips and techniques for getting pregnant, such as what types of food you should eat and which foods you absolutely need to avoid, how to determine when you are ovulating, the length of your monthly fertility window, and much more.

Here’s a short preview of what else you’ll find in the Getting Pregnant Bible:

  • 12 tested ways for increasing your fertility,
  • How to increase sperm count and have those sperm as healthy as possible,
  • Best time to have intercourse (surprisingly, it is not when you are ovulating),
  • Techniques for increasing your chances of having twins,
  • Myths about conception and pregnancy – some work, some don’t,
  • When you should seek the help of a fertility professional,
  • Different fertility tests, medical treatments and costs,
  • And more…
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This is like a miracle for us
Suzette D. (from Pylesville, USA) posted this review on January 6, 2014

It was mom’s idea that we try The Getting Pregnant Bible. I’ve had two miscarriages over our 5 year marriage, and we were both getting very anxious and scared that we might never have a baby. Despite my skepticism, I tried The Getting Pregnant Bible just to please my mom, and now I believe that mom is always right. After 3 months of using the techniques here, I got late, and checked, and found out that I’m pregnant. I gave birth 2 months ago, and I still can’t believe it. Everything still feels like a dream. The Getting Pregnant Bible is like a miracle for us.

This is one of my miracles...
Gabriella D. (from Idaville, USA) posted this review on November 3, 2013

I got married at the age of 34 and the doctor told me that my chance of getting pregnant is a bit small. I am not very healthy too. I’ve got asthma. The doctor suggested that we just adopt a baby because my body may not be able to take the trauma of giving birth. But I’m a woman and getting pregnant and giving birth is what will make me feel complete. Getting Pregnant Bible helped me gain the confidence and the knowledge I needed to get pregnant. It somehow also gave me peace of mind. I believe that my getting pregnant is partly a miracle. I’ve just recently given birth to a healthy baby girl. I will go for another baby by next year. The doctor said the pregnancy didn’t affect my body much, and it was like any other normal delivery he’s ever had. Getting Pregnant Bible has been a big part of my successful pregnancy, and I’m really thankful for it.

We owe a lot to this book
posted this review on August 28, 2013

I really thought we were never going to have a child. I had an abortion when I was 15, and I thought it was my punishment for my mistake years ago. My husband and I were really pressured to have a baby, even though the doctor said there wasn’t anything physically wrong with both of us. Getting Pregnant Bible taught us a lot of techniques our doctor failed to mention. I don’t know if these techniques will work for everyone, but for us, it did. I’m now about to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. My heartfelt gratitude to the author of this book!

We're very thankful...
Maria Ogle (from Hurley, USA) posted this review on May 25, 2013

I thought there was no hope for us. We’ve been trying to conceive for 3 years, and have tried everything our doctor told us to try. We were already considering IVF, but gave natural medicine a chance first. It’s been almost a year since we put our fate on Getting Pregnant Bible, and I’m now about to give birth to our first baby. It’s been worth the lifestyle change, the change in diet, and all the sacrifices my husband and I had to make.

I thought I'd never have a baby...
posted this review on May 9, 2013

We started trying for a baby when I was 29 years old. 3 years later, we were getting hopeless. We both wanted a baby, but we got started a bit late, and the doctor said I was getting anxious. We tried different forms of relaxation. I resigned from work to make sure that I’m relaxed, but that left me with more time to think about my possible infertility. I was crying all the time. My husband was really worried. We exhausted all possibilities. When I saw this on the internet, and read the comments, I thought it might help. My husband and I followed the natural tips and tricks here for pregnancy.  We started from the very beginning, prepping our bodies for conception. We changed our diet, changed our lifestyle a little bit, and started from there. Soon, I was charting everything, planning everything. We even took note on the tips when going for twins, but that didn’t work probably because we just don’t have the gene for that. But I’m now pregnant, 7 months to be exact. It’s a baby girl. The doctor said that now that we already have our first child, it’ll be easier for have a second child. I’m really looking forward to that.

After 4 years of trying
Chuck Martin (from Fairfield, USA) posted this review on March 17, 2013

My wife and I were getting desperate for a child after 4 years of being together. We got married before because she was pregnant, but she suffered from a miscarriage. We thought we’d never have a child again. The doctor said her body can still support a child, but her anxiety might be causing the infertility. She resigned from work, and we went on several vacations to help her relax, but nothing happened.

Getting Pregnant Bible came along when we were just about to give up. Our ob warned us not to believe these things we see on the internet but we were really desperate. We followed all the tips in this book, and after 3 months of trying, we were finally successful! She’s 5 months on the way now, and the tests all say that she’s very healthy. Our family is so thankful!

