GreenLife Weight Loss

by Dr. Charles S. Livingston

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GreenLife Weight Loss is an e-book that introduces the Green Life Method developed by chiropractic physician and wellness practitioner Charles S. Livingston. Inside this e-book, the author reveals the real reason for weight gain and why your body retains those lumpy fat cells. If you're having trouble losing weight and you want to take back control of your body, consider the expertise of this GreenLife Weight Loss methodology coach.

With this e-book and holistic weight loss method, you'll learn how to get rid of fat naturally - the "green" way! GreenLife Weight Loss uncovers the truth about diets, calories and exercises. The method you'll learn from this e-book targets the toxins, chemicals and parasites in your system, which are the real reasons you can't lose weight. This method will help you flush away the toxins, shrink those fat cells instantly, kill the parasites and bacteria and boost your metabolism.

Through the Green Life Method, you'll have fresh and youthful skin, you'll regain your energy and be healthier overall. You'll also get a number of free bonuses with GreenLife Weight Loss.

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I'm very satisfied
posted this review on November 21, 2012

I’ve tried crash dieting so many times. It’s effective at first but you regain your weight the moment you stop, plus a lot more! I’ve been yo-yo dieting for quite some time that my parents started worrying about my health. My mother offered to take me to a dietician, but I turned her down because I’m quite ashamed to be needing professional help for my weight loss issues. I refused to take it as a serious problem, and wanted to have remedies on my own. When I  found out that this features a “healthy” weight loss plan, I immediately got it. I wanted a plan that could help me lose weight while maintaining my health. I followed the suggested detox and diet plans here. Including the things I should and should not do. I followed everything it said to do.

My observation is that the diet program isn’t as fast as others, but you won’t feel weak or moody, and you won’t starve while on it. In fact, you will surely like the feeling. You will be more energetic, and you will seem happier because your hormones will be in perfect balance. My terribly oily skin is also more manageable now. It isn’t as bad as before. Another thing is that I do not smell anymore when I sweat. Weight loss isn’t that quick, but I’m pretty confident it’s permanent. The program is also sustainable, so you won’t feel the urge to stop. It’s something you will enjoy doing, so you will stick to it better. I’m losing a lot of weight now, a few pounds every week and I’m so satisfied with the results.

Not too fast, but healthy and permanent
posted this review on October 15, 2012

What I like about this is that it features a healthy weight loss program that’s perfect for anybody. It’s not a crash diet, so you will not be putting your health at risk. The only downside to that is of course, it will work a little slower than other diets. But, you will surely get permanent effects because you will be targeting your fat problem from the root. I personally experienced the power of this weight loss program. I was overweight then, but I’ve diabetes so I also needed to be careful with dieting. My doctor approved this program for me and I’m losing weight now. it’s gradual, but at least I’m not torturing myself and I’m not risking my health.

If you're after a healthy body, use this
posted this review on August 28, 2012

If you want to learn about the healthy way to lose weight, this is the right resource for you. I’ve thrown away many other eBooks on losing weight because I think they are too drastic, but this one I actually used, and I’ve lost a lot of weight since I got started. I also feel so much healthier, with my skin being all nice and clear, my hair shiny, and just being energetic the whole day.

Healthy weight loss
Cory Long (from Bellevue, USA) posted this review on July 23, 2012

When I hit my 20s, I started gaining weight. I didn’t know how and why it happened because when I was younger, I didn’t have any problems managing my weight. In fact, I used to eat a lot and not have to worry. I hit 194 pounds, and realized that I really have to do something, or else it might be too late when I decide to take action. I bought this book because I wanted only natural methods. I didn’t want to settle for anything drastic. I don’t mind if it’s slow as long as it’s healthy and safe. I followed everything that’s written on the book, and started seeing results in 2 weeks. I am now still losing weight steadily. Nothing too drastic. I feel healthier now, and my friends say that I seem to glow from within. Probably because I’ve been detoxified. I’m sticking with this program till I reach my target weight.

You will not get your money back if you are not satisfied !!!
posted this review on August 16, 2011

Please, be careful with buying this e-book!

I was not satisfied, expected much, much more so I asked for money refund, and guess what... no answer (and, of course, no money) back!

Think twice and do not make the same mistake I did!


Greetings from Europe!


I highly recommend this book!

Obesity is at epidemic proportions in America, largely due to our sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Turning the tide of this plague will require reeducation of the American populace.

Dr.Livingston's "GreenLife" will help in this endeavor. The author combines nutritional knowledge with common sense and innovation. I highly recommend this book.

Mark Lemmons, MD

Our Clothes Are Much Looser On And I'm Able To Jog Again ...

...I have lost 2kg and my husband has lost 3kg. Our clothes are much looser on us and i'm able to jog again. I haven't jogged in 12 years because one I started to have children I lost all of my energy and was never able to lose weight.

I've noticed that even my eyes are much clearer and I have tons more energy. I believe that if I didn't come to know about Charles and his book, we wouldn't have been able to make the changes ourselves.


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