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Ginger Software is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to use or learn the English language. Ginger Premium Package is composed of three core components that immediately correct your sentences, and let you learn from your mistakes.

The most basic component of Ginger Software is the Grammar and Spelling Checker. Unlike other conventional spelling and grammar checkers, it has a patent pending technology that checks the context of your sentences before making corrections. Most other spell checkers correct only misspelled words, Ginger Grammar and Spelling Checker alerts you even when you spell words correctly, but use them in the wrong context. This innovative software detects grammar errors accurately, so you will be safe from making embarrassing mistakes.

The second component, which is Ginger Text to Speech, will be very beneficial to those who want to develop their English pronunciation. It is a text to speech program that reads out content from almost any document using lifelike voices. It lets you choose between UK and US accents, and allows you to control its speed and voice. This unique system can even improve the listening and comprehension skills of English learners.

The last component, called Ginger Improve Your English, teaches you in the areas of the English language you need to improve on. It gathers data from your own mistakes, so you will know your strengths and weaknesses. It gives you customized learning instructions to save you time and effort.

For most non-English speakers, learning the English language is a time wasting, money sucking, and energy draining activity. However, the benefits of knowing this language by heart exceed the disadvantages. With the right tools, such as Ginger Software, and the proper mindset, learning English can also be an enjoyable activity.

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Amazing software
posted this review on July 28, 2014

Ginger Software is amazing! It’s really different from other grammar and spelling checkers around. You’ve probably seen a lot of similar software out there, even free ones. Ginger software is paid for a good reason. This is probably the best when it comes to grammar and spelling checker software. I will never get any other software like this.

Very helpful software for learning English
Bernie S. (from Ventura, USA) posted this review on September 7, 2013

I’m currently teaching English to exchange students in the university. It’s my current part-time job and I earn good money from it. The work is easy too and I get to meet a lot of new friends. They’re very generous. They take me out to dinner, to bars, and other places they want to visit, and I don’t have to spend anything. This is the best part-time job I’ve ever had.

Anyway, I use Ginger software when we’re working on their papers. This software may not be 100% perfect but it’s the best grammar and spelling checker I’ve ever used, and it’s got features that help my students learn English more easily. I think that is the most important thing. Also, since my students usually just use normal and simple sentences, most of them are already in the Ginger database.

I believe this is a valuable tool for English learners. My students use it regularly on their own to boost their learning and they have very good feedback for it too. It’s very professionally made and well-planned. I can’t ask for anything more from a grammar and spelling checker, except for them to continue expanding their sentence database.

One of the best English learnig software around
posted this review on February 10, 2013

Ginger Software is great! I teach Koreans English, and they usually ask me for tips to make them learn faster. I always tell them to use Ginger Software because I’ve noticed how it helped my previous students. A lot of them kept using it even when they went back to Korea. It’s a really good software because it’s innovative and it’s got really high quality. It’s better than most autocorrect software you will see in the market.

My cousin uses this
Jen Ong (from Frisco, USA) posted this review on November 6, 2012

My cousin from China uses this to learn the English language now, and he says it’s helping him a lot. I grew up in the states, so I know English pretty well, but for people like my cousin, learning English is very difficult, so when they say that the product is helping them learn, I know that product must be good. This one must be one of those well thought of learning materials that actually help. Good job to the makers!

Brilliant software!
posted this review on October 8, 2012

This software is awesome. It corrects sentences almost accurately, so it’s good use for my term papers. I’m not that good in grammar, so this is a must have for me, and for the price, it’s definitely a steal. I’d recommend this for students, and for those who are learning English. Ginger Improve Your English might not be that useful for native speakers, but for English learners, I’m sure it will be a valuable component. All other components in the software are brilliant even for native speakers who need to polish their grammar, so I’m sure you won’t regret spending some cash for a learning resource like this. If there are kids in the home, this will be even more useful, so you can get them started in proper grammar at an early age.


My daughter loves it!

My daughter uses Ginger very successfully - it keeps her from hearing abuse from her friends over her poor spelling on Facebook!

Beth Poss,

Really Helpful

I am dyslexic and have difficulty structuring sentences, and I have also faced grammatical problems which have left me behind in my course work.

I now use Ginger Software, which helps me tremendously and gives me feedback about my mistakes. I think Ginger Software is brilliant for dyslexic people.

London, UK

My Partner In School

Studying at Columbia University, I feared the written assignments. Ginger corrected every spelling and grammar mistake I had made and helped me ace my courses.

Wong Wei,
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