Taught me a lo of things about conceiving
posted this review on February 2, 2013

If you are an otherwise healthy woman but you have difficulties conceiving, your case could be like mine. I used to have non-specific infertility. My husband already has a child from a previous marriage, so we were sure that I was the problem. The OB said it could be because of stress at work, so I quit work. And then he said it could be anxiety, so I had these sessions with a shrink, and that didn’t do it either. I tried a lot other methods from yoga to tai chi, to other relaxation techniques and getting pregnant diet plans on the internet before I found this book. When I got this, I realized that there’s no shortcut to getting the baby of your dreams. There are many steps you should take, but it’s all worth it in the end when you finally have your baby in your arms. I gave birth last month, and if not for the methods from this book I think that wouldn’t have been possible. I’m very thankful to this book, and I hope other women who have problems conceiving can give this a try too.

It's worth trying
Carla Hayes (from Charlotte, USA) posted this review on January 13, 2013

There isn’t a hundred percent guarantee that you will get pregnant using the techniques here. But they will surely increase your chances of conceiving your dream child. For me it helped a lot on our 2nd baby. I had to take fertility pills for our first child, but I didn’t want to do the same for our 2nd child. I just followed the techniques here, and we got her after 7 years.

We thought we'd never have a baby
Lloyd Summers (from Irma, USA) posted this review on November 12, 2012

My wife and I got married late. She’s already 32, and I’m 34 when we got married. We really thought we have no chance of conceiving anymore. We were already planning to adopt then after 2 years of trying, but then she said maybe we can give it one last shot. We followed the recommendations in this book for both of us. There are some here for men too, so you get to address all problems that might be stopping you from having your dream child. In 3 months after following the lifestyle changes in the book, we found out that she’s pregnant. She’s giving birth on March and we’re really excited to hold that little bundle of joy in our arms. I think Christena’s methods really did it.

We recommend this for all couples who are trying to have a baby
Desiree Tanner (from Island Park, USA) posted this review on September 26, 2012

After almost a year of trying to get pregnant, my husband and I decided to do research online. We got this book, and we tried the methods here. We thought if it still doesn’t work, that’s the time we’re gonna go see a fertility specialist. We were saving up for a new house then, so we didn’t want to spend money for that if we can handle it on our own. Good thing the natural methods here for increasing fertility and sperm count are so effective. One month after doing what this program says to do, my pregnancy test came out positive! We were ecstatic, and now we’re endorsing this book not just to those who are trying to conceive, but also do those who want a healthy pregnancy.

We are now waiting for our lovely baby to be born
posted this review on August 16, 2012

My husband and I were diagnosed with non-specific infertility 2 years ago. We had ourselves checked after a year of trying to conceive, and the doctor said there’s no reason why we couldn’t have a baby. She told us to unwind, take a leave, have a vacation and to try harder. We did everything she said to do, but still didn’t have a baby. Luckily, I found this book online, and gave it a try. Even if we didn’t have a clear reason nor a clear path to follow in trying to conceive, this book  gave us some useful tips on getting pregnant. In just 2 months after doing as Christena said to do, I got pregnant. Now, we are just waiting for our lovely baby to come out into the world, and as tests have proven, our baby is very healthy! I can’t wait to hold her in my arms now!

Effective and safe
Janine (from Eugene, USA) posted this review on July 9, 2012

At the age of 42, I never thought I’d still get pregnant. I got married at 37 years old and my husband and I have already accepted that we might not get a baby no matter how hard we try. We have consulted doctors, and they said to simply keep trying since I’m a healthy woman, and my chances were still high. They suggested fertility pills, but I didn’t want them because I researched and found out that some of them cause abnormalities in children. I wanted to have a child, but the thought of bringing a child to this world, and seeing him suffer scared me. My friend, who’s been very supportive of me got me this book. She said to try it, and see if it works for us. We followed the advice religiously, and 6 months later, I conceived. This book really provides hope for people who want to have children.

5`s not so great!
bia (from jubail, Saudi Arabia) posted this review on August 19, 2010

No ofence...but unfortunately didn`t work for i`m still very sceptical about it...And..saing that if you don`t expect in 60 days you can get your money back it`s a big lie...I


I'm three months pregnant

I was surprised at some of the tips and information in the book, and I started trying some out to see if they really worked or not. To my surprise, it wasn't long before I was heading out to the store to buy pregnancy tests. Now, I'm three months pregnant and I am sure that it was due to this book and the great information that I learned in it.

Shana Whittaker

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